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  1. Wang Liping & associated teachings

    Hi Here is some info that I believe will answer many of your questions All of this info is available on the site (but you will need to translate it) go to the click on the "Lao Zi Academy" link near the top this will take you to the page on that page click the "Free reading" link which will take you to the page I took a class in South Carolina this past spring and I found it be very informational and I had a good time. Dr. Sun taught the class and was able to get us through the foundation techniques during the three days. The course covered how to work with energy, how to collect and refine what energy you have also how to strengthen it. How to start to restore your organs and energy system (remove blockages) and how to start to begin to prepare yourself for the more advanced Taoist classes It is nice that Master Wang, Dr Sun and Dr Li have started to bring the classes to the USA. One of the instructions taught show how to work with tree energy for healing and development. 5 element energy work with your organs and chi system. Taoist walking technique and energy building. Taoist sleeping technique. Foundation alchemy technique. (this was very good) Considering that the class is for three days it is amazing how much you learn (mastering it is a different matter : ) You could read the translations and attempt to do the techniques by yourself but it is much better when you learn them from a qualified teacher that has learned from Master Wang (as they say - nothing like being there!) One other thing Dr Sun told us a story of a student who went to Master Wang. He was a student of a different Taoist master prior to going to Master Wang. He had learned a technique and he believed in it (it was from a former teacher) Master Wang had warned him that the technique was not safe and that it could be dangerous but the student continued to practice the technique unfortunately he passed away. Dr Sun said that Master Wang was upset. So I guess that this type of under taking can be dangerous if you do not have the right teacher and I believe that this is why it is required to go to a class to learn the correct way to practice and not just learn from a book! I hope this helps You guys should talk to Dr Sun and Dr Li they are very nice and the class is great I think the whole price thing is blown out of proportion (I went and it was not that expensive and it was worth it) Best Regards Shawn
  2. Healing the kidneys.

    Hi Audiohealing Master Wang's class teaches organ techniques and using tree energy to boost the healing process. I went in the spring and have had some great results. Also you might want to talk to Dr Kathy Li or her husband Dr Sun they are very nice. Hope you feel better Shawn
  3. Hi Dr. Li has asked to share this translation on Master Wang's training. Please find the links below. Also I would like to add that if people are interested on Master Wang's training that they should look extensively on their web sites as there is good information to be found there. 1 2 Best Regards Shawn
  4. EMF Pollution Protection II

    Hi Bamboo EMF (I'm talking AC ELF EMFs here) can have many effects on the body but some of the important ones are. 1st EMF can inhibit the production of some key neural transmitters "serotonin and dopamine" also melatonin it can take time after the exposure to EMF for the levels to return to normal. This can effect mood and sleep 2nd EMF does not cause cancer but can be a cancer promoter. So it can give cancer an unfair advantage in the body 3rd it can cause potassium and sodium ions to migrate off cell membranes affecting cell function So I would say that doing qigong would help since it helps the immune system, promotes rest, and helps the mind focus. Also please check your forklift to see if it is creating a DC field or an AC field you will need an AC gauss meter. even strong AC ELF drop off quickly with distance usually 3 feet. More importantly there are many sources of ELF in the home like having your bed (where you lay for up to 8 hours not moving) directly backed up to a wall with a refrigerator (internal) or electric service drop (outside) or the copper ground wire that runs from the service drop to the water main (inside usually in the basement). If you take measurements try to take them while appliances are on to get the correct location of hot spots If you want to block ELF EMFs then you will need a high permeability nickel alloy shield made of multiple layers with air spaces between the layers. This material is expensive. (Please know that you can not eliminate ELFs you can only reshape them) If you want detailed info you can order a copy of the New York State Power Lines Study. Kids are most susceptible to the effects since cellar division is very high during growth. Hope this is helps Shawn
  5. yes but they can really get under your skin
  6. Question about Healing Sounds

