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Found 2 results

  1. It is possible to avoid seeing and being drawn into discussion that might be distressing or deemed unworthy as topics of conversation for TDB. You must create a new Activity Stream and set it as your default, it can be renamed to whatever you choose. In the following example I will create a new default stream to include all areas of the forums except off grid. In doing so, I will no longer see any posts from off grid when I click what is now Unread Content (I will edit it when prompted) to the right of topic titles. From the header, select Activity> Topics> Content Type. From the drop down menu select Topics. From there, select every forum you wish to see in your new Activity Stream. I checked them all but off grid. After making your selections, click Apply Changes. You will be prompted to save your new stream and rename it as something other than Unread Content if you so choose. You may make your new stream your default by clicking the check mark next to the title of your stream. Notice in this pic, before setting it as my default, Unread Content is still listed to the right... If you choose to edit the title of your new stream to something other than Unread Content, It will be reflected after setting it as the default. In this example, when I click my default stream, Everything but Off Grid, previously titled Unread Content, I only see what I have chosen to see. I hope this helps those wish to not see or participate in certain areas of the forums. It does take a bit of doing to avoid them, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end. I am happy to help in any way I can to facilitate this for those interested and have further questions.
  2. I've been looking at the land and tiny houses lately. My research had not inspired me for a tiny house living. I think cabin is more practical. Most of the issues seem to come with water/sewage dealings. I have found lots on solar generators/panels for reasonable prices, so this part is covered. However, water availability ( wells/public works/etc) and septic/sewage ( local permits and regulations), seems to the be main issue. I spoke with the realtor and he told me I am better off to buy an old house with land as it has utilities and put whatever I want on the property vs getting piece of wilderness and putting tiny house there. Anybody here lives in a tiny house? Where do you keep all your books?:P:P