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  1. For gatito

    Or one can avoid being literal-minded and simply relate to such systems as the provisional and conventional devices they are. Much like the buddhadharma. Clearly. Traditional Tibetan Medicine is a centuries old system with great value, it has its strengths and weaknesses just like Western Medicine does. One would be unwise to sell it short.
  2. "Soul" is his translation of "Lha", it means something like "life force". The lha can be lost if one's energy is incredibly compromised, it is usually a gradual process.
  3. He authored a thread titled "The most direct training practice in dzogchen" containing what could be very loosely referred to as a 'training practice' he, himself made up. That fact in itself should be an adequate explanation, meaning; it should be self-explanatory. If his actions in that regard don't strike you as problematic, then you are either (i) looking to be rebellious and contrary out of spite, (ii) are exceedingly dumb, or (iii) have no clue in hell what Dzogpachenpo is. Since ralis, you are neither dumb, nor ignorant of what Atiyoga is, any show of support for Zoom's asinine display of reckless arrogance in authoring that post must fall in line with option (i).
  4. In order for anyone to come to a conclusion that you have any real comprehension of Dzogchen based on that link, said link would first have to contain something even remotely related to Dzogchen... but it doesn't. Anyone can put a piece of coal on display and proclaim it is gold.
  5. Overall you don't really seem to understand what rainbow body means or entails... So please continue running around looking for shrinking bodies and declaring ja lus hasn't occurred where you don't find any.
  6. Some teachers request that these things be broadcasted in order to incite faith, devotion etc., the fact that this event was announced and documented is not counter evidence of anything.
  7. Perhaps buried somewhere deep in the Buddhist section... but certainly not recently.
  8. American NBC Cameraman who is a Buddhist Tulku contracts Ebola

    Give ralis a shred of an opportunity to cast aspersions and rock the boat, and thou shalt receive aspersions and boat rocking.
  9. American NBC Cameraman who is a Buddhist Tulku contracts Ebola

    Yes, many in West Africa are suffering and it is tragic. Why would this specific incident get attention? I'm sure some simply find it interesting that one of the few westerners to contract the disease (during this current outbreak) thus far is a practitioner of the buddhadharma with some degree of an intriguing history (being that his father is the late Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche), etc. This is a forum titled "Buddhist Discussion" after all. The "whoever slept with whoever" verbiage was copied and pasted from the article, so perhaps you can email the dailymail and ask them why that aspect of the story is interesting if you are so worried about it. Really you most likely are just looking to kick up dust, per usual, so if that is the case you can cry about the article all you want, ralis.
  10. NBC cameraman Ashoka Mukpo, 33, has been infected with Ebola in Liberia. He is the son of Buddhist monk Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Lady Diana Judith Mukpo, however, his biological father is Dr. Mitchell Levy whom Lady Diana had been sleeping with at the time. Ashoka's mother married the Tibetan Buddhist lama when she was just 16. Trungpa identified Ashoka as a 'tulku', a reincarnation of a Tibetan teacher. NBC's Dr. Nancy Snyderman and her crew have quarantined themselves for 21 days over fears they they might have contracted Ebola, as well. Dailymail article: Shambhala Times article:
  11. The most direct training practice in Dzogchen

    This thread... what a mess. A word to the wise - take what is being shared with a grain of salt.
  12. Malcolm Pees on The Tao Bums

    Just remember, ralis... let the hate flow through you. Not over, under or to the sides, but directly through, per Darth Sidious.
  13. Malcolm Pees on The Tao Bums

    After Tibetan_Ice returns from slaughtering all of the Malcolmites...