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  1. Mayans Never Predicted World To End In 2012?

    From what I've learned, 2012 is related to a Baktun. According to Samael Aun Weor, the real beginning of the end is related to a Katun, around 2040-2043.
  2. Om Mani Padme Hum as the Alternating Current secret

    Some of the very important Secret aspects of this Mantra are explained here:
  3. What reincarnates?

    From what I understand the Skandhas don't reincarnate, because they disintegrate after death like the physical body, however that when the Storehouse-Consciousness (Alaya-Vijnana) returns to a new womb, a new personality/Skandhas is built up based on the karmic 'values' or impressions (whether negative, neutral, or positive) that are carried over from lifetime to lifetime in the Alaya-Vijnana. The above might not be the best explanation, but look up the terms: Sugatagarbha, Tathagatagarbha, Alaya-Vijnana, and Cittatva.
  4. Yeshe Lama Thogal book?

  5. The Double Bind

    Just lost the entire post I'd typed, while I was looking up a couple of quotes. Oh well, here are the said quotes anyhow (which are a lot better than what I had to say anyway ):
  6. Some say Mantak Chia is a fraud...

    I've pretty much only glanced at some of Mantak Chi's writings, nonetheless I'll bet that one could develop some powers with his practices; although from what I understand, Mantak Chia's writings contain a mixture of black tantra and grey tantra or gray tantra. See also: Sacred Sex: Taoism Mercury/Hexiohehary
  7. Fun conversation from

    He does indeed. The quote is found...: HERE The Gnostic tradition states that Karmamudra (although only with sanctity (as opposed to sanctimoniousness), virtue, and compassion) is actually the very way to awaken the Kundalini; and that Pranayama, various Yogas, Meditation, etc. can awaken sparks of Kundalini. Without Sex, only sparks. With Sex (and again, only with sanctity (as opposed to sanctimoniousness), virtue, and compassion), it is said the Kundalini Herself is awakened: How is Tantra related with the development of the kundalini? Sarva Mangalam
  8. Fun conversation from

    Twinner Like was said, the Mysteries of Sexual Transmutation (the Great Arcanum or Arcanum A.Z.F.) have been very secret for thousands of years; so most monasteries probably don't even know it. Although some do of course. And if they don't know Sexual Alchemy, then they probably don't know Pranayama either. As far as I'm aware, the Roman Catholic church does not teach Pranayama (it's pretty obvious that they do not teach Pranayama). And it's very likely that some or even many Buddhist monasteries do not know or teach it. Have you read this post? Again, I'm not advocating celibacy. Best Regards
  9. Fun conversation from

    Right, I can agree that we could know the Nature of the Universe to some degree without being Omniscient. I'm simply saying that we can delude ourselves if we assume that we know It in its totality, unless we are at least Omniscient. So, I assumed too much when reading what you said about having reached awareness of the nature of the Universe. Nonetheless, we can awaken whether we're chaste or not; however it's possible to awaken positively or negatively. About sex without orgasm (although there's more to it than that), it is called Sahaja Maithuna, or Karmamudra in Buddhism. It is for working with the Drops, Winds, and Channels (Bindu, Prana, Nadi) within the Mandala of the Body, where the Deities reside microcosmically; and is said to be the most effective way of doing so.
  10. Fun conversation from

    I really doubt that the sexually deviant monks you speak of were even practicing Pranayama at all. The fact that you think that Pranayama is about removing the desire for sex, shows that you wouldn't know if it works or not, because you are ignorant regarding the very nature of it. Pranayama is not supposed to remove the desire for sex. It is supposed to transmute it to enough of a degree for us to be able to remain in physical chastity. Yet Samael Aun Weor recognized that even Pranayama is not enough to prevent wet-dreams in the long run. That's why he recommended that Spiritual aspirants be open to the idea of eventual Marriage. Nevertheless, Samael Aun Weor still taught it because it helps. This is why the Dalai Lama said that in the Higher Tantras, even wet dreams are a Tantric downfall; because he knows that with the Karmamudra Sex of White Tantra, we can avoid wet-dreams altogether. Sarva Mangalam
  11. Fun conversation from

