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  1. Hi Charlie,
    Happy New Year.

    I am still back east in Lenox, MA, teaching in residence at a beautiful holistic spa/retreat center called Eastover Estate.  Now going on 15 months.  All going great guns out here...although it's freezing cold with lots of snow these past few days.

    Your notice about your 2nd retinal detachment event made me think that perhaps one of the FP Qigong seated (MSW) meditations might help.  It is  one the remaining 15 MSW meds that are not published on the DVD series (and probably won't be). It's also not any more difficult to do than any of the published MSW meds.

    If you are interested in learning it, I can teach it to you via Skype in a 30-minute private lesson (at the usual rate).  Again, no guarantees, but this MSW med works directly on the eyes and face.


    1. ridingtheox


      Sorry to be so slow responding.  I have had a busy period with life on the ranch.    The detachment has stabilized and actually retreated slowly.  

      Also our fixed income situation continues to tighten.   Would love to have a face to face,  but just not affordable  ...