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  1. it seems you're infected by ttexts
  2. So he used "equal" in western understanding (very limited, taken form a dictionary, not a real life) to argue the "e-quality" of students of same teacher in China... that's how western readers jump from one thing to another and end up in absurd. Thanks for another good example (2210th according to taobums stats).
  3. The Goal

    It's a very common understanding of a spiritual cultivation... However, there are Hun and Po souls. That's what people follow naturally with all their efforts... and mountains become volcanoes )) Is there any other way?
  4. in any hierarchy there is something people regard as equal: leaves of different branches are still "leaves". Students can be equal in the master's house, siblings can be equal for their parents, but your idea "No siblings. Siblings are equal." is very limited. Because there are older brothers and other levels of [family] hierarchy. Not everything you don't understand is absurd.
  5. The Goal

    In that classic map mountains are not volcanoes (suddenly), and "attaching to emptiness" has no more sense than "attaching to appearances"... What you describe happen usually when practice is based on thoughts, mind, imagination, while goals are limited by those related to Xing cultivation only - in this case no harmony can be.
  6. The Goal

    main reason is misunderstanding of what the Way of Dao is.
  7. The Goal

    Dao is like a mountain. There is a summit - the goal, and it's uphill. So it's already raised, just one needs to see it. And if one takes course up, then "defense" is necessary. Because without it one rolls down, loosing the direction. Natural way is the way down. Great Dao is in the opposite.
  8. only in the imaginary land of flying ponies... right, and it's important to understand, that their relation in the Master's house is not based on who they were in a previous life.
  9. what is dan dao?

    you take every question as attack, so no surprise nobody cares to ask anymore... Small Dao, great Dao - just dodging to cover the differences between own fantasies and words of the ancient teachers. But obviously you don't care about their words and jumping from one text to another trying to find at least some support. But they all are against "fake dao"... Speaking about Dan Dao: when people only read, and never received the ancient method to cultivate Dao, they are fixed on the idea that Dan Dao was appeared very late in history. They can't understand, that Dan Dao, Neidan texts just continued the earlier Daoist texts by applying the language of the external alchemy, Waidan. But the method is the same, starting from Dao De Jing and finishing by some modern Neidan books. Moreover, in other traditions it is also the same (Buddhism, Shivaism, european alchemy etc). The key is in practice, when it's obtained, many things become clear.
  10. The Goal

    Dao as a teaching gives everyone a possibility to make own choices. It's even better if the choice is made with full understanding of its consequences. Such understanding is the core of the Daoist teaching in its written form. Anybody can read it and apply to own life and practice. Classic texts inform quite good about so-called "side roads" and the Great Dao, which is the inner alchemy. So we can understand, which goals have no sense to pursuit if your goal is to attain Dao. Alas, such down-to-earth approach is not popular, and usually we can see something like this: Sounds very pathetic, but what is really behind all such loud claims? All "high level methods" are here: "I focus on Xiuan guan. Focusing on Xiuan guan will relax middle dan tian." Exactly what Zhong Lü Chuan Dao Ji named "minor schools and inconsistent methods": Did she read that? Obviously. Understood? So far she did not. But she allows herself to proudly say: "I agree Lui Dongbin, Zhongli Quan, Zhang Boduan is the right apples"... Funny of course, for those who understand that it's just another soap bubble, dangerous self invented qigong based on using attention, mind, breathing, movements. Without any program, just "sit and relax"... But let's people have a choice: towards Dao or enjoying struggling on side roads the entire life, chasing imaginary goals.
  11. Breathing into LDT

    it seems shi shen has gone completely through that secret door. Such theories don't bring any clarity. Air breathing is not the alchemy and cannot give any alchemy results like Taixi (Fetus breathing).
  12. it's an emergency exit, nobody likes it...
  13. not Taoist, and can't read Texts, so who cares about such fantasies... Farewell to the land of stupid videos and flying ponies.
  14. De is an innate quality, without De people are blind and can't see obvious things. So "ciao bambino sorry" (Chuck Bismark), go back to bunny videos, stupid pics and trolling memes.
  15. The Goal

    You told: "But if you can listen to a native speaker of Chinese. You will learn more and misunderstand less of dao." Assuming I'm full of mistakes. So I'm listening with all my attention. But so far just funny attempts to avoid questions. If you are so knowledgeable, if your school is so different from other traditional schools as you told us, then where is the practical wisdom we can admire? What is a curriculum in your school to begin with?