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  1. I've seen some Fa Jin, but this?

    hi i agree but what these videos show is the "intrinsic strength" kind of fa jin. its just refined. metta adam
  2. I've seen some Fa Jin, but this?

    hi what Michael is saying is correct. the method must be given and trained correctly, "you will never figure it out". metta adam
  3. High level skills in martial arts.

    hi simply put, no. different arts lead in different directions. the entire power generation in taiji for example is opposite to most arts. as for showing someone what your art is about, well if your a taiji man then there is nothing like dropping them on their but or shooting them across the room. action speak louder than words. metta adam
  4. Huang Style Push Hands Seminar w Sifu Adam Mizner

    thanks for posting that metta adam
  5. Buddhism transcends the Tao

    well said i would recommend study of the pali canon to anyone who wishes for unbinding. metta adam
  6. Taiji Article with Sifu Adam Mizner

    i am sure nick would be more than happy to give you a lesson, are they having a tong long comp this year? metta adam
  7. Taiji Article with Sifu Adam Mizner

    hi Mal sorry you missed the seminar last weekend, ran smoothly and was fun. i will post when the video is done. hope your training is going well metta adam
  8. Dropping Yi...

    good good, this is the truth metta adam
  9. struggling in push hands

    Well said metta adam
  10. God / Enlightenment = SEX

    i dont think sex has anything to do with the highest tantra in vajrayana, although people would like to think it did. the deity with consort is a symbol of the union of emptiness and clarity which are the two main qualities in ati yoga or mahamudra. in short i do agree with you that sex is not related to enlightenment. but it can be used in spiritual/magical matters. i have found it the most powerful way to release an electro magnetic volt into the akasha (for bardonists) metta adam
  11. Is a Guru/Master/etc needed?

    it is the deluded self, the ego that is resonating with like and dislike, not to be trusted. the truth is often counter intuitive. most of the time it is the teachings we recoil from that we need most, just another reason for a teacher. the Buddha "admirable friends(teachers) are the whole of the holy life" the path to freedom goes against the grain. metta adam
  12. Is a Guru/Master/etc needed?

    hi in short i would say yes almost every being needs a teacher. ignorance cannot show the way out of ignorance. there is a point when one no longer needs a physical teacher but even after that point the teacher can be a blessing to bring you down to earth or give you a kick up the but. metta adam
  13. in my view many are the differences yet just one wil do the completion of step 10 is a form of becoming, nibbana is the ending of all becoming. metta adam
  14. hi as far as i use the word the completion of IIH is not enlightenment (nibbana) but we are talking hermetics and not Dhamma. in my view the completion of step ten makes one a true initiate. without my working through the initiation i would not have been able to understand and decode the Dhamma or taiji the way that i have. i consider the years working through the initiation my foundation and my blessing. it is not the end of the hermetic path but allows one access to all paths and skills. i also found great growth in the so called Kabbala and some of the exercises from the 4th book which was to be on alchemy (these were almost too powerful and very confronting). without the constant help of my teacher at the time i would not have had the success i have had with the work. all paths do not lead to the same goal (sorry new agers) so it comes down to ones choice and view on what the most important work is. in reference to the topic, yes a path is repeatable. the cause and effect is the same, the universal laws are the same. what differs is the talent, effort and conditions of the student. metta adam
  15. ok so completion of step 10 in your view is enlightenment. and i know who Rawn is although we havnt talked in a number of years i wonder if those 14 people had teachers, i have found that it made a huge difference for me in working through the steps. metta adam