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  1. Mizner/Discover Taiji

    Thanks, Chang. I agree, online training will never replace hands-on with a teacher. I'd like to supplement the live training (or at least experiment with doing so). I'm just wondering if anyone has nay reviews of/expereince with this particular online training from Mizner. Does Mizner get into the "energetics" of Taijiquan...or does he mainly stick to the bio-mechanics. I've seen clips of him, but in actuality I know little of his approach to Taiji or his teaching focus.
  2. Hello All, I ran acroos this online training from Adam Mizner a couple of weeks ago I know the limitations of trying to learn an art like Taiji online/at a distance, but I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with this. My thought was to train in Taijiquan locally & supplement my live training with Mizner's online offering. Any thought/experiences/opinions out there?
  3. Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong Complete level 1 DVD

    Thanks, Ronko! I'll give that a shot...
  4. Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong Complete level 1 DVD

    I'm interested in various areas of training offered by WBBM. I PM'd Sifu Garry through here but I'm not sure if he frequents this site much. Does anyone have a more direct way of getting in touch with him? Does anyone here have any expereince training anything else from Sifu Garry besides Sunn Yee Gong? Would definitely appreciate any input!
  5. Hey Guys, I found out that a disciple of Wong Kiew Kit will be teaching a workshop in my neck of the woods (the Dallas, TX area). An offline friend of mine took a similar one & he & his wife said they got some great results, so I signed up. For those of you near the area that might be interested, here's the link: Marcus
  6. On the "Classes" page, it says the following: Classes Classes are currently closed to the public. Admittance is by invitation or special circumstance only. Closed door students receive instruction at the temple classes 4-7 days a week. Closed lineage disciples receive private instruction, knowledge, and personal training, not normally available, in addition to the weekly classes. Closed door lineage disciples have great responsibility and are chosen by the grandmaster and head master. This is based on intelligence, leadership, charisma, and skill as they must melt, drink, digest and emanate the lineage. I e-mailed Sifu Matsuo tonight to see if there any other training options. Hopefully, I'll get a reply sometime soon.
  7. Trunk, Thanks for the links. It looks like DGS is not really accepting new you know if thay have any sort of guided distance learning option...or is it just a matter of getting whatever DVDs I can & learning off of those?
  8. A complete system..but if I can't find one that has all "three things" in it, i figured I might have to put it together from separate sources. However, training in a "complete and integrated lineage" would seem to tbe the most efficient way to go about doing that. I'm still searching for exactly that....
  9. I definitely agree that I need face to face with alive teacher. Locally, I was going to start with a Wu Taijiquan teacher. The idea behind gathering material from other sources that I was asking about was to "overlay" that material over what I'd be learning locally and hopefully deepen my practice.
  10. I appreciate the feedback, Snowmonki (and others as well). Do you have some examples of teachers/lineages "that are respected by their peers" that you'd be willing to share?
  11. I echo these thoughts. I'd like to see if there's anyone that has actually developed anything from these Mastery programs (the Bagua, i suppose as the Tai Chi program is not out yet). I've gotten some mixed reviews on the value of Frantzis' material. My original thought was to train in Taijiqua/Bagauazhang or Xingyiquan locally and use one or more of these Mastery programs to deepen my practice, but I don't know how valid that idea might be. From what I've seen, Ricahrd Clear seems to have some very good distance trainng material and I'm looking at that as well. I have also run across Yuanming Zhang's system. Does anyone have some real expereince with any of the above? I think one of the things I'm looking fro is not only "proof" that the teacher or system has "the goods" but that they are able to trnsmit/teach "the goods" to the student.
  12. Thanks for the link, MithShrike. I believe I've come across this school in my local searches, but I'll give it a deeper look. Thanks for replying. Anyone else have suggestions/opinions?
  13. Hello All, My name is Marcus and I'm a newbie here. I'm hoping to get some feedback and advice here from people that may have walked the path longer than me. I've done some basic meditation and have dabbled in Taijiquan, Xingyiquan and a little bit of Baguazhang in the past, but at this point I'd like to stop dabbling and start seriously applying myself to internal practices. That being the case, I'm looking for a complete Internal Martial Arts system to delve into and commit to going as deep as I can with it. I should probably define what I mean by "complete." For my purposes, "complete" means that the system will have a strong combat training component...will train me in chi cultivation for health and martial use...and also has a spiritual cultivation side to it. This probably all sounds like a tall order..and it may very well be. Right now I have the opportunity to train with a Wu Taijiquan locally, but a frank conversation with the instructor tells me that the training will not go too far beyond just learning the long form. My thought was that I could learn some basic Taiji, Bagua or Xingyi locally and then hopefully do some distance training with a teacher that could teach all of the elements I'm looking for along with periodic trips to that teacher. One suggestion I've gotten is to delve into Bruce K Frantzis' Bagua Mastery Program, his Xingyi program or an upcoming Tai Chi Mastery program and overlay that material over what i can do here locally. I'd love to hear any comments on this from people who might be familair with that material. I do have BK Frantzis' Intenal martial Arts book from a few years ago and I found it helpful. Other than that, I was advised to look at Richard Clear's Tai Chi material and possibly do the same with that option. I'm open to any suggestions from the floor. And if anyone knows of any teacher/system in Texas, I'd love to check that out. I'm just a bit north of Dallas-Ft Worth. Thanks in advance for any help or constructive opinions.
  14. Hello From A Newbie

    Hello All, My name is Marcus & I'm in the SouthWestern USA (Texas). I joined here because of my interest in all aspects of Taoist studies and I'm hoping I can get soem good feedback & lively conversations!