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  1. Crane Style Chi Kung

    Hello, its been awhile since Ive visited Tao Bums and posted anything. I kept this site in mind and knew that I would eventually find myself here again. Ill be posting my practice and keep up with the journal here at Tao Bums. Regards, Brian
  2. Crane Style Chi Kung

    What I'm noticing is a cooling sensation going up my back lately while doing the chi Kung. When I do standing meds I am starting to sweat in the same area. The next day I'm feeling light and mood has improved. I sense that it's from the practice and appreciate the good feeling.
  3. Crane Style Chi Kung

    I have been keeping a lite schedule and that has been working. I do feel the temptation to practice, push and see what more I can do. But when I do it I feel congested energy wise. It is the only way I can describe it. I still suspect that I am clearing channels and will be for some time to come.
  4. Crane Style Chi Kung

    Yes there is focused breathing and imagery used with the practice.
  5. Crane Style Chi Kung

    I was starting to build that pent up energy through practice so again I backed off. I suspect of other" things" that were contributing but I just wasn't sure if it was true. I was fairly heavy into working out and today was the day I doubled up on cardio and wow! what a relief. I haven't worked out like that in over 2 years. I hope that this is the release I was looking for so I can continue my practice. I do remember an instructor from long ago said you build up that energy you need to do something physical like martial arts. I am hoping with cardio and weights will ground my energy.
  6. Crane Style Chi Kung

    Continuing the story from my last post the issue of boundaries presented themselves. In a family/business meeting we discussed the usual array of Business affairs and those dynamics of family never fail to be apart of every convo we have, It always starts of with statistics, sale projections, employee management etc.. you know the routine. Whenever we discuss anything it always turns into a challenge of wills arguing a point of view. The president, my father has a very healthy ego and is very seldom if ever wrong. Him being the owner he always has the "ace up the sleve" and you feel the presence of it as you would with any boss that being the boss is always right. You learn to present you argument without stepping on toes, yet being as I said a family business you get a double dose of obstacles which is mainly keeping in control of our emotions As things were rolling along in conversation I was starting to sense/see others in a observing frame not reacting so much but listening to them in a way I normally wouldn't. I notice a behavior in my father seeing him intentionally bait me for a reaction were he would respond angrily. I was taken back by his intent but realized here is a dynamic that has happened for many years. To see situations with nearly all the family members in a meeting and watching how things unfolded was one of the more valuable experiences Ive had and I would dare say that this is contributed to the practice we all here at TTB practice to. Learning to Genuinely Calm myself through chi kung has been vitally important.
  7. Crane Style Chi Kung

    Just finishing up the standing meds from the flying phoenix and what a relief giving myself the chance just to relax into it. I feel there's more to come in deepening the relaxation from doing the practice. Its just sometimes a challenge like going to the Gym and struggling a little to get there. A push into the right direction and I'm glad to have done it.
  8. Crane Style Chi Kung

    Early Morning Wednesday, I just woke up and couldn't sleep any longer. I've been waking up to thoughts(feelings) of frustration over the inability to change in relating to family members. I am relying on others for what my impression is of myself. Family Karma is a tough nut to crack and as of late I'm still getting lost in thinking how I'm under appreciated and not looked upon as an equal. (Humbling to admit even as I get older and feel these issues are still sometimes revisiting me) These feelings arise when I'm just plain tired and feeling a little on the low energy side. Yet when it does arise I'll have the pleasure of just sitting with the energy and observe. Acceptance, tolerance patience,forgiveness are words that come up and keep coming up every time I have to face what is going on inside. It is what internal arts do. Helps to bring up what is needed to be acknowledge. Chi Kung is like hot sauce on a burrito. It just gets your attention even more. By the way I do feel lighter now that I acknowledge it somewhat emotionally and on this message board. Time to practice.
  9. Good read on the MCO. You seem knowledgable,

