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  1. Spiritual and tech attack!? Maybe it's just spiritual but it manifests also on technological sphere?
  2. Falun Dafa/Gong anyone practice?

    Can not find it, but I think just "Jade Body QG". I have it on the second comp in PDF. If you want, I can send it to you.
  3. Falun Dafa/Gong anyone practice?

    I've checked Wu Wei, and didn't find similarities. Maybe I've watched a wrong video. At first contact with FG I just know that FG is a kind of compilation. So I tried to find the sources. The most similar form was Jade Body QG, it has also good effects on my body/mind, but energetically not so good as FG. But Jade Body did a great thing to my spine ( i have a spine injury since 1993, don't feel a thin layer of my tight, after few weeks I start to feel it). The problem with Jade Body was that I had only a book, on English, what was not enough, and all videos where more "Funny home Video" then a learning material. So I've quit with that.
  4. Falun Dafa/Gong anyone practice?

    Hm, to be honest, after some Li's claims, about the race, homosexuality and others (what was on first reading), I decided not to folow the dogma, just the movements. I only stood by the Zhen, Shen, Ren rule... Even that made me a better person. I avoid lying as much as possible ( I write, so I can't dodge lying or twisting the truth), I quit with fish diving what is a big sacrifice for me, I became more tolerant... and all that thanks to FG. Things what were bothering me are that karma talk: speeding wheel of karma, attracting bad energy by not holding to the rules and so on. I saw that the practice is giving results, but with to many questions and doubts. So, at the end I quit.
  5. Falun Dafa/Gong anyone practice?

    So, as you say man can pick up Li's bad karma? That's possible? I mean, my karma is my karma, how and way pick up someones karma and opposite? Can you explain this a little? And can you say what are the better practices? Available without one on one with teacher, off course. My nearest teacher is 400 km away.
  6. Falun Dafa/Gong anyone practice?

    Dog barks. Wolf kills.
  7. Falun Dafa/Gong anyone practice?

    What's your story man? You ca not stick to the topic, you involve sex life in everything, and you tell shit like Iran are idiots, and Falun Gong will rise when the communist fall. You have consider some things, like: some nations are better functioning under dictators or in one party system; man can not generalise thing like "a whole nation are idiots" or "Indians don't no how to fuck, or they do but not like me". And did you know that the whole Arabic world lived nice before American intervention? US administration to be correct, for me America is Delta blues, Tom Waits, Nirvana, Elvis, Jerry Seinfeld, White Sands and Route 66. The people who intervened are just people with agenda and power to work the agenda out. And don't forget - Iran was civilisation loooong before the queen started colonising.
  8. Falun Dafa/Gong anyone practice?

    So, now when we have analysed situation with CHP, Trump and Norway girls, let's go back to the theme. Yes I did it. First time in the mid 90's. Right after i hit a wall while learning Tantra I was astonished! The feeling of energy through my body, especially on palate and chin. I quit after half a year: I was still in army and my schedule have changed, so it was hard to continue. I tried in 2002 again, but didn't last long: I missed my pranayama, and i have found a jade body Qi Gong, what was great for my back pain. Last time - this winter. The rush of energy wasn't there, there was no significant health improvement, so I moved to Fragrant Qi Gong. So, I have to say - Falun Gong is a good practise, but I didn't like lotta things in master Li's books. The movement acts like a cult, and you can feel it through the texts. My advise is: do it but don't take the teachings to seriously. Sorry for my English, I did the best I could.
  9. New here

    Thx for your explanations! I didn't read the rules, every place I come I come with open hart, without desire to offend, provoke or hurt, so, as this is Dao forum I've supposed that there is nothing to read about. I apologise if I did something wrong, and if I have poked someone, it wasn't on purpose, it was on my language or on my cultural differences.
  10. Falun Dafa/Gong anyone practice?

    Immortal, free society?! Where do you live? In Finland?
  11. Falun Dafa/Gong anyone practice?

    I think that "scumbag" is a little to harsh word, but, at the same time he gave organisation's money to a politician. What a kind of teacher, or what is he calling him self, does that?
  12. Falun Dafa/Gong anyone practice?

    If this is adresed to me... IT's not about coolness, it's about the real way, and he is giving the wrong directions. I don't know how, but he learned it wrong and now teaching it wrong. If someone has recorded and trys it at home he will just waste his time. And that is wrong and out of FG moral frame.
  13. Falun Dafa/Gong anyone practice?

    He is doing it wrong.
  14. New here

    I read it. Translated on my language. At the same time I started practising, or better to say - cultivating. The practise was great, but I didn't like the tone of the book. I felt to much ego, especially for some one that is claiming him self as a teacher. But book as a book, nice ideas, great goals, by leaning on it man would be a better person. What is, by my opinion, most important.
  15. Hello from Dalmatia

    So FQG has some kind of celestial working method? This goes better and better! Yes, I've learned FQG from that PDF, but also form the video of Masters daughter. And I have seen the two almost dancing Germans, and thought to myself: "everyone is teaching these days". How can I contact Master Dolic? Over his website?