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  1. "used paper copies of Dictionary and Shuowenjiezi " -- very impressive!
  2. It is hard to find a high-quality, semi-contemporary teacher/literature on Taoist teaching/philosophy. If you can read Chinese, there are some articles and videos at .
  3. For me, the three changes are not parallel, and so far I was able to 身不動 for about 30 minutes or less, so my 精 is not 固.
  4. 神自靈- It seems for me that this 神 means 元神. If translate 意不动,神自灵 into modern Chinese, I would say,如果意完全不动,你的元神自然出现灵性。
  5. Seeking Info

    Fro someone who practices what's expressed in the Tao Te Ching and Zhuangzi, you might want to take a look at, and Hope it could help。
  6. Help Needed to Translate Alchemy Book

    Sebastian, I have posted your message at Also, I like the requiremnts -- "you need a very high level of Chinese and you also to be an advanced practitioner of these arts." -Shubin
  7. Healers in Taiwan?

    Based on this article,李鳳山, He currently serves as the president of Qigong Association of Taiwan (台湾气功协会会长) If he does not do private healings, he might know some people who can do it.
  8. Healers in Taiwan?

    I did not know 李凤山 before reading this post. Hope it could help.
  9. Question about Falun Dafa / Falun Gong

    If you would like to improve your health, there are many Qigong available, and some of them are translated to English. FLG showed up after 1992. It did not have a long history and did not have a respectful linkage. Based on the book of FLG and people's experiences, I did see any advantages of it compared with other Qigong.
  10. At 漏尽阁, some members can speak/write English, but most posts are in Chinese. If some questions are posted at 漏尽阁 in English, the administrators might want to setup a English forum there. Google Chrome has a translate function built in, so tops and posts can be translated in-browser from Chinese to English. Hope it could help.
  11. Why do I hear Chinese say "ying-yang"?

    If open the second link with Chrome, and then right click on the page, you can pick "Translate to English", so you would be able to hear the sound by clicking on the icon of a small yellow speaker.
  12. Why do I hear Chinese say "ying-yang"?

    Most likely it was a dialect, because there are eight major dialects in China, and some sub dialects under the 8 major dialects. For example, you can hear the sound of "Yin" in Cantonese and Shanghainese at:阴&searchlang=zaonhe&category= Hope it could help.
  13. how to translate 丹道 into English?

    It seems that you might want to use "内丹" or “外丹“ instead of “丹道”。 "Daoist alchemy" may be an acceptable translation of 丹道, but the definition of "alchemy" does not cover 内丹, at least in this dictionary,
  14. Learning Mandarin

    If some one only wanted to read Chinese for delving deeper into the Dao, there are some interesting articles written by a Chinese lady. I translated a paragraph of her article, 炼丹那点事儿1 (Alchemy, that thing 1) with Google Translte,, and it seems that Google did a good job. Here is her article #1, The four paragraph of article #1 in Chinese: 原文被锁定了,说不符合规定,我删了点。 南宋江苏有个名叫霍济之的写了些丹诗,像大白话一样,很好懂。说白居易写诗后,一定要找老太太去询问,好不好听懂,那这个霍济之的金丹大道指迷頌十二首,宋朝的老太太估摸都能听懂。我给稍微讲解一下,分几次分享给大家。还是把原文附后,前面看着流畅些。 虽然这位霍先生不是很有名,可是有名的祖师爷又不肯写好懂的东西,有什么办法呢。 1,我们道家进行身体方面的修炼,主要还是有机缘得到世外高人的要诀,并照着练习。这个和佛学界的坐禅完全是两码事儿。根据这些要诀,将人体的精气神在恰当的时间点,通过松和紧两种修炼方法进行提升,等到阳气充足,元神凝固,就可以做活神仙了。 Google's treaslation: The original text was locked, saying that it did not meet the regulations, I deleted some points. In the Southern Song Dynasty, Jiangsu had a name called Huo Jizhi who wrote some Dan poems. Like the vernacular, it is very easy to understand. After saying that Bai Juyi wrote a poem, he must find the old lady to ask, so I can understand it. The Golden Dan Avenue of Hoji is the 12 fans, and the old lady of the Song Dynasty can understand it. I will give you a little explanation and share it with you several times. Still attached the original text, the front looked smoother. Although this Mr. Huo is not very famous, but the famous ancestors did not want to write something to understand, what is the solution? 1, our Taoist practice of physical aspects, mainly because of the organic edge of the world's best, and practice. This meditation with the Buddhist world is completely different. According to these tips, the essence of the human body is raised at the right time by the two methods of cultivation, such as loose and tight. When the yang is sufficient, the gods are solidified, and you can be a living god.
  15. Learning Mandarin

