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Found 2 results

  1. In another thread, I noticed one commentator was waxing eloquent about the role of Reasoning. So to that I posed the question - What is it that gives us the ability to reason? Let me elaborate further with a series of questions. We interact with our world using the sensory apparatuses and our mind (via thought). Reasoning is integral part of the thinking/function of the mind. That being said, what gives us the ability to sense? What gives us the ability to think?
  2. the forum has numerous philosophical threads spread about, so why another one? notice i havnt mentioned plato or aristotle and please let's not delve into these bozos,, just kidding just kidding, just because they are probably my least 2 favorites, just slightly ahead of socrates. or did i mean that the other way around? you can of course cover them again here on this thread too,,, i may even comment on them if they show up on the thread starting off easy is eric dodson's youtube video on sartre