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  1. my computer has evolved

    It is... Definitely an interesting song at the very least, however not really up my alley
  2. Cell theroy of Immortality

    That is the essentials to HeLa cells, there used all over the medical field, HeLa cells duplicate roughly every 24 hours, I haven't seen yet how quickly they die though, thank you for this knowledge on how to speed them up, but for what we know on HeLa cells apparently we don't know why they reproduce so face, Henrietta lacks(the person from which all HeLa cells come from) was an African American who died of stage 4 cancer about 70 years ago
  3. Cell theroy of Immortality

    I see how I confused you, I meant that I wish to learn all knowledge possible to learn, after that to pass my knowledge on to a student, and then I die, and I don't plan to just memorize it, I wanna learn it through and through, like right now I finished understanding what infinity really is, and have moved on to physics, I recently learned the "light" is neither a particle nor a wave but is the result of the two working together
  4. Cell theroy of Immortality

    I've always searched for a way to not die of old age and make my time on this planet unlimited unless I die by other means(ie. Someone kills me or I sustain an injury that kills me), and I recently learned of HeLa, the immortal woman who although body is gone her cells are still alive and reproducing 70 years later, so I wished to know if anyone here knows or at least heard of someone controlling cell reproduction and making them fast enough to extend they're life, if I manage to find that I don't truly plan on living forever just to extend my life long enough to finish learning all the knowledge I can before passing it on to someone else and dying peacefully
  5. I am currently looking into the British academy of reiki does any one know of them?
  6. Questions

    Thank you very much
  7. Questions

    Very strict but praises for success
  8. Newbie.looking for tacher

    I am currently looking for a teacher of internal martial arts ive been doing research of my own and refining cheap techniques and making them better but it still is no where near the level of a teacher
  9. Questions

    I see i am looking for a teacher who can teach me qi cultivation they have to be strict otherwise it will hinder my cultivation
  10. Newbie.looking for tacher

    As above im looking for a teacher but i live in the states to be specific i live in loveland, ohio, United States.ive looked but the are none i am willing to use zoom or another type of video call And if you need my age i was born on may 8 2007 common era around 2200 hours
  11. Questions

    If anybody knows of any teachers in the United states please let me know and please let me know how to contact them