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  1. I have the book along with most of his others and have found it to be good guide too the practice, I was originally taught the exercise first but the book is extremely clear. Just go slowly.
  2. Is your Taijiquan effective in combat?

    Hundun To simply answer your question yes it made me aware of things there was an in the zone feeling that is the same as I have achieved in meditation or standing. But I want to heavily Caveat that by saying that it made me aware of something but when I was first experiencing it did not change me it allowed me see myself as I was then, the state alone is not going to enlighten you as a whole human being. The experience of this allowed meditation and alchemical practises to be understood and experienced quickly, making progress faster. To explain what I mean, it is better if I share an example of this with you, after looking for more and trying to understand things that I had seen. I set off to find exercises to make me stronger and more powerful, some of the senior ranking people I came across practised these exercises (most did not know what it was). So then my training in pushing out my hands and breathing funny began the result was realised very quickly. Well within the 100 days I was stronger and had solid palms, cool, so like every sensible and worldly wise youth I started to double the level of practice as obviously twice as much made me twice as hard (ok not the greatest logic but i was naive). The result I could hit really hard but the palms of my hand and soles of my feet were a strange red sometimes really dry, coupled with occasional burning feelings when I trained, not a pleasant experience but the state was becoming easier to achieve and for some reason I became aware of what I can only call disconnects and barriers to me the real me and forms of programming that seemed to over ride. By this time the people that taught me this stuff were gone and like most sensible people I had ignored all their advice about meditation and emotional balancing. I had worked out that the burning was an excess of aggression and repressed hatred and began to see that in a real way it was killing my life. (not saying I was going to drop dead but I was losing me to the me I had created to deal with the experience I had had in my life.) With the practice I was building energy and reinforcing destructive patterns so I had to change what I was doing to look at solving the imbalances in me. So as a result of this I became a better person, not necessarily a good person (enlightenment is not the same as good) but more genuine, I became more in control of my response to the world and closer to the Tao. Years later the burning has stopped and my hands are fine but I want to stress years later. The situations taught me to see the world and not get hung up on the false sense of how things should be but on how they are. When I was on the door you learned to notice the patterns in others that let you know they were going to kick off or respond in a different way. You could see it first because of the Tai Chi and you could feel it as well, understanding it you could respond better the pattern was no longer in control it was really just a pattern that was created by false beliefs. This is the same when you meditate it allows you to see the post birth that is created as a response to the environment to protect the real you rather than allowing you to act genuinely as you would want to. Ok I have waffled a lot and what I am really trying to say is that the martial arts taught me to see things and understand them but it was a combination that has meant that I have progressed. The danger is the martial element gives clarity and speeds progress but if the steering is not there then it can easily reinforce patterns and move you further away from you.
  3. Hi Guys, Yes I can redirect Sexual Energy, I started with Testicular Breathing, moved on to the Big Draw and then had a go at Lins exercises. I have ended up moving the energy constantly during sex so that their will be no real requirement to do a hard Big Draw, I also focus on moving the energy so that it travels in my partner. The trick is to focus on the energy and moving it. To practice some times I have sex only as a way to get in touch with the energy as it builds. Regards Ian
  4. the big draw

    Energy Balance Solo practice will add more to aggression where as with a partner their energy will usually help to balance, although in some cases it might actually make things worse. It can help to spend time in the company of people who balance your energy in a social environment. The long term game plan has to be to develop some regime of sexual alchemy to balance and absorb the energy correctly. Retention and energy patterns The Big Draw or Seaman retention will elevate and add energy to patterns that already exist, it seams to emphasise your issues. The danger is that the patterns are allowed to strengthen and have a larger influence over your actions. My experience is that the level is best kept just uncomfortable so that your other practises can focus on it more easily. If the level passes the uncomfortable level than you should some form of Kan & LI or intense physical exercise to use the Jing up. It is possible to do some gentle dissolving or emptiness practice during sex to help this process, as you relax it is then easy to circulate and begin to open the body. The trick is just to relax and slowly move in to the practice. Ian
  5. Happy birthday IanB!

    Thanks All, I had a great birthday, i managed to get to 31 before having to grow up but with fatherhood quickly approaching and starting a real job for the first time in 31 years, Adulthood is a great experience. The avatar is the monkey king and he is holding his staff. On the messenger front i am only using Skype. Regards Ian
  6. scary fitness video

    That is so Wrong
  7. Try this!

    I got this Root: open (50%) Sacral: open (63%) Navel: over-active (88%) Heart: under-active (19%) Throat: under-active (6%) Third Eye: open (56%) Crown: open (63%) The Hart and Throat is not a surprise. Cool test
  8. Standing a Defence I have been doing ZZ for years and have found it to be an extremely sound practice. I have a background in combative martial arts and yiquan like tai chi if you understand it, it allows the practitioner to develop power and skill quickly. M y ability improved quickly when I began training using some of the yiquan system. To get this you have to really work at it and standing is only a small part of the training. It will not give you super powers, only wearing your pants on the outside can do that, but it will help you develop connected and integrated movement. Ian
  9. testicle weight lifting

    Hi All, I am happy to say here that genital weight lifting is safe if done in moderation and sensibly. Using weights with an erection is just stupid and will cause you harm. The perineum can be strengthened but it must be kept in balance with the other muscles and body structure or you will run in to problems. It is about balance if you strengthen that at the very least you strengthen your hips, anis, abs, lower back well really everything. The Key is balance IanB