    Hi Tao-Newbie I think you will find that the 6 healing sounds will definitely cool down you organs. I originally took the class with Master Chia in 1986 before all the extras were added. It works great, you can feel the heat being expelled even to the point that if feels hot on your lips and skin of the mouth. I think the biggest problem people have with this exercise is that they do not do it correctly. So they think the exercise is not good (this is where it helps to be in front of a teacher who can see and hear what you are doing). When you make the sound try to make the sound originate from the organ. (When you start to make the sound say the lungs it is Ssssss like air escaping when people make the sound they make it in the mouth just behind the front teeth. What you can do to help move the sound down into the organ (lung in this case) is to start making the sound with your tongue almost touching your teeth as you make the Ssssss sound (kind of like a cat hiss) keep making the sound but slowly move your tongue away from the front teeth just a few millimeters by relaxing the back of your tongue at the esophagus it will sound like the Ssssss sound got lower in pitch, height and also the air pressure at the teeth will decrease. (I find it is not so much about the sound as the technique as he said it should cause a vibration in the organ and I have found that low woks best!) I also find that as you do the lung sound try to split the air column coming out of the esophagus from the 2 lungs when it is exiting the mouth. The air from the right lung is directed to the right side of the mouth opening and the air from the left lung is directed to the left side of the mouth opening. Try to open the sides of the mouth more and move the middle of the lips closer together like a number 8 on it's side. You should try to relax the shoulders and keep the body almost suspended from the head with the eyes looking up to the ceiling. This opens the throat wide so that the heat can escape unobstructed. Once you do a sound and bring the hands down into the lap take a few relaxed breaths then do the sound just in your mind but feel that the heat is still leaving. Later you can work on the emotion color and season / direction. As Master Chia said try to feel a slight contraction around the organ so that any stagnant lymph and blood will be moved and eventually replaced with fresh blood and lymph fluid. I think this is one of the best cleaning exercises I have ever done and it is great to do when you feel like you are starting to get sick. At some point you will start to feel pockets of cold as you do each organ. I hope this is helpful. PS Try to find one of the early books Best Regards Shawn
  7. NAET session...

    Hi 3L3VAT3 "Like I hold a vial of clear liquid that says "grains" or "sugar" and he tries to push my arm down" This is what they use to test for Allergies (Usually standing up with your arm out to your side at 90 deg) They say if you are allergic to something you hold then you will be weak and your arm will push down. The worse the allergy the weaker your arm will be. Not sure how this works or if it is legit Good Luck Shawn
  8. Hi Mewtwo Thanks, I recognized your name : ) au2o3 is gold oxide or rusty gold (au = gold, o = oxygen) since gold is inert if you leave oxidized gold in the air it turns back to pure gold Best Regards Shawn
  9. Hi Twinner I looked into this and I believe the doctor was correct. Here is a training doc from Coloumbia medical university on the treatment of cuts on a childs face and it says "Do not shave the eyebrows, they may not grow back" From what the doctor told me it is due to the age / development of the child. Here is the link from google with the terms highlighted here is the direct link All I was saying is please be aware if this involves a child Thanks Shawn
  10. Hi please know if this happens to a child (shaved eyebrow) it will never grow back Once my son fell and got a cut on his eyebrow and the hair was in the cut. The next day he said that it was still bothering him so I took him to the doctor while the doctor was examining the cut I asked him if he was going to shave where the cut was and he said no "if you shave a childs eyebrow it will not grow back"
  11. Tai Chi Ruler

    Hi All The ruler exersise works on the K1 points of the feet with a rocking motion and starts the drawing in of chi. The ruller is made of willow and acts like a battery (chi battery) so when you do the exercise consistently and hold the ruler it charges your systme and the ruler itself with chi. The ruller is kind of like the core of a ball. It is round on the ends and sits in the center of your palm and makes a closed circuit (acupuncture circuit). I made mine from a branch of an old willow near my house years ago. The tree is now gone due to development but maybe its spirit still gets some chi from the ruler : )
  12. Dear Friend, pls email me at [email protected] for details regarding our monthly meet-up. Thanks, and have a Happy Healthy New Year :-).

  13. Here is a baptist leader who says that yoga is unchristian and in the same article a pastor says that it is demonic I guess this how this stuff starts
  14. Thanks for reaching out. The best way to learn is really to come to China! If you'd like to learn the practice, you can contact me directly at [email protected] to arrange coming to China to learn with Grand Master Wang Liping or if you cannot come, we can arrange to teach you in New York City.

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