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  1. Yeah, I can definitely see the potential for ego delusion here. I'm just wondering if "reap what you sow"-esque spells inherently act as purification because they confront people with what they've done. I know from some of my practices, being confronted with your own actions can really bring about changes for good. So, if external means bring the same sort of self-reflection for others, does that not also stand to bring about changes for good in that person?
  2. What about present life karma, though?
  3. I was doing my Kunlun today and I found my mind drifting into the concept of vengeful spells, kind of on its own. It's something I've always had a huge aversion to, because I've always believed that an act of vengeance or so-called darkness probably opens one up to some bad repercussions. That's why I found it so strange to suddenly feel this new perspective, which just kind of came to me as intuition during my spontaneous movement. The perspective is the idea that "hexes" or whatever you may wish to call them perhaps act as a medium to force others to come face to face with their own karma. Some people go through life boldly facing their own demons through purification, but others go through life completely ignorant of the ill effects they have on others. What if, for those people, it is in fact purifying to be confronted with a spell that torments them until they deal with their sins and better themselves? Something like the Taoist "disturbing ghosts" spell, something that affects peoples' dreams and forces them to empathize with the pain they've caused others, at which point said torment ceases? This would, ultimately, cause a form of self-improvement where otherwise they may never have stopped to think about where they need betterment. I don't know, just some weird thoughts that came to me out of the blue. I'm no spellworker by any means, nor do I necessarily intend to pursue it - what do the more experienced folks around here think of this musing?
  4. Herein lies the big problem with Chia's Big Draw technique as a cure for PE - muscular tension. If you're familiar with Chia, then I'm sure you're familiar with the PC muscle. Try this: Don't clench it as he says to. Relax. Relax as if not trying to stop urination, but to start it. You can exaggerate the feeling by inhaling and expanding your abdomen, letting the expansion push outward into the bladder and the PC muscle, but this method is only to get a feel for the sensation of relaxing that muscle. Many times, premature ejaculation is due to an overly tensed PC muscle, which Chia's methods only aggravate. Practice relaxing that muscle at all times, being mindful to consciously dissolve tension there throughout your day, and especially during sex and masturbation. Some call this a "reverse kegel." If you do the Big Draw, RELAX AFTERWARD. Chia's books all say that the entire body must relax and lose all tension after each draw, but everyone seems to skim over that bit. The result there is, get close, clench like hell and draw, resume stimulation, five seconds later you have to start clenching all over again. That's never going to work during actual sex. Don't focus on multiple orgasms. Focus on delayed orgasm. Relax the muscles around the prostate, giving it "room to breathe," and you'll give yourself at least another twenty minutes of stamina. Then you can start playing around with drawing the orgasm up with muscular tension, as long as you pay attention to relaxation after reach draw. Also, something else I should mention: You're in your 20s. Dude, you should be able to ejaculate at least once a day without losing energy. Seriously, don't worry about it so much. That energy drain everyone talks about is frequently due to emotional or mental strain around the idea of ejaculation. If you can relax into the ejaculation, let go with no attachment, or even offer the energy in prayer to the universe, often times you'll feel energy flow back into you. And it's usually a higher grade of energy than what you released.
  5. Confusion around "Kunlun."

    Balance - PM'd you Joeblast - is Red Dragon Palm the same thing as the Red Dragon that Balance mentioned? Anyway, I don't know if this matters at all, but while I am a beginner to Kunlun, I'm not a beginner to energy work in general, especially fundamentals. I've been at this for the better part of seven years, covering everything from Dr. Yang's embryonic breathing and Chia's healing sounds/inner smile, to Zhan Zhuang, to Chunyi Lin's first couple levels of SFQ. I've just never been as "drawn" to a system as I am to Kunlun. Does that make any kind of difference, or is this really something that I need to be in the Kunlun system for a while before attempting?
  6. Confusion around "Kunlun."

    NotVoid - From what I can tell, Max's system is a combination of Jenny Lamb's Yi Gong (Kunlun posture) and Andrew Lum's Maoshan stuff (Golden Flower, and Red Phoenix, whatever that is). It doesn't seem like Max made any effort to hide that fact, though I may just be unusually skilled at digging up information with Google. Liminal - I looked up Skype sessions, and even those are out of my price range, which is incredibly frustrating. My understanding from searching the old threads is that Max took Red Phoenix which he learned from Sifu Lum, and blended it with Jenny Lamb's Yi Gong. There are a lot of claims from someone named Mantra, who talked as if he represented Max, that this pairing was essentially a reuniting of two divided Taoist sects that were meant to be used together, or something. How can that be, though? I don't understand how the book can claim to be a self-contained system while not including something that is supposedly the "other half" of this "quick quick" path. Another thing: It sounds like it's nothing THAT special - I keep seeing people who've learned it but later dropped the Kunlun system refer to it as being no different from your typical third eye breathing exercises or something, but all the Kunlun folks who've learned it and are still practicing are like, "Yeah, this is a really big deal, instant enlightenment experiences." It's very confusing and I'm just not sure what to think.
  7. Confusion around "Kunlun."