    Unless we are literally Omniscient, we should be very careful about assuming Self-Knowledge and Knowledge of the Nature of the Universe. And even if we are Omniscient, we should still be careful about our assumptions (for example, from what I've learned, there are said to be Omniscient Beings who are not able to enter the Absolute, because they are attached to their Omniscience. How about that.). Anyhow, Chaste Sex (without orgasm) between a woman and man who are in love IS the enjoyment of the pleasures of Sex. Orgasm is an extreme, and celibacy is the other extreme. Chaste Sex however, is in alignment with the Middle Way spoken of by the Buddha.
  12. Fun conversation from

    Twinner Actually, sexual hypocrisy is the very thing addressed in the very link that you claim I'm hypocritical for posting. So unless you've read it, it's rather silly to make accusations of hypocrisy, don't you think? The said link also explains the issue of pent up pseudo-religious people becoming sexual deviants because of their sexual-repression; and, I already addressed that issue posts ago and even pointed it out to you later in this thread, yet you keep repeating yourself as if I'd never addressed the said issue at all. Also, Sexual Transmutation (whether Pranayama or Sexual Magic) is seems very foreign and is shocking to most people because it has been veiled in the world's Spiritual Traditions for thousands of years. It has always been there; yet veiled, due to our karma. Anyway, I'm not here to tell you what to do. I'm just sharing information of which you are free to reject, accept, or meditate upon. If you don't agree with me then that's fine. Nonetheless, please stop repeating the same straw-man arguments over and over. Best Regards
  13. Fun conversation from

    Well Gnosis and The Tao share the same roots after all. That's why it was said that Pranayama breathing is prescribed for singles for staying in chastity and not becoming sexually frustrated. So if one who is single doesn't want to become healed, then they should not take the prescription! Seriously though, perhaps it's only the way that I've worded things (rather than their actual content) here, that makes them sound like "proscriptions"? Thanks.
  14. Yeshe Lama Thogal book?

    I've not read much of Paul Foster Case's (founder of B.O.T.A.) writings, but from what I understand they're pretty good. Although when it comes to Kabbalah, Masonry, Rosicrucianism and such, I prefer more the writings of Eliphas Levi, H.P. Blavatsky, Dion Fortune, Manly P. Hall, and Samael Aun Weor. Haven't read much of William Quan Judge's (Bryan Kinnavan) work either, but it seems pretty good too. I didn't know he was an author on "New Thought" (much less a "self-help" writer). I thought rather that William Quan Judge was more of a classical Theosophist (one of the Theosophical Society's very first members in fact?). I'm going to have to say probably not on William Quan Judge being a New Thought and/or 'self-help' writer. Theosophy may have influenced "New Thought" and "Christian Science", but I don't see how the latter two could be directly linked to any real Theosophists such as H.P. Blavatsky, H.S. Olcott, Rudolf Steiner, Franz Hartmann, or William Quan Judge. I was into some 'self-help' books, 'success' books, NLP books, etc. for a brief period. Not anymore though:
  15. Fun conversation from

    Perhaps I'll have more time to elaborate on this, or previous posts, later; although for now I'll say that if you've been following my posts, you'll see that the teachings contained therein are actually expressing the Spiritual importance of embracing healthy sexuality, not rejecting it. The Initiatic Schools throughout history and in all parts of the world, have always rejected masturbation because it is actually anti-sexual. Masturbation is a unfruitful and sterile use of the sexual energy. Whereas sex between a woman and a man is healthy because it is fertile both physically and Spiritually. When the man and woman reach orgasm, they produce physical offspring. When the woman and man withdraw from the sexual act before reaching orgasm, they can then begin to further multiply their Spiritual values (this is the Kabbalistic meaning of in the Torah that states: "Be Fruitful and multiply."). In Buddhism, it is said that through the orgasm we waste the Bodhicitta, Thigle, or Jasmine Flower Drops; and it is very important to keep the Bodhicitta in our bodies as to transmute and channel through the Nadis/Channels. It doesn't matter what our moral values are; if we masturbate and/or orgasm then we waste Bindu or Thigle and disrupt the proper flow of Prana, and therefore cannot use the Nadis to their full capacity, and even damage them over time. And in the Higher Tantras in particular, the physical body is very important for realizing full Buddhahood (in Christianity, the physical body is the temple of the Holy Spirit). If we are single, then Pranayama and Meditation are prescribed as the methods for staying in chastity without becoming sexually frustrated: Sacred-Sex: Pranayama (See also Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche's Awakening the Sacred Body or Healing with Form, Energy, and Light on the Nine Purifications Pranayama) Also, a great excerpt about the unhealthy effects of not embracing our sexual nature: The Spheres of Lilith and Nahemah Sarva Mangalam