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  1. Hi ken, I think you missed my point in the previous post. I consider it more of a spiritual problem then physical. As anybody here will tell you. Even the most basic of qigongs & taiji will prevent most illnessnes, cancer included. We are talking about somebody on a much higher level then that.
  2. What Happened to QI Energy being able to cure all disease ? Or Illness not being able to enter if the person has enough QI ? These are facts not myths. It shocks and disappoints me that the people who constantly murmur magical words about the wonders of QIgong & Neigong are willing to just sit back and accept this. Here was a man, with supposedly more QI then most people on the planet, a full compressed dantian of yang qI, Not to mention touch and kill power. Then he just gets cancer & dies ? Absurd. Agent orange should not matter either as Qi can supposedly overcome anything. So what is really going on here ??? If we choose study the MOPAI techniques on the internet or from jims manual, then we must change the name to something else. Why you may ask ? I sincerly feel that saying you are practicing mopai can bring serious harm unto ourself, That is if we are not formally accepted students. We must have respect for the past and current masters and not use this name anymore. This may also save us from Invoking any bad karma the lineage may have accumulated. This is not a fairytale. We are insulting real immortal masters who hate westerners here. Lets not piss them off anymore. Always remember to thank the creator of heaven and earth before and after training. I suggest even making a small offering before each session too. This could be a cup of water or anything, just show respect. Sometimes little things can make a big difference. Just my 2 cents
  3. Mopai Training with jim mcmillan

    Hi guys, I thought it would be worthwile sharing my experience. I dont know anything about Sifu Lin, However there is an old book in circulation that details the mopai training technique completely, including all the said Fu-Talismans. I know because i have seen it. The owner claims to have bought the book from an antique store in china from people who had no idea what it was. I suppose it was just another kungfu book to them ? The other story is the book belonged to a family friend,go figure. The levels 1-3 in the book are indentical to everything jim mcmillan has given students over the past 5 years via E-mail. The information has been checked,rechecked,and checked again. But heres the catch, The training method is not called mopai kungfu but instead called lohan. To sum it all up It very well may not be mopai kungfu, But what are the chances of having so many similarities ? Mike Zhou
  4. Hi Everybody !

    Hi, Im trying to learn a new skill, as Im an artist, but cannot make ends meet, so I would like to see if I could learn as much as I can.