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  1. What are you listening to?

    Monsoon in Goa)))
  2. Hello Bums, I would appreciate alot if u could recommend few names of Tai Chi Masters, that are teaching online.Thanks in advance)))
  3. Ba Gua Trigram Sequence

    There are plenty ways of decoding Ba Gua. In the end it is all someone's interpretation... To discover the "True" meaning of symbol through direct knowledge, gain by meditation - that"s another possibility to understand which one is good for u personally...Actually, I also would like to know more about Ba Gua and YinYang in different position decoding, that can help to recognize patterns and directions of energy movements.
  4. Circle around Center

    Hello Bums, here is some interesting practice to try)))
  5. Sacred Geometry and Dao

    Thank u Silent Thunder)
  6. Sacred Geometry and Dao

    Hi Bums, would like to share with u this video,that inspired me to think deeper about the phenomenon of Patterns in Nature. Hope u will enjoy it and would like to know your Dao opinion on this topic. Could it be possible that God resides in Inspired Patterns?)))
  7. Greetings from Goa)

    Hello Dao Bums community) My name is Alina and I am Ukrainian, living in Goa. I think it is a great idea to create a forum for people who is interested in Dao. Exchange of creative ideas has potential to make those ideas even more creative) Hope to join u soon!:)))