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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am new on this forum! I don't know much about Daoism or Qigong, I was pointed towards these practices due to some of my interests and areas of improvement that I'm pursuing at this moment. I started with buddhist meditation some years ago (basically following the breath at the tip of the nose), at some point I developed strong sensations on my face and involuntary body movements which hindered my practice. I couldn't find much information in this regard from buddhist sources so people pointed my towards Qigong. I have body rigidity and lack of good sleep that hinder me when trying to pursue different physical activities. Some Qigong practices also seemed useful to improve in those areas. I have started practicing for a few weeks exercises from Damo Michell's book "Daoist Nei Gong", mostly the 8 Ji Ben Qi Gong exercises detailed in the book and the Sung Breathing exercise. I had a lot of success regarding my body rigidity issues, specially with the Sung Breathing exercise, I got many involuntary movements that have slowly untangled some rigid parts of my back, and released my spine in points that seemed too rigid. But I haven't had much success regarding the blockage issues on my face that hinder my meditation. I got some recommendations for Zhan Zhuang and some other "grounding" practices, but they don't seem to do much to reduce the tension and even strengthen it in some sitiations. Would be interested in learning from this forum more about other people's practices and possible methods that could help improve my meditation. Looking forward to participating in this forum and learning from other people!
  2. Hey all! I am in my late 20's and a very active male. I am new to Taoism, slowly introducing myself to the teachings and practices. I cam across Taoism researching about ways to battle my "curse" of Premature Ejaculation. I have had this issue since the first day I started pleasuring myself. I have read some of Chia's books. They talk about circulating the energy thru the Microcosmic Orbit… then The Cool Draw etc. What I have been finding is that I do not feel any energy EVER cooking on the base of my spine. I just don't get it! I am not hesitant to consider the possibility of me doing it all wrong. But I am also thinking if there are energy/emotional blockages that could hinder one's ability to perform these exercises. I would like to reach the level of a Multi-orgasmic man and use my energy to heal myself. I do not like the idea of ejaculating actually never did. I like to stay active and full of energy all the time. Please guide me thru. A bit more about myself. I have tried Acupuncture + TCM herbs… to no avail. Right now… focusing on raising my ... Serotonin, Testosterone, Magnesium, Calcium levels and lowering Histamine levels. I will be taking a Herbal Tincture for my Condition very soon.