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Found 3 results

  1. I have created the thread about a month ago containing correct translations, but for some reason this thread disappeared and even mod team doesn't know where did it go... I had consulted with the administration and was advised to simply restore the thread by creating new one. Thank you. --- Arkady
  2. Hello Everyone, I thought I would throw out an opportunity for those interested in potentially having professional english translations of eastern alchemical texts. This is the original post from another forum: Translation Suggestions I am very interested in having more English translation of Eastern alchemical texts available to the public, however, my knowledge of these alchemical texts extends only to the ones already available in English. So, to the point: if there are any texts out there that you know of which would be a wonderful contribution to the Western understanding of Eastern Alchemical practices (internal and/or external; theoretical and/or practical), that you would like to see professionally translated into English, it would be my pleasure to add them to the pool of texts to be considered on the other forum ( Either that, or you can join the other forum and become involved first hand with the submissions
  3. Esoteric Bible

    I have noticed as of late that words and sections from the Bible really have a lot of depth and power behind them, so I have decided to pick up a copy. However, I was wondering what English versions are best for esoteric study? Any esoteric Christians or Gnostics in the house? Your insights would be much appreciated. My 2 cents, Peace