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  1. Reasonability of a price always depends on what one receives in return vis-a-vis his expectations, so some people will tell you what they receive is priceless and therefore the cost is extremely cheap. Everyone has a different standard. Anyway, I am afraid to tell you that a 5 star hotel in a main city in China is now in the range of 1-2,000/day AT LEAST and that if you ask some of the (millions) who are managing quite well nowadays they will tell you 22,000 RMB is nothing. An average/decent office job in a city is now about that much, people who search the garbage to collect carton and other recyclable material and run around the city like coolies make an average of 15-20,000 RMB/mo. Things have changed quite fast in China in the last few years ... YM
  2. Chakra meditation and mo pai

    To "devote your life helping others" you dont need any 'level', you only need to be compassionate enough so you can do it NOW But you choose not to, apparently, so good luck for your search of the 72 YM
  3. http://hk.hkjebn.com/products_cate/products.php?lang=en&cate_id=4&shop=hk Best YM
  4. Deng & Blofield works. Is it ethical?

    The author and Frank Kai ("master" Kwan Sai Hung real name) did not take money from Blofeld pockets (thou they may have from his descendants, depending on the copyright situation of his works) but they DID stole money from the gullible who bought their books thinking they were a (real) biography and by teaching others directly (Frank Kai has a school and quite a few students). Please check my old message here http://thetaobums.com/topic/8102-master-kwan-sai-hung/?p=122152 for more details and info. While there is no need to demonize them, I find it unacceptable to excuse them and even less to present them as the good Samaritans. They are just two business people into making money, even if that mean cheating their "customers" YM
  5. [...] according to a book written by a guy you don't know, about another guy you have never met But of course, if that is "acceptable for your purposes" ... good luck! YM
  6. You know a lot then So you don't personally know JC, please correct me if I am wrong, so you don't really know "his level" (to use your words) and yet you are convinced that "there are only 10 ecc ecc" Nice YM
  7. If that was the matter in discussion then I guess your point of there being "10 beings at or above JC's level alive on earth, out of nearly 7 billion people" should change more to something in the range of hundreds of thousands, no? YM
  8. I am sorry but I don't get your point: if those people you mention are "beyond a level you could ever dream of reaching" why would their practice be garbage? YM
  9. MPG, somebody who is in kindergarten does not need a PHD from Harvard as a master - any primary school teacher can do The problem is that people have too high expectations and, very often, think so high of themselves that cannot accept anything less then a Nobel Laureate for mentor YM
  10. Of course, but even with jobs you can have a great one, with lots of career opportunities, where you are treated well and you make good money ... or you have one of those shitty positions in a meaningless company that you hate Life YM
  11. If I travel of my own volition to a different country I am bound to follow the local law If then I commit an offense and I get arrested I cannot say "nobody told me" or "in my country we do otherwise" even if that is the case. It doesn't work like that So while, as I said, one can empathize with Jim's situation that is not a reason to put the blame on the "cultural diversity" alone Moreover, as I said, Jim seems to accept easily that somebody (Kosta) get kicked out from the school but when the same thing happens to him that is not acceptable anymore. This again rules out much of the "cultural diversity" problem, in my opinion YM
  12. http://www.amazon.com/gp/cdp/member-reviews/AJ51Y05MNW0JT/ref=cm_pdp_rev_title_1?ie=UTF8&sort_by=MostRecentReview#R3O932P2LE0Z0J Dao for dollars., May 1, 2013 This review is from: Tao Jiao Lei Fa: Taoist Thunder Magic Traditions and Their Relationship to Nei Kung Meditation (Kindle Edition) The work listed here, and others attributed to "Shifu Lin" have no real Daoist content, but are made up by the behind-the-scenes author for the purpose of making a profit, misleading readers both into believing that such a person as Shifu Lin existed, and/or is an orthodox Daoist. The Muo Pai school is also not a legitimate, recognized Wushu school, readers must be warned of the fictional (ie, made up)content of the actual author's works. The use of my name in "contributing" to these works refers to e-mails in which the author's erroneous ideas were hopefully pointed out. Works like these can be catalogued under the general title "Dao for $$$). Not to be recommended for purchase.
  13. Dear Jim, as I read in another thread you are having health problems let me first of all wish you to get well soon! While most probably we can all understand and sympathize with your disappointment may I ask you why you seem to be ready to accept that another guy like Kosta is removed from training: but when it comes to you this is not acceptable anymore? If you have been working, like most of us, you might have been fired before. This happens for various reasons, where "right" or "wrong" very much depends on which side you belong to, but in any case it is always at the discretion of the person who hires you and not to yourself to decide. He may have his own reasons, which you may find hard to understand as you are not in his shoes, but once you are fired you simply look for another job and let this one go. Isn't it that simple? Best YM