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  1. Out of the Blue

    Hi BlueMagician, welcome (although I am fairly new as well), it sounds like very interesting work. I am currently living in South East Asia (Malay Peninsula/Indonesia) -- have you studied any tradition from out here?
  2. I don't have any proper answer to this question other than trust issues Mostly because I feel like I am dealing with an organisational machine rather than a specific teacher or guru. But yes, I will share my experience if I decide to try it. I have learned their Isha Kriya meditation and find myself practicing it more or less regularly without too much effort (even looking forward to it), which I am very happy about.
  3. I revive this topic to ask some updated impressions about the practices taught by Isha foundation. I wonder how Lucky7Strikes is doing Anyway, I have the opportunity to learn the Surya Kriya, but I am a bit put off by all the secrecy and vagueness surrounding the Isha workshops. When I ask for more information I get copy-pasted materials from their website or the suggestion to closely follow the instructions and see for myself. Could anybody share their experience or help me understand what this practice is about? This is the description from their website:
  4. Glad I am here :)

    Hi King Jade, thank you for the welcome and handy diagrams How about yoga? I got into Isha meditation recently ( ), and feel stuff going on in my chest throughout the day. It's not unpleasant, but not exactly pleasant either. Reading around I figured it may be because I am not breathing properly...
  5. Glad I am here :)

    Thank you for the welcome Fa Xin Thank you Jeff, which practices do you refer to? I agree with your comment -- lately I have been trying more concentration based meditations, which have been very impactful, but also leave me with a lot of feelings that I cannot understand and end up scaring me off the practice.
  6. Glad I am here :)

    Hi everyone, thank you for this space. I have been looking for a community to read and share experiences for a while, and you guys give me a good feeling, so here I am. I have been trying to find my way into inner exploration for some time now, but I am still all over the place. I have been reading and listening a lot in the hope that certain ideas would eventually "click", but sometimes I have the impression that I am just adding to the confusion. I have tried to meditate to reduce the noise, but I am having a hard time finding a practice that suits me and doesn't throw me into mental or emotional states that I cannot manage. So far it feels like I have just been stirring dirt instead of clearing the water. I hope we can have some good discussions while I figure things out