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  1. KAP class

    That is so funny!! I think someone was speaking through you!
  2. KAP Scholarship

    wow this is really cool! Take one and give two back!!
  3. Right on!! We're on the same wave!
  4. It's real, I know the man
  5. David Deida

    HA that is a most excellent post!! I believe you are right in some ways. But the woman's work of surrender is as challenging as the man's work of presence. The whole teaching including "superior"man could be a bit of an ideal that is more conceptual than possible...
  6. A big book of mudras

    Cool thanks!!
  7. Who am I meditation

    The question "Who am I?" is a process not a goal. Its function is to turn the awareness back upon itself. I find it uncovers what isn't "I" more than finding some "I"
  8. David Deida

    David's Stuff is fantastic! I've done a couple workshops with him and I really recommend them. I think he has become a bit of a superstar lately?
  9. well I've joined recently and I find the forum a fantastic resource!
  10. Kunlun follow up poll

    You know Robert and his guru Vimalananda? What do you mean by taking it with a pinch of salt?
  11. Depleted female sex drive

    I think the user Witch has a book on this subject?
  12. Found an old yoga documentary

    Christian propaganda taking aim and shooting at the New Age movement. Those evil Hindus are taking away their flock...
  13. Kunlun follow up poll

    Max not teaching any more? Can't someone post his statement? I was hoping to do a workshop
  14. Kunlun follow up poll

    yes you are right