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  1. Tai Chi 24 Forms

    Hello to everyone... I have recently decided to start learning (books/videos) the Tai Chi 24 forms. I've decided on a self-paced route because of the lack of teachers where I live, and money. I recently purchased a small booklet and DVD at a local store. The materials are of good quality, but alas it is not the 24 forms. Could someone recommed a DVD or video (YouTube) that has good English narration/explanation. Thanks Steven King
  2. Taoist Cosmology

    Not sure if this helps --- Section 5. The Cosmic Analogy
  3. The Pearl

    I do not recall where I read this, any help or expansion on the topic would be appreciated. In Taoism the "Pearl" essentially is a focusing of one's own energy and consciousness. Where by the individual would have the ability to leave the physical body at will. At the time of physical, bodily death an individual would leave their body, thus gaining immortality. Steven King
  4. Microcosmic Orbit & Tongue Position

    Generally I keep my tongue in the "water" position as well, for the same reasons. The difference being, is that I first heard about this a few years ago, in reference to Soma (elixir) and the Kechari Mudra.
  5. Microcosmic Orbit & Tongue Position

  6. Microcosmic Orbit & Tongue Position

    The lock of the anal sphincter is done throughout the exercise, not just during the exhale or inhale. It is done as you say, to encourage energy movement up the spine. It is also done to prevent energy leakage via the anal sphincter. This has been the way, aside from Mantak Chia, I was taught to hold this particular lock/gate.
  7. Microcosmic Orbit & Tongue Position

    You are correct, I never stated which MCO I'm practicing. I'm currently working with the Taoist material from Mantak Chia, using normal/abdominal breathing. - How do I define the MCO: A circulation of energy, flowing upwards along the governor vessel during inhalation and then downwards along the conception vessel on the exhalation. - Timing of breath and direction: I generally follow the 70% rule, 70% lung capacity so as not to create strain, no breath retention, breathing is circular. - Action of the Hui Yin (Perineum): Is a gate or lock to be closed with a slight flex, or upward motion. - Abdominal Action: Stomach/abdominal area is contracted or inward on the exhale. Stomach/abdominal area is extended or outward on the inhale. I'm more or less new to Taoist studies, so any information, tips, etc. you wish to provide would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Microcosmic Orbit & Tongue Position

    Most excellent! I found the page/illustrations you're referring to. Thanks Steven King
  9. Microcosmic Orbit & Tongue Position

    I would ask that you site source material, illustration, page number... something. I'm greatly interested. Additionally, I have Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy by Jerry Alan Johnson if this helps. Thanks Steven King
  10. Hello all... Link for below quoted material: My questions are... Has anyone gone through such an experience? Can you describe what it was like and the methodologies used? From the same link above, I have all the needed materials, videos, books, etc for level 1-7. I'd like to get further information, direction for levels 8 and 9. Thanks Steven King
  11. Hello all, I have read here and on other forums about how much of a fraud Mantak Chia is. Yet on this and other forums, people are passing along his works, so it's a bit confusing. I have a great number of his books in PDF format and will soon be going through them. I'd like to get a clear picture, would like to know what teachings, if any, to look out for. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks Steven King
  12. Qigong Training Course.

    Currently I don't have the funds to have access to a teacher or training program, I do however have access to the training materials for both Ken Cohen and Spring Forest. Thanks all for the info/advice. Steven King
  13. Qigong Training Course.

    It has been made known to me that Ken Cohen's training materials are not as... productive so to speak, versus Spring Forest Qigong materials. Are there any thoughts or opinions on this. Thanks
  14. Enlightened movies

    The Fountain (2006)
  15. Qigong Training Course.

    Has anyone heard of this course, or gone through it. Any comments / reviews would be appreciated. The Essential Qigong Training Course: 100 Days to Increase Energy, Physical Health and Spiritual Well-Being.