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Found 2 results

  1. Goodbye

    I was hoping I would find some Daoists here, and maybe there are, but I do not like the company you keep, so I am leaving. You allow people here who act in a way that is not representative of the Dao. All these fake, "magic" people trying to boost their ego or their wallet with silly parlor tricks that take advantage of mentally weak people, ha! The Dao is hidden, people are confused, I wait for your return. Love you, mean it, goodbye, K
  2. Hello, I've been TaoBums browser for the last several years and I greatly appreciate the information found and presented on this site. So thank you! I've joined for a few specific reasons. As it turns out, there are way more frauds out there than fish in the sea. It's plain ridiculous. So, my first reason is to expose a particular school of "chi energy". I gave them a go for nearly a year and a half. I got brave and started testing the instructors with legitimate "tests" at the times of our phone calls. Truly, I was in utter shock at their blatant willingness to pretend they could feel what I was doing or how I was feeling. I would like to publish the report of my experience. I'm fairly angry, out a few thousand because of them, and I feel it is my duty to expose my experience to the public. Now, it has come to my attention that some forum members here have been touting this school. I've read their posts and all I see is cognitive bias. I'm a fairly honest young man, and I have nothing to gain by slinging any mud. However, I do have justice to deliver in the case of frauds. Finding legitimate teachers is hard enough. In fact, damn near impossible for most people. The fact that these charlatans have become comfortable with either duping themselves and believing nonsense, or outright duping others with absolutely zero care for the fact that they're ripping people off is enough for me to find the itch to publish my experience for the true seeker. And, the second reason I've joined is simply because I have had far too long a time where I simply was a receiver of this information on this website.I feel I've learned enough to where I could contribute some. Not a lot - I'm no master in any way of any thing - but I have learned some interesting stuff in my day,and I look forward to repaying the community for all the information I've accumulated throughout the years. Thanks Everybody!!! --AussieFrog