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  1. Tibetan Herbs

    The website doesn't talk about its use during retreats and the person who sells it told me it was meant for day to day use to enhance energy, concentration, strength etc.
  2. Why I am against 'powers'

    Ya Mu ...
  3. Kundalini and Occult Powers

    Is April the same as JJ Semple? Sometimes April talks as though she is JJ Semple and sometimes speaks on his behalf. JJ S feels good talking through another personality unlike his blog which he writes himself? Nothing wrong with that just that my curiosity got better of me as April gets in and out of JJ Semple's role
  4. Why I am against 'powers'

    Well said. Here is what Ramana Maharshi says. He was someone who is credited to have actually had some such powers. I have heard that as a side-effect of a deep level of realization, sometimes these powers manifest. But at that stage, he/she has no doubts, questions on should or should not use the powers etc. But where are those who truly accept all they want are some powers or the ability to do parlor tricks? Healing is also one such parlor trick though more beneficial if one sees with a bare eye! Every one likes to believe their goal is enlightenment, awakening etc. If someone is ready to declare he is after such move-paper tricks or even an ability to heal and that's pretty much their goal, then why not? It's his responsibility to suffer the consequences, if any. The issue really is with hypocrisy when you want powers but don't want to acknowledge you are simply after them and need to explain yourself with hundred reasons - heal the world, help the poor, lamposts on the way to realization blah blah.
  5. Tibetan Herbs

    I have been taking it for two months now, no visible effect And real difficult to eat as well. Very hard in texture and soaking it for long doesn't seem to be helping either.
  6. Why I am against 'powers'

    What is useful? Moving paper inside a glass? I just did that lol And he heals only Hollywood personalities?
  7. The Fire Yogi

    What a coincidence! I planned a trip to India and Nepal later this year and visiting the Fire Yogi is on my cards. SV helped me get his details, he lives way down south but if things work well, I want to study with him. He speaks a little English is what I am told. So if things work as planned, I will report my experiences with the man.
  8. Below is an offline conversation I had with a friend who has studied Hindu and Tibetan tantras thoroughly and practiced under several masters. I guess it could be useful. If not please ignore.
  9. Is TaoBums breeding grounds for cult-like behavior?

    Findley, I agree, about 80% are in it for money but there are some who genuinely want to share what they think benefitted them. Don't you agree? Care to elaborate how?
  10. There is no self

    Exactly, no one knows what Buddha taught as Suttas were compiled ages after he was gone. Even with those suttas, no one Buddhist agrees on one interpretation with the other. Lucky and Xabir were jumping at each other on the other thread for like double dozen pages lol! Some of you guys have been at e-sangha so you know what I mean right? So, its essentially Buddhism vs others at first and then My Buddhism vs Your Buddhism next. I like what Creation said on the other thread - 'Lighten up'! You TTB Gals rock! Taomeow, SFJane ... amazing stuff. You write what you have experienced and not what you read or heard or what someone else said. You gals make TTB worth visiting day after day. A humble thank you I think this was the same guy who tried to pull Yogani into a debate or something on Buddhism as the only answer to everything. And if I remember right, no one paid much attention. The problem with most Buddhists is that they want to correct everyone else and show them wrong and right. Taoists seem to have no deadly itch to do that and offer no unsolicited advice or correction of concepts. Call them less compassionate if you like, sure! But seems way less irritating at times. With E-sangha gone, there needs to be some outlet for them to correct and disprove the rest. Man! did I just say that and still didn't get banned? lol
  11. I admit I don't know much about Shaktipat, but here is what someone very experienced (I know this person rather well) wrote on a different forum. So is shaktipata here beaming of chi and will awaken kundalini if the "recipient is ready"? Or this is different?
  12. Through-the-day Practices

    Thanks Rob! I know KAP is a paid thing and all that, so if it is not a problem, can you explain a bit more on these, especially the last two points? Seem very useful to me. Thanks again
  13. Through-the-day Practices

    Sorry, I am afraid I didn't get you
  14. Through-the-day Practices

    Some amazing responses so far. Appreciate it, keep it coming