    Hi all! I sincerely hope this is the right forum - I wasn't quite sure where a topic like this belonged. I recently purchased the Primordial Alchemist book, which details the "Kunlun" system. I really find myself resonating with Max Christensen's vibes, and the practices he's bundled into his system are fascinating. With that being said though, I did some searching online and of course I inevitably found some old threads around here. It seems like there was a great deal of controversy about the system a few years back, especially around Sifu Lum's side of Max's practice. I keep seeing folks talking about something called Red Phoenix, as if it's essential to make Max's system work. What is it, and why would he not include it in the book if it's so essential? I truly do not have the money to learn this key practice at a seminar or something, I'm a self-employed college student and literally cannot spare anything from my budget. Is there no way for me to get the most out of these teachings? I saw one thread where someone mentioned that the Maoshan Golden Flower practice in the book is basically the same thing, but several people disagreed. I'm just not sure what to believe, or what I should do with this system. Can anyone offer advice?
  8. Confusion on Male Multiple Orgasm

    So I transmitted energy into her? Why did that feel so good to her when similar effects have not taken place with my girlfriend or anyone else I've done something like this with?
  9. Confusion on Male Multiple Orgasm

    Wow, I am absolutely floored by how helpful you all are! Thank you so much! Mal - you mentioned running my partner's orbit. I haven't experimented with that for purposes like sex, nor do I comprehend how to do so. However, I have experimented with using hand movements - either an open palm or Chunyi Lin's sword hand form - to move energy from place to place in people. I've been able to help several of my dear friends to resolve blockages by doing that, and I assume it's a similar method to what you're describing, for a different purpose. The most interesting example I can think of - I have a friend who (we think) went through perhaps an accidental Kundalini awakening at a very young age (perhaps earlier than she can even remember) and dealt with those symptoms her whole life until just a few years ago when she finally started spontaneously doing grounding meditation without knowing what it was she was doing. She's 19 now. Anyway, she had some kind of blockage in the area of her bladder, resulting in constant over-active bladder issues that doctors had no explanation for. Just for kicks, I decided to see if it was in fact a blockage, and if I could clear it. So I put a hand over her lower abdominal area, in the general area of her pain, and imagined that her bladder and my palm were "breathing" in sync with each other, at a rhythm dictated by my own breathing rhythm. My hand grew very warm instantly, and she immediately began making all these pleasure noises, and apparently during the several minutes of me attempting to clear the blockage, which was in fact cleared, she was experiencing waves of pleasure shooting up and down her spine. I have no idea what that was; as I said, I'm entirely self-taught due to necessity. Pythagorean, perhaps you have some insight on this event? Anyway, Mal, that's the extent of my knowledge of exchanging(?) energy with others. Is that relevant to what you're suggesting?
  10. Confusion on Male Multiple Orgasm

    Mal - I've tried to dig up Lin's anal breathing method, but I can't help feeling like I'm missing something. Is it just using the anal/tailbone muscles to perform the same function as the big draw, while leaving the PC muscles relaxed? Pythagorean - How does one learn to transmit energy into a woman? Are there any prerequisites she must do in order to become receptive to that energy? Also, are there any stretches or something you recommend to aid in assuming the full lotus posture? I can sit in half lotus, but as soon as I try to get the other leg up, it feels like I'm going to sprain something. Thank you both for the continuing help
  11. Confusion on Male Multiple Orgasm

    Thank you for the advice Trust me, I'm all for building chi energy. I'm not just hunting down the ability to have sex endlessly. I don't suppose you have any idea what happened in my earlier experience I mentioned, do you? I've never heard of people physically holding back ejaculation itself with the PC muscles, but based on my admittedly limited knowledge of anatomy, I feel like that's what happened there. I assume I'm way off on that assumption though, in which case I'd like to know what I was actually doing.
  12. Confusion on Male Multiple Orgasm

    My microcosmic orbit practice has actually become more of a "passive" thing if that makes any sense; rather than spending "x" amount of time consciously running it, I simply find myself doing it every time I have the spare thought capacity to do so. Also, while I've heard great things about the bliss of full lotus from Drew Hempel and others, I have a partner, and she rather enjoys conventional sex, as do I. I'd much prefer a method that facilitates the conservation of my energy without ruining the sex life of my relationship.
  13. Hi all! First post, forgive me if I'm breaking some etiquette by bringing up this topic that I know has been discussed to death. I've searched every thread I could find on the subject, and my specific question is not answered. I do the inner smile and healing sounds, I practice the microcosmic orbit, I do zhan zhuang for between 30 minutes and an hour, all of this daily. I feel that my foundation for sexual practices is firm, but if something's missing, please let me know. That said, my specific question pertains to the physical locking aspect. I know that the finger lock is dangerous and I do not make use of that method. My confusion comes from the "contractile-phase" orgasm described in Chia's writings. He states that it takes place before the point of no return. However, I have today had my first "dry" experience, and I don't think that it was in line with this. I was trying to ride the wave, just below the point of no return as Chia describes, but I messed up and went over the edge. Before I knew what was happening, as if on instinct, I clenched my PC muscle extremely hard and went into a "breath of fire" kind of thing of my own accord, without conscious direction. This state was sustained until the orgasm died down, at which point a tiny bit of semen leaked out. What happened, and what am I doing wrong? Also, I don't believe it was a retrograde, as my next urination did not appear cloudy.
  14. Great to join you :)

    Hello all! I'm 20 years old, a self-taught Qigong practitioner (self-taught by necessity, as there are literally no teachers within reasonable distance of me). I've primarily studied material by the accessible Mantak Chia, and I think that the feedback of a community will be invaluable in my search toward health, longevity and whatever else may come in the future. Thank you all for having me