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  1. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    Taoism has different branches, and only some branches are based on the theory of Jing, Qi, Shen.
  2. Translation please

    林弼臣 萬應濕毒藥膏 耑治 皮膚濕毒 週身痕癢 亁濕疥癩 小兒胎毒 汗班(斑?)各癬 油螆角虱 及 皮面起粒 水流如珠 遠年爛脚 冷天裂手 無名腫毒 均能治之 治法 每日搽一次 倘遇出水難搽 用布開貼
  3. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    Thanks for the detailed answers on my questions. The unique emptied mind may be able to help on getting pre-heaven qi, but the body has to be under certain conditions, too. Also, "emptied" is “空”,not “虚”。 Many people take Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine as two different things.
  4. Some ancient Chinese pillows in a museum of China:
  5. The difference between Chi Kung and Nei Kung

    The term Chi Kung (Qigong, 气功) appeared in mainland of China since 1950s, but the term Nei Kung (Neigong, 内功) appeared in China earlier (about 100+ years?) than Chi Kung. Like what mjjbecker mentioned, qigong practices were widely promoted for health reasons among all ages of people including patients. Nei Kung is a kind of Kung Fu to generate the internal forces for martial arts, or a kind of exercise to benefit the interanl organs for meditation, etc.
  6. The way you all act in this forum

    Sorry, I know nothing about OpenDao. You are right, 70,000 years ago there are no schools yet. If a few schools need a long time to be developed, they would not be simple or easy to learn. Some people collect complaints so they can make better products. Critic information can help other consumers, too. Thanks for the link. From my point of view, they did not understand 性命法诀明指.
  7. The way you all act in this forum

    Some people can handle multiple schools but not everyone is able to do it. Doing multiple schools at the same time or jumping from one school to another may cause troubles. The book "Taoist Yoga: alchemy and immortality" is not a good translation of "性命法诀明指".
  8. If I do it, I will translated the title word to word from Chinese to English. The title has three words, “性命”,“法诀”, and “明指”, and I will translated the last word to "in plain Chinese".
  9. For Chinese, if they are second generation immigration and they are in the age of 20s -50s, it would be less than 3%? When they get older they might start to learn Qigong or Taichi. For third generation immigration, it may be less than 1%.
  10. It is good to see someone pointed out errors in the book "Taoist Yoga". From my point of view, Charles Luk could not correctly translate the Title of the book of Master Chao Pi Ch'en, and that is a big mistake.
  11. Sexual Jing: Is It Really Limited (?)

    “there is a limited amount of sexual JIng",is not based on any Qigoing or theory or book, it is based on the life-span of many Kings in the history of China. They had more sex, they died sooner.
  12. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    Some schools believe that Yuan Jing hides in a location inside of the body. Regular people cannot control Yuan Jing at all.
  13. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    If we take Yuan Jing as unformed clay, this smart clay can mold itself into many number of shapes, each having their different qualities and uses. Once molded, it may be impossible to remold it again.
  14. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    Thanks for your explanation. It seems for me that 'Inferior Virtue' and 'Superior Virtue' are not schools.
  15. Daozang for non-chinese speakers?

    It is good to see different views, and you may be right. For poems, I do not think any translating tools can do good jobs. For Neidan related poems, It is very hard for any people or professional translators to get a 1,000 years old poem translated 100% correct. BTW, I tried the first poem of《金丹詩訣》with Google Translate, and the result is not too bad. 半斤真汞半斤铅,隐在灵源太极先。须趁子时当采取,炼成金液入丹田。 Half a catty of mercury, half a catty of lead, hidden in the source of Taiyuan. When it is necessary to take it, it will be converted into gold liquid into Dantian.