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  1. Hello from Dalmatia

    So FQG has some kind of celestial working method? This goes better and better! Yes, I've learned FQG from that PDF, but also form the video of Masters daughter. And I have seen the two almost dancing Germans, and thought to myself: "everyone is teaching these days". How can I contact Master Dolic? Over his website?
  2. Hello from Dalmatia

    Haha, it means, use what is in your reach. My internet has been broken for abut five times this morning, so it's hard even with online learning. The best for me is to get a book and find the same thing on youtube.
  3. Hello from Dalmatia

    Yes, man can take it that way. So, I'll take the liberty to ask you Earl a few questions, as I see you're experienced and full of knowledge. First: do you understand the mechanism how Fragrant QG works. What is happening while waving hands? Second, can I do pranayama, or five animal (tao version) or Yi Jin Ying (Shaolin tendon classic), or wim Hoff metod? What, and way is forbiden during FQG?
  4. Hello from Dalmatia

    Pure chances are better than no chances, as we here say: you'll cover as long is your blanket.
  5. Hello from Dalmatia

    That with Marxism was a joke, since Marxism is a useless doctrine 150 years old, and in high school all of my friends had a bigger problem with that than with math. What, someone is teaching Megatherions things here? Self- analysis? Oooh, in that I'm experienced, trust me. So, my dear and cooperative Earl, I love people to be honest with me, and I'm ready to go my ways, but first need to find the direction signs. Since I'm not in the best shape, fragrant QG will be enough for the first 1000 miles. I'll Check the video that you mentioned, just to see where I am. Thx for your kindness and will to explain me how things are.
  6. Hello from Dalmatia

    Thx. I've learned Marxism from a book in high school, after that shit I believe that everything can be learned from a book.
  7. Hello from Dalmatia

    OK, I know what Akasha is, but I didn't knew that there is reading beside of clairvoyant people. And you connect with your MTLs? In a kind of meditation? Wow! I've expected lotta MA talk here, lot's of "put your hand a bit right" and "tuck your chin" talk, and now... Esoteric! Love it! Is there an esoteric Qigong? A QG what makes man to essayer go out of body or to enhance man's intuition? The test said that I have no parasites or curses. I was planing to see a clairvoyant friend to check me out, because i have a strange feeling that something is holding me down, like my hands are tied. It, now I see, has to be me. Thx for your reading offer, it will be hard since we are about 10 hours time difference, and no drugs and alcohol for 24 hours, but I'll sure PM you.
  8. Hello from Dalmatia

    Thanks for your offer Earl. So I checked out the Flying Pheonix DVD's, and 140 bucks is about 1/4 of my incomes. Off course, I can bay one by one, so, I'll think about it. If I may ask what do you consider by Akashic consultation?
  9. Hello from Dalmatia

    Thanks Virtue! Studies for self-study? That's that what I need!
  10. Hello from Dalmatia

    Instructor is the one who histericaly screeams: "I have told you five times!", and "I'm the master here, get your head out of your but!". Teacher has a much more egoless aproach.
  11. Hello from Dalmatia

    Hm, I found this series long after I stop with ZZ, and there is no difference between my doing and the Masters doing.
  12. Hello from Dalmatia

    Sooo, I was in Mountains and I apologise for my late respond... Oh, "Fuckwith is a name, not a verb as I supposed. I have to admit, this kind of conversation isn't Tao at all, but maybe I didn't get it right. Anyhow, let's start this conversation from point zero. Why am I here at all, why am I trying to learn Qigong? As a kid, 8 years old I started with taekwon do. With 17 I fought on state level in Full contact, but at the same time I found out "something completly diferent" - cave exploring, what showed me that there are juicier chalenges than beating (or getting beated) someone betwen the ropes. I continued training just to stay in good shape. Now (for more than 20 years) I have PTSD; I found myself in depression, without no anger controle, and, as I'm not small guy, I was walking danger. Especially with my MA knowledge. So, I started to use Zen meditation, and skiped to Aikido. During times I tried, in cronical orrder: Tantra, Falun Gong, 5 Tibetans, Jade body Qigong, Ba gua, ZZ, and so on. Now I'm on Fragrant QG. My goals are to be calm, in control, life full and healthy and energised. So, can anyone direct me. And yes, I live in apendix of Europe, so I can learn only from books and youtube.
  13. Hello from Dalmatia

    So, can you name some of that better ways?
  14. Hello from Dalmatia

    Here - It was the only way. There is a Tai Chi group in town and it's the nearest thing to my interests, but I didn't like the way they are doing, and the teacher is actually an instructor.
  15. Hello from Dalmatia

    Yes, that book. Maybe an earlier edition, I belive that master Lam was on front page, but I'm not sure.