    go to youtube and search with the key word “外国人学汉语“, so you can get a feel about speaking Chinese.
  16. Modern Taijiquan Sucks!

    a clip about 太极凌空劲.
  17. Modern Taijiquan Sucks!

    Physics works at the level of bone, muscle and body weight. Here is another clip, Akebono vs. 王战军
  18. Modern Taijiquan Sucks!

    windwalker's video is excellent. At 1:43, 2:43, the Master talked about Yi, Qi, Jin. If one has Qi, he can learn to use Yi and Jin. After learn a few forms, he can fight with Taijiquan. If one practiced a lot of forms, pushing hands, ... etc, but he has zero Qi, his Taijiquan is a joke.
  19. Year of the Pig

    a 3000 years old pig.
  20. Advice for Wudang Schools for Study

    For beginners, it may be a good idea to find someone local to get start. A lot of people put "Master(大师)" before or after their names but they actually are not qualify, so in China some people call them with another word,大狮(big lion)。
  21. Advice for Wudang Schools for Study

    No,When I had time, I did not have enough money.
  22. Advice for Wudang Schools for Study

    I am not sure if you've seen these videos before, but hope they could help. I can see the points of vonkrankenhaus, and it is true that for beginners they do not have to go to China to learn Daoism/TaiJi/Qigong, etc.
  23. The first one, traditional. the second one, simplified. Yes, the 3rd character in Text 1 and the 4th character in Text 2 are the same. In writing, mandarin and cantonese are same, but Cantonese has about 40 special characters.
  24. Based on posts I found on web, he is not a criminal. Does he has a reputable lineage? In terms of Religion? Neidan? Qigong? I could not find anything about them. Is he a cult leader? No. Are his tai chi teachings authentic? Authentic has different levels. For a beginner, it may be authentic.
