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  1. Nope, they’d have no way to prove who was behind it Can use ip redirection combined with blockchain technology to hide who published videos
  2. Happy holidays to you as well! I post for the same reasons! Like I’ve said, I don’t care how I am viewed. I simply speak it how I see it
  3. And this is how future generations will find me. I have intentionally left a trail of breadcrumbs
  4. Mhmm. Exactly. Happens with most secretive traditions. Just a bunch of self-deceptive rationalizations and anytime someone speaks against it, they are turned on. It’s pretty funny actually
  5. Hahha, you suggest I was serious and not simply bluffing to draw anger. Also, I am still anonymous as only a few on here know who I am Also, if a YouTuber has videos on weightlifting, stretching, how to do pull-ups, is it illegal to post videos with the same exercises? I think not. This is simply societal morality that tells you it is wrong. A more serious dilemma, if you are in the wild and someone threatens to kill your family to take your food, is it wrong to kill to prevent it? Sure, it creates karma. But, this is simply self-preservation. A core tenet of Dao.
  6. And they did it without asking for nickels and dimes!
  7. Oh, but it will matter! To the people it benefits! Thanks! You as well!
  8. I see you fall into both the second and third categories. Wanting to appear well-intentioned to your own teacher to gain his approval and willing and able to pay the fees
  9. He reveals his hypocrisy and identity in one post! Oh, the irony 😜
  10. You see, here are the flaws of your teacher. He is attached to money, power, and fame. My solution takes all three of those away, and so, he gets angry calling it deplorable So, who really, is causing harm to his own practice in this scenario? I’d say it is the one still attached to fame, power, and money who refuses to place others Dao above his own. It goes against the spiritual advice of all past masters. Those in opposition to such a solution are 1) Benefitting from the current system 2) Currently learning from the teacher in question with enough money to pay the fee 3) Scared the teacher will kick them out if they share the same view I am highlighting the flaws of the system. I think they are fairly clear to see. Damo chooses of his own free will to maintain the fee because of his attachments to fame, money, and power. When someone like me says such things, his personality will get angry because he knows it’s true.
  11. It would be a net-positive for others’ development. Mine doesn’t matter. Is it not a core tenet to place others’ achievement of Dao over your own?
  12. Not if no one knew it was me 🤷‍♂️ Also, if they wanted to press charges or try to do something to rectify it, it would be even more publicity for Neigong and the Daoist spiritual arts. Spreading it more. Even better! I think your views of morality are simply immature
  13. Ah just because something is illegal, that makes it wrong? What about children who must steal to survive? Is such an action karmically wrong or simply ethically wrong according to societal standards?
  14. Lmao! I’m just saying, think about it. Who does it hurt? Only thing it hurts is the profit margin of Damo and whoever he is paying. People would still have to pay him for workshops and in person training. Could even use A.I to replace him with an animated avatar and do voice overs. Place all the recorded videos he’s posted on a video streaming service on the blockchain where they can’t be taken down. YouTube alternative. Pretty simple. Anyone with the link could access all the public teachings for free. Competitive advantage. He has used the competitive advantage principle as an inherent marketing tactic. Oh I’m so selfless! I’m giving you these arts I had to pay a shit ton for for a cheaper price than anyone is offering. Competitive advantage marketing tactics. Wouldn’t harm my practice at all 🤷‍♂️
  15. Eh! I still might just rip them and put them somewhere. It would be easy enough.