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  1. Serge Augier: Daxuan

    @RobB How similar is Jeremy Rocul's course to the lessons you get when you join the online training with Serge?
  2. Serge Augier: Daxuan

    @Bruce Qi Udemy has sales from time to time. I got the course for $11, the other day. I think that if you <3 it, they will let you know when it goes on sale.
  3. Finding a master or school

    @statusquovadis Like you, I have been exploring training most all of Damo's stuff and watched his videos. There is something there, but I don't know if it is a complete system since he pieced Lutus Neigong out of his findings from multiple teachers. This may be a non-issue, but something to take into consideration. Another school to consider is Daxuan. Serge Augier has a complete online training that I am looking at, myself, as well a book on Shen Gong and Nei Dan. I have been communicating with people who have taken his training and am currently taking a sample class on Udemy from one of his students.
  4. Best Online Neigong Training? (Non-Religious)

    The Udemy course just went on sale so I am working through it now.
  5. @ralis I am not left or right. Why do you care where the truth comes from? Watch the video and learn something. Ban me if you must and hang out in your own echo chamber.
  6. So regardless of the climate change argument, I was vegan for 10 years (from the ages of 22-32) at which point I was showing signs of malnutrition. Now, you can argue that I was doing it wrong, but I lived it and can speak from experience. A vegan diet NEVER decreased my libido. I was as horny as ever. The only thing that ever decreased my urge was when I got into my 40s....almost 48 now (finishing my 6th cycle).
  7. Some more advice needed on practice

    I'd be interested in confirmatory signs, since Damo's books are the first time I actually believed that the author meant what he wrote and was not just speaking metaphorically or making it up. I'd also be interested in a "top 5 books list" that clearly explain practice and not just theoretical or full of stories about accomplishments of advanced yogis and immortals.
  8. Best Online Neigong Training? (Non-Religious)

    So is anyone here using Ba Men Da Xuan? Anyone have friends using it?
  9. Best Online Neigong Training? (Non-Religious)

    Yes, I definitely have had more than one teacher. I guess part of me wonders what it would be like to have studied just one system and gone into it deeply. Another part of me knows that this was not my path. I am just grateful that I have been able to cobble together what I have. Thanks. I will check him out.
  10. Best Online Neigong Training? (Non-Religious)

    So I have read Damo's books and been integrating them into my practice. Quite honestly, I have not found any other written material that explains the process so thoroughly and makes impossible things seem possible (stuff that I would have written off as fantasy before). Then I found Da Xuan's website talking about how much it helps to have a tradition with a complete system to follow instead of a patchwork practice (which some folks here have claimed Damo's system to be). In his books, Damo claims to have experienced some pretty advanced results with physical signs of progress (stuff which I would have considered exaggeration, but his writing seems to be earnest). For my part, my practice has been more movement than sitting. So far movement has brought some health benefits helping me maintain a decent level of health for my age, but nothing like you read in books. Never had the patience for sitting, but as I get older seems like I might be getting ready for it. Until reading Damo's books, I would have only believed that sitting would quiet the mind and relax the sympathetic nervous system. Now I am wondering, if all this is possible, which is the "best" daoist system? I wrote my initial question here, because I am looking for an answer from someone who has experienced more advanced results, but with no financial incentive.
  11. Hi all, I have been studying/practicing qigong/taiji/yoga for 20+ years, reading everything I can find. I also have professional training in TCM, with qigong/taiji training from multiple teachers, but I feel like it is time to take my practice to the next level. For now, I have only found Lotus Neigong and Ba Men Da Xuan online training systems. I know people say that this is something that we need a teacher for, but I don't live in an area where there are live teachers. For this reason, I am looking for a system that I can learn from books and videos. I would be able to travel from time to time, but really am looking for a complete system that I can learn mostly online. Is there anyone here that can vouch for either of the above systems or is there a better one that you could recommend? I am open to suggestions. TIA
  12. New Here

    Not sure if this qualifies as my first post. I could not figure out how to post on Welcome or Newcomers. Either way, I hope it gets easier from here. Perhaps someone could clue me in??