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  1. On 2/26/2020 at 3:43 AM, Nungali said:

    I think the imposition of death from the Gods is a farce .   Look at nature , what is immortal , look at humans , they are a part of nature , so why should they be immune to death ?


    Besides, the 'Gods' are immortal because they are not 'life'  they are  concepts, ideas  and forces , not having mortality.  




    deserves its own thread ... though I would say people these days have fallen into the idea that 'ideas' are dead abstract things with no energy of their own - also the modern mind while being comfortable with physical processes, abstract thought and some concept of the absolute, will run a mile at any thought of entities or intelligences in this universe.

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  2. 18 hours ago, Nungali said:

    Lets not dignify this subject with comparisons to  Sade  or Rand  -   this  has been an expose of 


      lower astral, dirty ego smut  desires with a dose of  manipulation under a thin guise of 'spiritual help'    internet proto   cult . 


    It infiltrated the forum , and was  ( mostly )  purged  ( but expect the occasional re-emergence of the past symptoms) .





    Wear a face mask when reading this thread.

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  3. 6 hours ago, Earl Grey said:

    As Nungali and i have posted comments from tarot and the Akashic respectively, one thing I like is pulling out the public records of deceased individuals.


    I would ask the public records of Marblehead for his thoughts on the forum and where it will go, but without his full name, this is difficult to get any information so far as it is concerned.


    Otherwise, based on what was posted earlier, following up with additional questions is encouraged so long as people are willing to ask and act.


    Why do you want to do this?

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  4. 10 hours ago, Nungali said:

    U7 in Rostov Scythians

    I found it quite interesting that in terms of mtDNA, the Rostov Scythians studied by der Sarkissian resembled closely the Shugnans of Tajikistan, who speak an eastern Iranian language. The author finds links between the Scythians and the "Central Asian Corridor", in particular with respect to mtDNA haplogroup U7.

    This "Central Asian Corridor" sensu der Sarkissian (Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India) seems to touch Frachetti's Inner Asian Mountain Corridor (shown below) in the region of the Pamirs.
    Interestingly, the Sughnans belong, anthropologically to the Pamir-Ferghana type, which was also called Central Asian interfluvial type, the rivers in question being the Oxus and Jaxartes (Amu Darya and Syr Darya). And, of course, between these two rivers was the heartland of the Bactria Margiana Archaeological Complex, which I have previously linked with the Indo-Iranians.



    I'm a bit lost on the timeline but is it possible that the BMAC are displaced IVC peoples???

  5. 16 hours ago, ReturnDragon said:

    Hello, TDB
     It has been quite awhile we talk about Chi with the ancient Chinese concepts. I was wondering is anyone would like to relate these concepts to modern science. IMO There must be a co-relationship between them. To me, the first thing comes into my mind when speaking about energy is mitochondria. Please read this article and see what you think? Do you think Qigong, ZZ or Tai Chi practice has anything to do with the mitochondria in our body cells?

    Ref: https://coachcalorie.com/increase-mitochondrial-density/



    Tentatively, as I am no expert in TCM etc. I would say if by energy you mean qi - then the body does not create it but the other way round.  Qi projects or precipitates body - and bodily processes replicate qi processes (as in 'as above so below' - microcosm/macrocosm).  So the energy processes in the body reflect the nature of qi - but qi is non physical - its most condensed form (but still non physical being jing).


    The mitochondria are are actually descended from micro-organisms which once independent entered into a symbiotic relationship with our cells - as the cells were good at DNA reproduction and mitochondria at the chemistry of 'food' i.e. those chemicals which store and release high energy bonds allowing life.  So every cell in our body has these two lineages - are double cells - which is very yin/yang I guess.


    Sorry if garbled - but just some thoughts.

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  6. 2 hours ago, liminal_luke said:

    @ilumairen who is an online warrioress and can always be counted on to say what she independently thinks, without regard for cliques and alliances. 


    @thelerner who presents himself authentically, not pretending to be more or less than he is  (so refreshing!)...and who seems to like food as much as I do.





    Lukey lukey lukey loo,

    How we all do love you!

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  7. 9 minutes ago, Nungali said:


    But where is the pleasure in that ?


    I mean, if I can become a God , by being 'spiritual  and holy '     'down here '  and not  having lust  and THEN I can have unlimited constant super God sex ... , then I will just be constantly ejaculating  continually .


    Surely that would supply some gravitational lift


      Reveal hidden contents








    Yes it is well known that there are several methods of self propulsion.  The key of course is the effective control of power and direction.  Rather like a module docking with its mother ship there is a need for sensitive control and accuracy.  This is why levitation is a high art of the mahasiddhas and not some game played by guys like us.  Obviously I prefer the piss-yoga of a little known Himalayan sect known in Tibet as Serlashing and in Japan as Tin-kel-do.  This enables both vertical motion and a shower of golden 'nectar' as I am sure you are aware.  But it takes years of devotion and practice and I am a mere novice - which is why I wear a nappy.

  8. 1 hour ago, Taomeow said:


    How come I never heard this one.  It's beautiful and surprisingly accurate.  Could have been narrated by a few of my relatives.  


    The first one you posted is from the Civil War of 1918-1921 though, not the Great Patriotic.  And the one I posted is from 1848.  


    Ah forgive my ignorance - thanks for the info.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, liminal_luke said:

    Everyone says that siddis and powers are a spiritual sidepath and it`s better to just ignore them and keep on trudging up Mount Enlightnment.  This is no doubt good advice, though I`ll admit a fascination with supernatural abilities.  I believe that most of these supernatural abilities aren`t really supernatural at all: they are the natural good extension of radiant good health.  As such, here`s my take on the best way to become a "higher dimensional being"...


    eat a nutritious diet

    spend time in nature

    move your body

    cultivate close friendships


    Before you can walk through walls, you`ve got to eat a lot of broccoli.


    ... and farting helps you levitate.

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  10. 19 hours ago, ilumairen said:


    It is taught even the gods and goddesses inhabit Samsara, eventually their life of ease will pass, and as they near their passing they are abandoned by their fellow divinities who do not wish to be soo close to suffering and mortality. Having lived a life of ease and abundance they have not seen reason to engage in practices, and will be reborn into whatever realm is appropriate to their karma.


    The human realm is special in this, as there is enough suffering to encourage practice, but not soo much as to make it impossible, and human life is seen as precious opportunity - not to facilitate rebirth into yet another realm, such as the god realm, but to reach freedom from karmic rebirth.



    Yeah, this is the pitfall. You may be able to achieve a rebirth in the god realm, where you'll still be karmicly bound, but unable to recognize it until it's too late (as it seems eternal).


    What are you doing here? Trying to become a god or a demigod? For the purpose of engaging in sex whenever you wish?




    Even if one were a god who could enjoy unlimited sex - it would be ultimately unsatisfying - it might be a level of heightened pleasure beyond what a human could experience but would in effect be a golden chain which binds you to samsara in a way which is stronger than anything is possible in human life.


    The dichotomy of siddhis vs. materialism and sex is a false one ... unless by siddhis one means the ultimate siddhi of enlightenment.  


    Following a guru is about following buddha-nature and not the personality of said guru.  As a practice you may vow to follow another in whom you have developed a degree of confidence - but you have to remember it is you who have personally vowed to do this - through thick and thin - as a kind of exercise in self-education - as a path to strengthen and build your relation to what is absolutely real (whatever term you use for it).

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