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  1. Detoxing

    Please remember I also have a cleansing book in the library too, Cam. But the route I would take would definetly be something that resembles detox/fasting. Also, Ron is also right about any excess fat stored in the body. If a person has a couple of extra pounds prior to or whilst introducing said toxins, chances are that some remnants of the toxins are going to be held onto until the body is completely shed of it, even if only for a couple of weeks. There are tons of herbal supplement programs to take internally and externally to use that will absorb these toxins and aid to remove them from your internal systems. From what I have used, I think these two are best: Refer to Formula #2 for your need... And the second, which could be used a month after you've completed the first one, to ensure all is completely gone. The ingredients are at the bottom of the page for this one May you succeed with speedy fortune, -J
  2. Mostly out

    What a gruelling day on Thursday. Our mother is in Intensive Care at a hospital and I've taken some time off work (FMLA benefit time) to spend most of the time with her, making sure she is comfortable, clean, and also to keep the family/friends visiting in line. I'll have to catch up later, just giving a heads up!!! Enjoy the journey as much as the stay... -Jessica
  3. The Shensters ...

    Spirit (Shen) is a person's innate vitality. It can be considered the soul, but it also has a material aspect. When an individula has healthy shen, the eyes have the glow of life and the mind is clear. Since the heart is the resting place for the spirit, disturbances in shen are typically diagnosed as heart imbalances. The heart houses the shen (spirit) and mind. This function encompasses the full range of human consciousness, including emotional health, mental function, memory, and spirituality. You can look into the eyes to assess the state of a person's shen (spirit) and thus acquire a general picture of the overall vitality and that person's potential for healing. Will, life and eternal blissful states... -Jessica
  4. A friendly hello

    I've gotta admit...it's nice to have you on here, sis. I have tried to watch what I am sharing when it comes to your life, and from experience, we've done some amazing things together, and many of them involving cultivation and learning. One of the first posts I put on here involved our trip to Tibet, with the hike and the search for those "all knowing, all talented spiritual guru's that holds lifes secrets". But the point that brought it up was that incredible sunset we witnessed the first morning of discovery. As if the force of mountainous nature was showing off for us, right?? Yes, we have a great family, with roots that grow deep into Eastern religious cultures. The great thing is, higher learning was always encouraged, and that strengthened the muscle that involves the "need to learn" impulse. As kids, we always had TONS of questions...and lucky as we are, we had people who mostly knew to tell us sensibly and patiently what we needed to progress, and if they didn't know, they would most certainly seek someone out who could. So now that you are here! I will have to adjust the way I say (on those very rare occasions when I involve Lillian in my posts) them because now chances are that you are going to read it so I may need to address it differently sometimes, I am sure...only now I think that it will make better sense that I no longer have to pretend that you are not there in yet another aspect of our lives. But when it came to people, I also admit another thing--I was always in awe of the way you relate...being more laid back, fun, humorous, and charismatic in general...and me being the more uptight, responsible, and routined...I have usually suspected that better results would find their way to you in shorter time. YODA!!! I can't believe that was your brother messing with you...when I read those words you posted I just sighed a huge sigh of relief-because when I read the posts by "True Justice" earlier I thought to myself *Oh my god! How do you deal with this kind of imbalance???* and so many more thoughts that I should just dissipate for now. But that was a relief, nonetheless and thanks so much for letting that one out in the air. *whew!* You guys are great welcomers, you know!!! -Jessica
  5. A friendly hello

    G/f, you think you can 'Hang'?
  6. Mary Lou Retton

    Sounds like my sista!
  7. GWB-Chancellor Palpatine or philosopher?

    This man makes my skin crawl on so many, agonizing and unending levels. He's not so much horrible as he is dangerous. I think mostly because he brings about the full circle of the Age of Detachment from Humanitarianism.
  8. Inspiration

    I can see how that could definetly be hard not to recognize as a truly inspiring person! He was keeping the *dive* positing in check and used the less resistant angle at his advantage....This guy is a booty spanker, for sure very nice. Great share, Cam. -J
  9. Gallery section

    That is awesome, Sean, thank you. You could title it: "Photo Galleria for Dummies" -J
  10. avatars/icon upload not working correctly

    I had that same exact problem last night... I tried three times...looked and it had the last uploaded pic and then I also tried to remove the current...and lookie there-nothing's changed. I thought well...okay, then. I guess this one isn't finished being here yet. First thing in the morning, I see the one I was trying to get on. I couldn't possibly explain that one. Just wierd. -Jessica
  11. Gallery section

