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  1. Goodbye

    Blah blah blah. chi this qi that.
  2. Goodbye

    Ha, oh, please, explain....
  3. Goodbye

    I do not explain the tricks, I just know that are tricks. I can think of several ways however, all it takes is the two to be in collusion. James Randi was better at exposing you fools than I am:
  4. Goodbye

    How do you know I am not self righteous? Ha! And what does acceptance have to do with learning? Because I disagree with you you think I do not accept you? Maybe if you accept me you can learn something from me!
  5. Goodbye

    I make fun of these people because they are doing harm to the innocent. You are judging me on my compassion! Ha!
  6. Mair 7:7

    They tried to turn Wonton into a dualist like them (lickety / split) by making him give importance the five senses. They did not understand where wonton's kindness came from. They thought it came from his humanity but it actually came from the Dao. When they drilled the holes in him he went away from the Dao and died. Many people mistake Wu Wei for humanity, and to copy it they drill holes in their head or practice Tai Chi.
  7. Goodbye

    Agreed! There is so much lost just reading someones thoughts.
  8. Goodbye

    Sigh... I tolerate non-daoists, those people still deluded, and I wait for their return. To the little girl who wants to be accepted, I will try to teach her the Dao because she does not understand it yet. I will read her 'Horses's Hoofs' as a betime story. But here in a forum of Daoists, some who say they are such masters they can perform unbelievable feats...I will point out the diversion from the Dao, not only to save the little girl from falling victim to you, but to help you on the way to the Dao as well. Did you come here to be accepted? Am I rejecting anyone? Or an I rejecting what they write? And you say there is no carbon copy of me, yet you want me to be non-judgemental just like you?! Your rightousness is as useful as a sixth toe! Some Chaung Tzu: "A ligament uniting the big toe with the other toes and an extra finger may be natural growths, but they are more than is good for use. Excrescences on the person and hanging tumours are growths from the body, but they are unnatural additions to it. There are many arts of benevolence and righteousness, and the exercise of them is distributed among the five viscera; but this is not the correct method according to the characteristics of the Tâo. Thus it is that the addition to the foot is but the attachment to it of so much useless flesh, and the addition to the hand is but the planting on it of a useless finger. (So it is that) the connecting (the virtues) with the five viscera renders, by excess or restraint, the action of benevolence and righteousness bad, and leads to many arts as in the employment of (great) powers of hearing or of vision."
  9. Goodbye

    I poked my head in that sub forum a few times but I like sharing the Dao in living examples. And I do not care if Chuang was judgmental or not. Who are you? Confuscious? What is with all the morality? But to paint it with more complexity, I am not judging, I am being discerning, and I am doing so with people talking about the Dao. You would call me two-faced if you saw me talking to people who do not pretend to understand the teachings.
  10. Goodbye

    Yes! Where were you last week my friend?!
  11. Goodbye

    Ha! Yes! That is what I shall do! Post videos of myself with my hands magically pushing hundreds of people along a sidewalk! I could have my own temple in no time!
  12. Goodbye

    Lineage? You are right, I have none. Learning? That I have none of either. Scams an frauds, yes, there are a few here. Starjumper thinks he can move people without touching them, and stages a trick video to use the immature and those fulled with desire to help him finish building his house. And Eric who thinks leverage, resonance, and weight displacement are things not taught to every senior in High School. I will continue to make fun of these silly people.
  13. Goodbye

    "Those who would correct their nature by means of the vulgar learning, seeking to restore it to its original condition, and those who would regulate their desires, by the vulgar ways of thinking, seeking thereby to carry their intelligence to perfection, must be pronounced to be deluded and ignorant people." -Chuang Tzu
  14. Goodbye

    Stosh, too eclectic? You are too nice. The other responses, they tell me all I need to know.
  15. Goodbye

    I was hoping I would find some Daoists here, and maybe there are, but I do not like the company you keep, so I am leaving. You allow people here who act in a way that is not representative of the Dao. All these fake, "magic" people trying to boost their ego or their wallet with silly parlor tricks that take advantage of mentally weak people, ha! The Dao is hidden, people are confused, I wait for your return. Love you, mean it, goodbye, K