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  1. Nei-Yeh chapter 3

    In chinese medicine excess joy is as much a cause of disease as lack of joy, so to achieve emotional stability we must find the ideal balance between the two. When yin (lack of joy)and Yang(excess joy)are perfectly balanced then we have achieved harmony. However, is that a state of no emotion at all?
  2. Nei-yeh chapter 1

    Hi Manitou I'm on board to, keep posting
  3. Brain Click OBE

    I have also experienced this loud click, usually when quite relaxed, although noit in meditation. First noticed this about fifteen years ago. Still not figured it out, probably the beginings of an OBE.
  4. signs, symptoms of demon/entity possession

    Five Element acupuncture can help for possession, treatmnent is called seven dragons for seven demons.
  5. Qigong Style Acupuncture

  6. Is a Guru/Master/etc needed?

    In my own experience teachers come and go, but masters none. The journey is about exploration with much coming from within. I have a feeling a guru will turn up when needed, in the mean time much can be done solitary. Are not mistakes to be learnt from.

    Hi. Just finished first year at college studying Five Element Acupuncture , so I now have some spare time to find out what da bums is all about.