    Complicated, yes! I've tried to "do it myself" and ended up twice as confused, more than likely. I guess I am not a computer adeptus, say sorry. *laughs and sighs* -Jessica
  12. Gallery section

    So I was wondering how one actually goes about putting up photos in the Gallery? I saw some good ones Peter has submitted (esp. the new one, very enjoyable, I'd like to say. You have a beautiful lady, Peter), along with some others... and I searched and searched and could not find any option that lets you start a thread and post the pics there. There are a few I'd like to share...any help would be great!!! Thanks in advance!! -Jessica
  13. Juicing

    There's a small little corner in the "Personal Practice Discussion" section titled "Distinct recipes for...health, vitality, energy, medicine & more" that I started up but I have been slacking off with keeping the recipe flow. Thank you for the boot in the butt. I will make sure I start putting more in on a regular basis. There are a couple of recipes in there for juices, I have tons more. Smoothies, blends (yes, I love just blending up things and sometimes add juice, too. And apple is a great recommendation for that) and ices are a great way to reintroduce those much needed vitamins and minerals to your body. There was also a discussion before about juice machines...but can't quite remember where... -Jessica
  14. Ok 2012 Mayan Prophecy Poll

    Some of your points really struck home in my thoughts, neimad. There are thousands of things going on around our humanly existence, that we wouldn't even have a clue to what is actually happening nor most do not care even so. Its more convenient and submissive (or do I mean permissive? hmmm) to just do the motions and do what we have to do to get to the more enjoyable parts of ourselves- those times to feed that mind, that body, that soul that encompasses your mortal machine to life experience. Absolute Tao destination please? Why yes, that be immortality. So what makes this path seem most challenging at times? I'd say spirituality is becoming harder to coincide with average living conditions. There are much smaller amounts of spiritual refuges to go to that are not tainted by commercialism in some way (I am sure I need not mention the names of them, if it do ya) that this path can be optimal and beneficial at the level needed to of course achieve its commonly understood goal. Capitolism has been swallowing the land slowly (yet progressively) over the years and the sacred space and energetic refuges are being compromised. Sure, there are still large ones left. But check out the quantity of these available places that are left. As opposed to the millions of acres ready for the people to work, live on, earn, and enjoy less than a few hundred years ago. Something tells me a warning sound or sign should be going off here...yet I still do not hear it. And that is something you should hear very well. What can you do? Sure, make your choices. Grow some ideas from it. Spend every second of that gift of life your using to earn your experiences. I do, however, believe there are certain achievements that each individual "doer in the body" (hopefully ya get my meanin', here) must reach to unlock said realities bequeathed of hard-earned living experiences. And what are these achievements, exactly? Beats the crap outta me. Everyone has to figure that one out for themselves. You'll never know another person any more than yourself unless there's a serious imbalance in places known and unknown. People I work with also questions their lives every single day. We do not exactly work in a commonly moral environment. I'm sure this is why the consensus is usually on questioning ones ambitions and habits. Meaningless life...this is very interesting terminology. I stared at it for a few minutes, not really believing the words I was looking at. Then I dug out the dictionary (big time habit of mine) and read both... you know, while I'm on the subject, sometimes that Webster is really cracked out with definition... and what I got from doing that only surfaced a couple of small thoughts. And then they dissipated. Honestly, what I can say to this is that I hope you truly never feel that your existence is in vain. But you were probably looking from an aesthetic point of view and were digressing on a sort of disgust on the ways of society. You've only yourself at the time the world moves on. Where you will be and what you'll be doing will always be hard to determine as a prediction. But know that you are responsible for what happens to your khef as it goes through its awakening, void, and peace circle. Somewhere in some corner of the world, I can only hope that ALL will be able to reach this place and find the gifts or lessons (sometimes these can be not-so-fluffy and fun) earned from cultivation and dedication. Pleasure and pain come of every aspect of life/death. I can accept that there will be times for both of these things to totally consume me. I care less about the changes of the planet than I do with the realities of the universe...but I do recognize that we are largely a part of this earth by our existence as a human in a body machine. Please understand that I am also keeping within reason that the fact of the massive reality of space and time still remains... Great Poll, Cam, but where are the pre-decided choices of traditional measure? -Jessica
  15. Ken Cohen 100 days Qigong Course

    Thanks for the contact info Cam your a doll! (or do I mean kennit?)