  25. Thanks for the help from you, and cyber pals at 漏尽阁, the translation and a sort of revision have done, so I am very happy. Now I am putting a copy of the result below for Daobums. I would like to say THANK YOU to the Forum because this would not happen without -Shubin (集体作品,如引用请注明出处。文后有译者附言。发表日期:2019年 1月 1日)《大道密印歌》 匡廬山人 壺雲禪師 述 大道淵微兮,玄關最秘傳。 玄關,卽玄妙機關也。腎前臍後稍下,前七後三之間,空懸一白圈。先天慧命元炁,卽在其中。無形無相,至靈至明矣。丹田炁穴是也。每活子時二候之許,炁發則成竅。炁息則渺茫。而爲眞息往來必由之所。故曰玄關。歸根復命,安爐立鼎,皆係於此。故修丹之士,於此玄關之內,撰結聖胎也。以有心求之,則恍惚無象,莫見其有。以無心求之,則炁機充周,不竟爲無。黙黙體認於不着有不着無中,自然得之。知而不着是功夫。觀竅之法也。 回光返照兮,下手在先天。 至眞之道,在乎逐日凝神返照炁穴之功。純熟而後,有來之機緘矣。或一月玄關顯露,或數月玄關明朗也。 先天,卽慧命元炁也。以靜而入。至動而取。下手之法也。 九難十魔兮,斷然執志堅。 九難者,一曰衣食逼迫;二曰恩愛牽纏;三曰名利縈絆;四曰殃禍橫生;五曰盲師約束;六曰議論差別;七曰志意懈怠;八曰歲月蹉跎;九曰時世亂離。免此九難,方可奉道。九難之中,或有一二,但徒勞而不能成功也。十魔者,一曰六賊魔;二曰富貴魔;三曰七情魔;四曰恩愛魔;五曰患難魔;六曰聖賢魔;七曰刀兵魔;八曰女樂魔;九曰女色魔;十曰貨利魔。此十魔,雖有不認者是也。旣認則着。所以不成道者,良以此也。起火焚身,一揮而群魔消散。 晝夜功勤兮,打坐學參禪。 以眼視鼻。以鼻對臍。專注意玄關爲法也。初試百日也。 煉己待時兮,虛極靜篤先。 煉己卽內絶思慮,外除塵境。泰然堅固也。心中無物曰虛。念頭不起曰靜。致虛極,守靜篤。煉己之要法也。時者,慧命元炁自動之天機。卽身中活子時也。 若欲有心待之,則屬於抱(拘) 滯。眞陽反不生。若欲無心待之,則落於頑空。妙機恐錯過。此有無兩失矣。然則若何爲哉?且有還於無,而無內靈似乎有。故沅 (遠) 遊篇云:“無滑而魂兮,彼將自然。一炁孔神兮,於中夜存。虛以待之兮,無爲之先。” 文火也。 一陽生動兮,外物自擧旋。 靜極而動者,大道之根苗。造物之主宰。卽下手之時也。 此所謂,辨得水源之淸眞者也。活子時,陽生一候也。 凝神御炁兮,攝收回丹田。 陽動之時,凝神入於炁穴。則其機受神之制伏。而又起呼吸之氣,攝收向外之精而逆吹,回於本宮也。武火也。 迎而又迎兮,止在龜縮顚。 一迎、二迎,乃至十迎。外物縮則止也。武火也。 烹煉鎔化兮,調樂未採先。 久久烹煉。使其神炁二物,鎔化合而爲一也。武火也。 築基多要兮,救護老病年。 此則調藥。卽以精補精之築基。 壯年少要。童年不要。而採其大藥,卽運大周天也。 以上煉己築基也。 調到物靈兮,天機現目前。 先天炁發。玄關顯露。卽活子時藥産二候也。生而後採也。 神炁相包兮,時至本自然。 神不捨炁,炁不離神。自然而然,紐結一團。虎吸龍精是也。 藥産神知兮,恍惚又酥綿。 心身恍惚。四肢酥綿。而癢生快樂。藥産之景象也。 勿驚勿訝兮,靜候旺動焉。 若起警 (驚) 訝之念,則神馳炁散而隱矣。若起明察之念,則後天之氣因念而起。包裏先天之炁,而不得融盛也。又不可妄起呼吸之武火。亦不可迷失眞候。靜聽炁之自然,則所發之陽旺生矣。此所謂辨得淸眞之中,又有辨其至淸至眞之天機也。 當令採取兮,入爐封固全。 藥嫩則炁微。藥老則炁散。皆無用也。