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  1. Chi generator to store chi

    Water boiling point is about 212 degrees Fahrenheit my dude so no. And the chi generators can reach upward of 5 thousand dollars and emit a massive amount of chi. Please do some research before spouting nonsense. Our body heat is 98.6 degrees, so I could heat water to 90 degrees by holding my hands on it for hours. Not very outlandish. Not trying to prove anything to anybody. I was only trying to create a conversation about creative things we can do in combination with Neigong, chi gung, and other various practices. If you're not saying anything useful about that then I don't really care. Thank you Emerald! Your post was actually very informative and very interesting! I will have to look into some of the things you mentioned.
  2. Chi generator to store chi

    Thank you for all the advice! I will take this to heart and be very wary of these things until I have actually practiced enough to determine the safety for myself! I do think however that there are some creative approaches we can take with modern technology if we are smart enough. I think we can combine the ancient practices with some modern technology in a safe manner if we know what we are doing. However, I don't know enough myself yet, so you're right that I should take my own words with a grain of salt. The chi generator I am talking about has various frequencies that it can be set to. One of those being the exact frequency of the earth, which would correlate with Ji if I am not mistaken. This would be equivalent to taking in Ji from your surroundings like under a tree for example. My main thinking is just to combine some ancient practices of meditation and energy circulation in the presence of a generator, which just provides an ample amount of Ji in the atmosphere. Like if you were in a forest. By no means would this take away the need for inner alchemy. I think it would just supplement it. If you have read any xianxia novels, then as an analogy, I would compare cultivating in an area with low levels of Ji to cultivating in the presence of a spirit spring. It doesn't take away the need for Neigong, but I think it has the potential of accelerating the cultivation. I think I did word my initial post wrongly in that it makes it seem like I am saying that no work would be required. I want to change my question to this: Can we think of creative new approaches that match our current era and combine them with ancient approaches that have been proven to work? And, is it really dangerous to take in chi from an external source if we can measure the chi coming from the generator as identical to the chi coming from the soil and trees around us? It is not being charged by anyone. It is being charged by the machine itself. How is this different than the practices of tai chi? You take in Ji from your external environment. Also, in response to your concerns about reiki, I am not sure that I follow. I am talking about getting attuned to reiki and not receiving the healing itself. I have been attuned to Kundalini reiki, usui reiki, and Drisana. I have healed myself by channeling the energies through my own hands. I can also create chi balls and such as well. I am not opening myself to the reiki energies of another person that might hold malicious intent. I am using my own energy. I would be curious though about how reiki could cause damage. Could you elaborate more on that? Is it that I am channeling energy without having cleared out my energy channels for effective energy flow? If that is the case, then I am already working on clearing all my chakras and energy channels so that energy can flow in my body without causing chi sickness. I would also ask if you have ever heard of Kundalini energy and what your thoughts are on that? My thinking is that we can combine practices from all around the world. Kundalini, yoga and the chakra system, chi gung, Nei gong, Buddhist esoteric practices, and a bit of modern technology and science. I can also charge objects like my water bottle with my energy through my hands to then drink the charged water. The water bottle heats up to about 90 degrees from where my hands are placed on it. In this way, I am drinking naturally charged water that is beneficial for my health. Is this different than eating food to gain chi? I am just charging it with extra energy before ingesting it. I also urge you to look into the Tibetan attunement of Drisana to understand some of what I am talking about in regards to attunements other than just reiki. I don't understand your comment about a beginner being unable to buy charged objects. I can charge objects right now without having been trained extensively in Neigong. I challenge you to open your mind to the possibilities of maybe charging objects through different strategies? I will definitely take a look at the profile and forum posts that you have mentioned. Like I have said, some of what I say may not be correct due to my ignorance. However, I do want to at least challenge us to think about other strategies outside of the ones we are accustomed to. I apologise if I came across as arrogant in some way. I am just trying to open up a creative conversation about combining differing strategies. Here is a screenshot of an email I sent to Dr.Jerry Alan Johnson asking if it's possible if a chi generator would increase the rate of storing chi into the tan Tien where he replies with "yes."
  3. Chi generator to store chi

    Hi guys, I am brand new to the site and I have been fascinated by taoist esoteric practices for quite a while but have yet to fully commit to the path. Recently, I discovered the existence of chi generators made by Karl Welz and have felt the chi and concluded that it is the real deal. My question is: Can we harness the power of this modern technology and combine it with the ancient practices of neigong? Can we take in chi directly from a generator to store in our dantian without going through the tedious processes of chi gung and such? Apologies if some of what I have said strikes on a wrong chord due to ignorance. Also, I have recently discovered the existence of attunements to various energies, such as reiki. People transfer these energies through chi because chi is infinite and everywhere. It has the metaphysical property of being able to traverse any distance instantly. Could we attune ourselves to the taoist energies of someone who is much further along the path than us to jumpstart our own path?