  10. Crane Style Chi Kung

    Ive never heard of the Fukian white crane before, There is so much Chi Kung out there its easy to get lost in all there is to offer. The style I believe I study is the Soaring Crane Style developed by a Doctor in China in the early 80's. You read online that it has a reputation of a quick acting med chi kung. I believe the Gentleman doing the form is the originator.I have been using the Dr. Daoshing Ni's dvd known simply as Crane Chi Gong. I would go with another post that I was bringing up an imbalance with the symptoms I was experiencing. I simply backed off on the intensity by shortening the time and allow "things" to gradually take its course and yes it has improved and feeling significantly better
  11. Crane Style Chi Kung

    Thanks for commenting. As I continue practicing I have been calming down and feel I may be working out what's causing it. I haven't seen an acupuncturist in ages. I wouldn't mind seeing one again. Does anyone have a recommendation in the San Fernando Valley area, just north of Los Angeles?
  12. Crane Style Chi Kung

    In continuing my online journal, I like to say that things are progressing well with practice of both the Crane Style and Flying Phoenix My experiences of late have been a cooling sensation up and throughout my back and that's just barely doing the forms long enough to get through. Crane feels like warming energy and The Phoenix a cooling energy with a meditative state. Evenings are very calming with the 1st DVD of FP. When morning comes around Ill do the Crane Style and build heat but quickly turns into the very similar FP effect I get the night before. I'm surprised and liking the very quick response both Chi Kungs are giving. And Who Wouldn't!!??!! P.S. The other night I woke up out of sleep to see what looks like two rather tall slender female brunette twins . What stuck out was their hair because it was black with bangs cut straight and short but down to the neck. I believe they were of Asian decent. They were walking side by side from the hallway to the front door going about their business. I was trying to focus as I was in a half sleep but saw nothing. Ive only had a handful of those incidents in my life being woken up by what I believed of someone in the room. Dreaming has become very vivid and recently I have dreamt myself in a house or some kind of temple group meditation. What I remember most is that someone got up close to my face and really looked at me to see who I was and a second later pulls away as if he found out his answer and then gone. This is not suppose to be a thread on Ghost or lucid dreaming but I thought the experiences very interesting and wanted to know if any one else had similar stories possibly caused from the Chi Kung practice.
  13. Crane Style Chi Kung

    Things are moving along well with the practice of both Crane and Flying Phoenix. I can sense the difference of the 2 styles. Nothing that jumps out so to speak but it is subtle yet very noticeable. Ive not practice the longer periods like I used to but will see how things evolve from this new approach I'm taking. I can feel that if I put more time right now I'll end up with too much on my plate. As I was writing that last statement a thought occurred of focusing(even more) on outside projects more away from the practice. Utilizing the energy buildup in other and just as important endeavors Happy Halloween to all! Keep up the good work Way of Virtue. The standing meds are the cooker!
  14. Crane Style Chi Kung

    I started the practice of Crane in the Morning and Started to Practice Flying Phoenix in the evening and (honestly! This is the truth!!) I felt the next day after adding the FP a sense of relief and stamina that I havent felt in months. Nothing has changed in my daily routine other than adding FP. I sense this to be an honest shift in energy but need to investigate this further with more practice. I wouldn't necessarily report so prematurely but I am farily certain this to be accurate. I will keep posting.
  15. Crane Style Chi Kung

    The word "balance" I had not considered and jumps out plus the possibility of "generating too much yang" is something else to look at. Most of the breathing is circulating and is guided nearly everystep of the way. Its a fairly simple Chi Kung that gives me results. Ive noticed during my practice of Tai Chi that there is a cooling effect But I have not practiced as much as I used to because of the time I was putting into the Chi Kung. It wasnt a conscious decision to practice more Chi Kung and less Tai Chi. It just started to move in that direction because of time constrants. I believe though that the Tai Chi shouldnt be the factor in correct Chi Kung balance. The Chi Kung I suspect dosen't need supplementation. But if thats what it takes?! Thats what it is... Its also why I was investigating Flying Phoenix and what was describe on this message board as a more cooling effect rather then generating heat and possible energy sickness. But I'm jumping the gun and just need to seek guidance with chi health institute. Thanks for the imput.