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  1. Blue aura people

    I've been told I have a turquoise aura.
  2. hmmm I might not be too quick to dismiss. Xiangong does seem a maverick but we never know everything
  3. Hey guys, so basically the $40/month subscription fee is way too steep for me. I'm wondering if anyone would be up for splitting a subscription fee and we can share the account. Let me know! Cheers I'm a uni student and really can't afford it lol
  4. Greetings

    It felt like heat surging. Very warm. I can feel chakras activated by 'heat' You can tie in those experiences to what's going on in the mind or experience. In that way you become more ''aligned'. It is a daily thing, new stuff and old stuff crop up. I think it's a way of helping towards higher vibration, to contribute to this earth. I had done Wim Hof breathing that morning knowing from the comments it had led to kundalini awakening. A commenter felt it was irresponsible for Wim Hof to share this breathing designed to awaken the heat in the root chakra, if people weren't cognivitvely prepared. I had been 'calling' kundalini. The name felt magical to me, there was a ring to it. Additionally, prior to the awakening, perhaps directly prior to it I had 'loved' fear. I noticed a sensation of fear in my body. Instead of repressing it, I investigated it and did something for it. Then I guess kundalini felt ready to come out. When it did come out it let me know about certain spiritual choices I had made. I got the impression I had been preparing the garden for its growth. I had been doing Non-Violent Communication, I asked for forgiveness from my dad when in that instant I might have just smirked, though felt bad. I had been supporting my friend, having a discourse on spirituality. Those who seek together really shall more surely find. It let me remember that time the year before I refused alcohol cause I wanted to rely on myself, make my own choice. Sober mind. It really was intention. Even if I didn't know it at the time, it was perhaps a choice in the opposite direction. It showed intent.
  5. Greetings

    many thanks
  6. Greetings

  7. Greetings

    Hi there, it started as heat in the perineum (well, balls actually) that migrated up. I felt it go to sacral chakra, bubble there, then solar plexus chakra, bubble there. It stoped there. But it's like I had "access to energy". It hasn't gone away since. For reference when I used to do weed I would feel an S shape going up my spine. I thought I had scoliosis lol but my vertebrae are straight. Since then I've felt it at various times in other spots - heart, throat. Third eye? Not as focused perhaps.. It lets me know when things are path-focused, or karma incurring (instability)
  8. Greetings

    Hello guys, lovely to meet you. I have been referred here. I recently shared this by Damo Mitchell - Daoist understandings of the chakras. I was kindly referred to it by a friend. I have had a kundalini awakening, this March of the year. I would be glad to hear of any resources to recommend - I'm looking to see what I can do with it. Many thanks. Greetings from New Zealand.
  9. Hello

    Hi, greetings from Auckland. I read about this site after searching up John Chang. I am interested in the path of self mastery/The Great Work/kung fu. I hope to learn from you and support you. Thanks