故內藥外腎並旺之時,急以採取。入爐封固,名曰小藥。卽運小周天也。 火逼金行兮,槖籥憑巽旋。 金,元炁也。藥之未旋,以文火逼之。藥有旋機,則漸以武火催之。從督脈而上升泥丸。從任脈而下降丹田。此小周天之道路也。槖籥,先天消息。巽風,後天呼吸。先天之炁,因後天之氣轉軸升降。故神炁同行同住而不離也。武火也。 周天息數兮,四揲逢時遷。 自子至巳六陽時,三十六爲度。自午至亥六陰時,二十四爲度。 非眞有時也 。使神炁無太過不及之弊,故立此法而勻之也。 沐浴卯酉兮, 子午中潛還。 沐浴者,不行呼吸之武火,而洗心滌慮也。中間行其沐浴以完周天,而還於本宮。閏餘,沐浴也。文火也。 文武幷用兮,二候六候全。 封沐,文火也。採煉,武火也。陽生藥産,二候也。採封升降沐浴,六候也。此小周天火候之總訣也。 歸根復命兮,切防陰魔堅。 內觀、夢裡、及身外。或見女人,或有障病,或夢虎怪。當用武火,猛烹極煉而化之也。 動煉煉靜兮, 小藥小周天。 藥物生,動則煉運。煉運則靜。靜則溫養。循環不已。此時來時煉,補完眞炁之法也。 以上煉精化炁也。 數足三百兮,景兆透眉前。 三百,卽妙周之限數。火足之候。景兆,卽陽光之發現也。 止火機來兮,光三偃武然。 陽光之二現、三現,止火之候也。外腎不縮而有光者,非也。 馬陰藏相兮,採其大藥恮。 三百妙周。陽光三現。外腎不動。卽採大藥之候也。採而後生也。 雙眸秘密兮,七日看中田。 此採大藥之靜功也 。勤心精進。於七日中,守留不怠也。 六種震動兮,眞鉛出爐全。 身中六處,次第震動。卽得藥之驗。金丹大藥,出爐愼勿驚懼。待動而幷行。不可引而使動也。 幷行幷住兮,善護寶珠牽。 珠行則幷行。珠住則幷住。聽其珠之自然也。 切防蹊路兮,大藥大周天。 大周天者,過關服食之法也。 蹊路者,命門 (陽關?) 、肛門、鼻孔是也。 還入中宮兮,金丹結成全。 左旋右轉三十六。右旋左轉三十六。歛聚而結成也。 寂照十月兮,不昧正覺禪。 寂而照。照而寂。勿忘勿助而溫養也。切忌昏沉散亂,而不昧醒醒而已。太空中一点甘露自降,收付於胎中。靜定之中,月先出日後出。懸於空中。收付於胎中。至陽之物,自湧泉穴而上升, 自合於胎中。法輪再轉矣。 此胎成之驗也。 息停脈住兮,性定道胎圓。 口無呼吸。手無六脉。白髮還黑。 落齒復生。胎圓之驗也。 嬰兒現形兮,超脫在上田。 自太玄關,上升泥丸。端拱冥心。合於自然。寂滅爲樂也。 陰盡陽純兮,雪花自飄天。 全無昏沉散亂。白雪紛紛。出神之驗也。卽以出神可也。 初出三界兮,切防外魔堅。 愼勿驚懼,卽從頂門而出。在一二尺虛空,寧而待之。一輪金光,懸於當空。此煉形之至寶也。以陽神近於光,歛而藏之。更入凡軀,長定不已也。初出定時,若有外魔之現相,一切莫認而除之。 以上煉炁化神也。 乳哺三年兮,面壁又九年。 乳哺者,在上田而存養出入。卽煉神還虛也。面壁者定而又定,煉虛合道也。身外有身,雖爲奇特。虛空粉碎,方露全眞。 功圓行滿兮,逍遙紫金仙。 三千功圓。八百行滿。上報四恩。下濟三途。天下有道,與物皆昌。天下無道,修德就閑。千歲厭世,乘彼白雲。以遊大羅。是爲上品天仙也。拔七祖父母,同亨 (享) 極樂無彊,孝莫大焉。救一切衆生,永離苦厄,聖莫加焉。 然非人莫傳。古之戒也。 译者附言: 1. 迄今为止(2018年底),仅发现数种韩文本《대도밀인가(大道密印歌)》。推测是由全炳薰先生,或由他的弟子传入韩国。2. 此文系由韩文本翻译成中文。仍采用韩文本的段落。所用韩文底本有两个。分别由 dosa@The Dao Bums 和 泄天机@漏尽阁提供。3. 文中括号里的字是校订后加入的。括号之前的字疑为转抄刻印过程中产生的错误。4. 在翻译和文字校订之后,做了断句并加了标点。所使用的韩译中软件Papago,由 泄天机@漏尽阁 推荐。5. 参与韩文本发掘和解读的,有漏尽阁网友:同尘散人,蜀宾,先天诀, 泄天机, 玉溪, 東昌, 无极而生, 玄妙之道, 言日中。(按在该话题首次发表回复及点评的时间排序。)6. 感谢网友 dosa@The Dao Bums,在发掘和翻译校订过程中所提供的帮助。7. 感谢漏尽阁提供版面,使得此一宝贵修真古籍的初期发掘,整理和翻译得以完成。