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  1. I am currently looking into the British academy of reiki does any one know of them?
  2. Questions

    Thank you very much
  3. Questions

    Very strict but praises for success
  4. Newbie.looking for tacher

    I am currently looking for a teacher of internal martial arts ive been doing research of my own and refining cheap techniques and making them better but it still is no where near the level of a teacher
  5. Questions

    I see i am looking for a teacher who can teach me qi cultivation they have to be strict otherwise it will hinder my cultivation
  6. Newbie.looking for tacher

    As above im looking for a teacher but i live in the states to be specific i live in loveland, ohio, United States.ive looked but the are none i am willing to use zoom or another type of video call And if you need my age i was born on may 8 2007 common era around 2200 hours
  7. Questions

    If anybody knows of any teachers in the United states please let me know and please let me know how to contact them