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  1. Developing Wei qi

    Can anybody give some pointers on developing guardian or wei chi? I have to be very close to lots of sick people all day at work. Thanks--Dan
  2. Jade Sutra Methods?

    Sorry for the late reply. Work has been a bear this week. Uroboros I got a DVD on integrating breathing and qi gong. Trunk, I like the brevity of the Jade Sutra. The lack of specificity makes your sutra more universal. Lao, thanks for the research on the threads. ---Dan
  3. Jade Sutra Methods?

    HELlo, Dao, please elucidate on performing "emptiness meditation." Many Thanks. ---D
  4. Jade Sutra Methods?

    Uroboros Thanks,that sounds like a sensible method. I started today. LaoZiDao, Thanks for your input. I am such a novice. I am ignorant of so much that seems to be common knowledge on this forum. I looked "restoring YaunJing" up but was confused by the posts. Could you please furnish a reference that describes Yaunjing and the methods of restoring it? I am very interested in learning more. Best wishes---Dan
  5. Jade Sutra Methods?

    First credit to Trunk for writing a concise outline of the spiritual path called the "Jade Sutra." I have been struck by the simplicity and usefulness of this model. There are three pillars in this outline. As a beginner I would like suggestions/input on the efficacy of what I am doing. I am 52 I don't have time to waste 20 years figuring out what works. 1 st Pilliar "Opening the Channels" I have been trying to use the "Great Sky or Macrocosmic Orbit" after six months to one year of the "Microcosmic Orbit." to open my chi channels. (Reference "Dantian Qigong"-I Dudukchan. I have also been doing in Wuji Gong as in the DVD by Cheng Bingsong twice a day. 2 nd Pilliar "Centering" Meditating by just keeping my attention on the lower dan tian. 3 rd Pillar "Integrating heaven and Earth" Sung breathing while doing Zhan Zhuang. Any pointers would be welcome. Thanks---Dan
  6. Thanks Michael, Very cool of you to reply. The medical literature (a small sample below,) suggests that qigong has a significant positive effect on diabetes control, but like most things you really have to do deep research before you know exactly what to recommend. Based on your recommendation I ordered a copy of the book. ---Dan ↵ Tsujiuchi T, Kumano H, Yoshiuchi K, He D, Tsujiuchi Y, Kuboki T, Suematsu H, Hirao K : The effect of Qi-gong relaxation exercise on the control of type 2 diabetes mellitus: a randomized controlled trial. Diabetes Care 2002; 25: 241– 242 FREE Full Text ↵ Xin L, Miller YD, Brown WJ : A qualitative review of the role of qigong in the management of diabetes. J Altern Complement Med 2007; 13: 427–433 CrossRefMedlineGoogle Scholar ↵ Lee MS, Chen KW, Choi TY, Ernst E : Qigong for type 2 diabetes care: a systematic review. Complement Ther Med 2009; 17: 236– 242 CrossRefMedlineGoogle Scholar
  7. meditation on the wuji center

    Hi Trunk, thanks for the rreply. The deep-centers thread is one of the most useful things I have read in a long time. I am soory for the late reply. My weekends are busier than my week days. ---Dan
  8. meditation on the wuji center

    Guys, I spent all morning looking. I found the book, (not article,) I was looking for. "Warriors of Stillness Vol 1," by Jan Diepersloot chapter 1. Bottom of my book pile. Thanks for the replies. Crane I find you generally helpful. :-) Thunder I sent you a message with the link. I have re read the chapter I am more receptive to it this morning than before. Its hard to believe that I put the book down, but I am only a beginner. The material may be simple for some of you.. http://www.amazon.com/Warriors-Stillness-Vol-Meditative-Stillness-Meditative/dp/0964997606/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1410645212&sr=1-1&keywords=warrior+of+stillness
  9. I read an article one month ago on meditation on the wuji center, and how to bring yourself gradually to experience life from the wuji center perspective. I can't find this article now. Does anyone have any guidance on this topic?
  10. Thanks for the replies all. I probably should have written my original post better.My job is to treat diabetics. The majority of my patients get little to no exercise, and are quite a bit overweight. For those of you with medical qi gong expertise what would be the best general qi gong for people who are less than ideally fit or mobile. I do my job according to the western standards, and try to encourage my patients to engage in exercise and have healthier diets but if I could give them an easy to learn and perform general qi gong with a strong impact I would be serving them better.
  11. I treat diabetics in a purely western sense. I am interested in the opinions of the community in how diabetes treatment is best aided by qi gong, meridian work, and acupressure. If you have medical qi gong expertise can you also detail the reasoning behind your approach. THANKS -Dan
  12. Wuji Qigong and Wudang Hun Yuan Qigong

    I learn so much from this forum. I wanted to make a positive contribution here. I have downloaded Master Cheng Bingsong's "Wuji Gong," from Amazon. The program was very complete, and easy to follow. I have done the routine and I could feel my qi moving differently from my normal qi gong. The moves are similar to other qi gong and tai chi moves and make a lot of sense. I could see how this could be a beneficial routine. I am not by any means an authority on the above subjects but has a layman I found Master Cheng's program useful.
  13. I lift competitively in the 165 lb class. I am very tight and I started qi gong and zhan zhuang to become more flexible. By accident I felt some small amount of chi discharge down my spine and through my legs while doing squats. I can't replicate this situation. Would one of you that has enough experience with anything similar (possibly an internal martial artist,) suggest some qi gong to boost and direct chi while lifting? I would be very grateful for any help. Just as the internal martial arts are a spiritual path I feel I could turn powerlifting into an internal path if I went about it properly. Thanks ---Dan
  14. Hello

    My name is Dan. I am a 52 year old who has since mid teens been interested in meditation. I don't feel I have made much spiritual progress with zazen type mediation. In the last year or so I have been doing qi gong and zhan zhuang. I am athletic and have participated in many sports but am ignorant of the martial arts. I am stiff from so many sports and started qi gong to increase my flexibility. I can feel my chi increasing, albeit slightly, and feel daoism/qi gong is a good path for me. I stumbled on this site while searching nei gong for powerlifting. I am grateful to find a forum of like minded people. Thank you for the welcome.