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  1. Yesterday I saw this option, so I'll do it this way:


  2. Zhuan Falun (Turning The Law Wheel)

    No that part is OK for now. We are all divided on Us and Them. Us are little people, and Them are the politicians, in all six ex Yugoslavia countries.
  3. Zhuan Falun (Turning The Law Wheel)

    Ha ha ha... It's all about macho mentality here. When man shows tolerance it can be explained like he is week and than he get (or can get) some idiots who will raise their ego by provoking or even atacking him. For exmple, I came to gas station to pump air in my tires, and a guy came with his "wanna be gagsta" BMW park behind me and, like there is no car on the pamping place start to pump his tires. I smiled and said something about in what kind of hurry he must be, without irony. He said something really unokonvinient and I just smiled beck. Then came the shootgun seat guy uot and asked me pretty aggresive that is there any problem. My usually answer in that case would be: "no but your'e just gonna get one". Instead I said just"Not really". Then came the third guy from beckseat out and asked me what's my problem... I smiled again and told him to ask his friend. So, I'm not small man, and familiar with martial arts, I could eassy take them all thre down with less then six punches, but it wasn't just awoiding figt according to FG teachings, I really didn't see a need for fight, but if I had drowing back they will surely atack me. So I said to them that I didn't spend years in war (I'm an ex soldier, war veteran) to get f#$%ed by them, and that my action will be the last in thet conflict. They stuck back and went away without pumping their back tires, but they also didn't flew away. So here, as the lots of young people see - empathy is for pussies and tolerance is weakness. Hope I explained it well.
  4. Zhuan Falun (Turning The Law Wheel)

    My experience about FG; I tried it in mid 90's, had no internet, only book and DVD. Just got off of Tantra and got run into FG. First what I've recognised was the energy; newer had that feeling of rush when I put my tongue on palate. So I concluded that this is very powerful. After some time my health was better. But master's Li writings to me sounded like pretty cult like and a bit messed up. I quit when I've seen that the tolerance thing (I live on Balkan) is hard to work out. So what did I get of FG? I certainly became a better human being: don't lie, have more tolerance, comprehension and empathy. And I have a new experience and perspective.
  5. Hello from Dalmatia

    Hi people, I'm a long term solo explorer of Qi Gong, living on seaside in Croatia, region of Dalmatia. Here I have no one to talk about this topics and I'm really hapy to find this forum. If smoe one asks me who am I? I would say: a retired soldier, writer and, last but not least, a mountain climber. In hope of a good conversation and information exchange take my best wishes.
  6. Hello from Dalmatia

    Hi everybody, I'm a lone (qi gong) wolf from Croatia, Dalmatia, to be exact - from town of Split. At this moment I'm on fragrant Qi Gong, but i tried lott's of stiles, even did Falun Gong for a while. And I climb. Sorry for my English, it has past a few decades when I left school. Realy glad to find this forum.