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  1. Scott and Sean Debate

    Hope you don't mind me coming to you to resolve this issue. Beautifully written, Sean. I misunderstood your words, and more importantly the intention behind them. My apologies for any confusion I may have lent to the misunderstanding. How I personally answer the above questions I keep in private, as I do not want to promote my personal beliefs which others may perhaps take as evangelistic dogma. I appreciate if others do the same on the RMAX forum so that they can invest their energy in the actual work, since those definitions tend to be culturally context specific as well as idiosyncratic. Unfortunately, being deliberately protective of cultural pluralism can be misunderstood as prohibitive of 'integrative' approaches, which in my opinion can be problematic (but that is a personal opinion having nothing to do with the purpose, intent or mission of RMAX, which is a culturally inclusive and individually egalitarian community). Yes, CST can be used as a complete, stand-alone health system, but that doesn't mean that you must do so, nor does it address other religious-specific issues (and as your allusion above, nor does it address the medical, therapeutic and even to a degree, the nutrition spheres.) RMAX is a corporate sponsored community forum for question and answer discussion regarding its products and resources, only. In the future, we hope to ensure that those policies are well understood in advance to prevent this sort of misunderstanding again. Keep up what you're doing over here. Best wishes, Scott Sonnon
  2. i'm back

    Neimad, Please do think about the impact of your actions. Copying is prosecutable theft in Australia as well where I've had the misfortunate of having to do so. Moreover, you don't realize that companies need to take legal action or they lose the rights to their own intellectual property. (Pilates is now public domain because the man himself didn't contest small infringements until a major one came. When he tried to pursue it, the courts ruled his system and his very name as a "household entity.") Moreover, if one person does it, it opens a sluice gate of mob copying and distributing. You have no idea how much impact one person's actions can take on the internet world. Just one person. Listen, I understand financial strain. I came from a welfare family living off food stamps once the steel industry left Pennyslvania in the early 80s. I had to work my own way through University and invested every penny in traveling, studying and training around the world. I had to do it on my own with no help from anyone. No one believed in me. I want to help others so that they don't have to go through years of that angst. I have a heart. I patron artists, donate thousands to charities, organize very successful fund raisers for, Unicef and the American Red Cross (even came out of retirement last week to fight at the international San Shou championships because all of the proceeds were going to Katrina relief.) But I must make an honest living myself in order to do this. Money is just another form of energy. What you DO with that energy is what matters in the world. It doesn't matter what you make, but what you leave. Listen, save your money, and when you purchase Intu-Flow, I shall include a complementary copy of Body-Flow Biomechanical Exercise in your order. Just email me through my forum when you're about to order and I'll let the distribution center know to include it for you. Just don't make copies. You don't want to end up in jail because you were too ignorant to just approach the source with sincerity. Happy Holidays! Scott Sonnon RMAX International