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  1. Advice for Tai Chi needed.

    A friend and fellow taiji student teaches at a village community centre. He probably has a good mix of students, but many of them are little old ladies. They came along to his classes when he first started and kept coming back, not because of his tea and biscuits, but because he knows taijiquan and he knows how to teach it. Little old ladies may not be such a reliable alarm signal. I think Mal has the right idea though, you definitely want to be enjoying yourself. The best thing to do is just go along. You will know if you are in the right class, just like you knew 20 years ago. It may take you a few tries to find a good teacher, but stick with it and you might get lucky. One final point. The kind of things that you want to learn do not come with fries - ie it takes a while before you get it.
  2. Nei Gong: Taoist Process of Internal Change

    Hello everyone, Damo: I have no doubt that your actions and statements have good intentions. However, I feel I must at least hint at where you are in error. I have not read your book, so I cannot say whether what you have published is just Nei Gong, or if it also contains elements of knowledge you have picked-up from elsewhere. However, you were asked on this thread what your lineage is and you replied that the lineage you were given came from Shen HongXun, mainly via your uncle Phil. You also stated that the energy work elements of what you teach came mainly from Yi JiMay (which, if you do indeed have this, it could only really have come to you via Shen HongXun). What you profess to teach is Nei Gong? To the best of my knowledge, (and I have studied with him for some years), Shen HongXun does not teach this. Please would you accept my advice. Please would you pay a visit to your uncle Phil and discuss this matter with him. I believe he will set you straight and will advise you on what your lineages are, what you have permission to teach/publish, what your mistakes were/are, and what you can do to best correct them and make ammends. I wish you the best of luck in your pursuits.
  3. hello all

    Hello Everyone, I just joined this forum as I study and practice taijiquan and qigong and this looks like an interesting place to discuss such matters. best wishes 'Obelison'