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Found 5 results

  1. Blue Light

    Hello, As I mentioned in a recent post, I am just beginning the FP series. Haven't noticed any blue light or aura, and am not particularly interested in doing so. Is this something people necessarily experience? Does it go away if one quits practicing? Seems metaphysical and slightly unsettling.
  2. Breathing Percentages

    Hello, I am just beginning the first DVD of the Flying Phoenix series. I am wondering how close to the inhalation-exhalation percentages one has to be for it to be effective (or how far off one has to be to have negative effects). I am likely over-analyzing, but it seems I can't be certain as to what 40% is. Also, assuming one practices the first series (1st DVD), how long before one practices the second? Third? Does one practice Everything in one day (1st DVD, 2nd DVD, etc.)? Thanks much.
  3. Hello, I have recently become interested in Flying Phoenix Chi Kung. I have studied various forms of Chinese martial arts for most of my adult life (mostly external) along with some Chen Tai Chi. I am interested in the health benefits of Flying Phoenix, but have no interest in Taoism or Buddhism. I have studied them and have no misgivings about remaining Catholic. Incidentally, I have no need for syncretism, nor for obscure forms of christianity. In short, are there other people who self-identify as "Christian" who practice Flying Phoenix Chi Kung? I ask because there seem to be a great many people who practice eastern religions here and wonder if I am quite alone. P.S. This is not intended to stir a debate relevant to the truth content of various religions. Thanks, Sulo
  4. I've been practicing Gary Clyman's Tidal Wave Chi Kung for a while. I like it but I'd like to add a more medically based practice. I am pondering either getting the first two Flying Phoenix DVDs or Ted Mancuso's "Blossoms in the Spring". I like that the "Blossoms in the Spring" practice appears to be fairly short and self contained but I haven't heard too much about it. People seem very happy with Flying Phoenix but it is much larger and could turn into a much longer practice. Any thoughts on either of these as a complement to Clyman's system?
  5. I was browsing the web and saw a set of VHS tapes for Terry's Flying Phoenix chi kung. My first question is does anyone know if there are differences between content on the VHS and DVD? I saw, for one example, a 50 part chi kung form on the VHS and a 20 part form on DVD. Does anyone know why this difference? Is there a reason the 20 step form is more complete than the 50 step? I plan to buy the VHS tapes and have them converted to DVD, but wanted to save the money if there was a reason not to. (I just began FP and it produces splendid results.) Norbu