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  1. Blue Light

    Hi "I'd say you probably want to do some deep introspection about why these phenomena make you uncomfortable before proceeding with FP practice." I don't require deep introspection to know why these phenomena make me uncomfortable. a.) These are abnormal in the general human population. b.) I don't know the source or mechanics of these phenomena. c.) I don't know the consequences of these phenomena.
  2. Blue Light

    Hello, As I mentioned in a recent post, I am just beginning the FP series. Haven't noticed any blue light or aura, and am not particularly interested in doing so. Is this something people necessarily experience? Does it go away if one quits practicing? Seems metaphysical and slightly unsettling.
  3. Breathing Percentages

    Hello, I am just beginning the first DVD of the Flying Phoenix series. I am wondering how close to the inhalation-exhalation percentages one has to be for it to be effective (or how far off one has to be to have negative effects). I am likely over-analyzing, but it seems I can't be certain as to what 40% is. Also, assuming one practices the first series (1st DVD), how long before one practices the second? Third? Does one practice Everything in one day (1st DVD, 2nd DVD, etc.)? Thanks much.
  4. Has anyone heard of this series? Specifically this I found this in an old box. I have heard people say generally good things about him.
  5. Non-Taoists, Non-Buddhists?

    I think there are too many terms here that are either esoteric or vague for me to comment. I just don't agree about this "source". I believe that there are objective truths. I don't believe in syncretism.
  6. Non-Taoists, Non-Buddhists?

    No. I have not sought such an article. The burden of proof is on the more outrageous claim. I do admit to being a bit snobbish when it comes to academic and pseudo-academic articles. The linked article has--in my view--irrelevant footnotes, that is, few to underscore the big claims. It's the sort of stuff you find on the History Channel.
  7. Non-Taoists, Non-Buddhists?

    Hi, I'm not sure why you are directing these quotes at me.
  8. Non-Taoists, Non-Buddhists?

    Thanks. I appreciate the thought and the welcome. I enjoy keeping things amicable between everyone. Truly wanting the best for everyone. Then again, that's why people discuss issues they think are important. I can understand that you might not regard Taoism as a religion. However, it depends on how you define "religion". I think most people believe religion concerns systems that answer existential questions, have a supernatural element, have rituals, etc. In some sense I could see how most far-eastern religions are more philosophical than "religious", especially Confucianism. Yet, in most books, Buddhism and Taoism make the cut. Regards
  9. Non-Taoists, Non-Buddhists?

    Now you're talking.
  10. Non-Taoists, Non-Buddhists?

    Old hat; I've heard many times before. I could send you to a hundred websites. Unconvincing. Thanks.
  11. Non-Taoists, Non-Buddhists?

    I don't view the world the same way. I suppose I am more "Western" in my application of reason.
  12. Non-Taoists, Non-Buddhists?

    It is a matter of self-identification. Any time you make an "I am..." statement, a description (quite probably, a label, follows). We do this with the outside world: "these are flowers", "those are tires". You seem to have an ambivalent relationship with self-identification and describing the world-at-large. (Maybe I don't understand your position). Thanks.
  13. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Thanks much. Out of curiosity, is the Tao Tan Pai something that can produce this Kundalini syndrome (or something like it)? I have always wondered why people engage in Kundalini practice, when it is not infrequent that harmful effects are a consequence (and not uncomplicated to undo).
  14. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Thanks. I would very much enjoy an explanation from Sifu Terry at some point. Best regards.
  15. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hi, Thanks much for the response. One item was unclear: " there is no issue unless you believe there is something to worry about." If there is nothing to worry about (per my original question, such as the Kundalini syndrome-like effects), then there wouldn't be anything to worry about.