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Found 13 results

  1. Introduction

    Hey, I`m Frank; I am a novicee qigong. I would like to get access to the Flying Phoenix thread since I am focussing on this system. Thanks
  2. Hello! I've been involved in quite intense practice of spirituality aiming towards nondual realization for the last couple of years (meditation, trying to maintain "witness consciousness" as much as possible etc). On this path, I also stumbled on repressed emotions, energetic blockages, bodily contractions etc, and am currently experiencing quite intense and "restless" energy my body most of the time. For these reasons, I've also gotten involved in both different kinds of psychological work, as well as energy work. The energy work part of this path is primarily why I'm here. I've done different kinds of energy work (e.g. tai chi, reiki, different forms of qi gong) in the past, and in general not had much benefit or even effect from most of them. Quite recently I did some kundalini yoga (mostly Sat Kriya daily), and at least this seemed to have a bit more effect than most of the others. One of the possible effects was that I seemed to develop a back pain. Eventually I felt that that probably wasn't the ideal practice for me, perhaps too forceful or otherwise not the best fit currently. I stumbled upon a criticism of kundalini yoga from a qi gong perspective, where it was claimed that K.Y. focuses too much on raising the energy, whereas including also downwards movement would be beneficial to many, as is the case with most qi gong, e.g. with the "microcosmic orbit". This felt intuitively like it might be useful for me, so I started to look into qi gong again a bit more. After random connections, I ended up finding a thread here that recommended Flying Phoenix qi gong, and then got the first DVDs. So, long story short, I've now started practicing the Flying Phoenix qi gong from the first DVD as a kind of supplemental / adjunct part of my general nonduality path. The DVD leaves some things unclear (e.g. what kind of short daily practice routine would be recommended for 10-20 min per day), so first thing I want to do is to start reading the apparently massive thread (which I saw mentioned at TaichiMania website) at: flying phoenix chi kung Probably in the beginning I won't be posting very much, as I assume that most of my questions have probably already been asked and answered in that thread...
  3. After a few years researching other methods (mainly Bruce Frantzis and hakka methods), I want to give a chance to the 4th and 5th DVD of the flying phoenix. Especially to sitting meditations. I was surprised to see that now the blog has no access ... or it is restricted (what happened?). I would like to have access to the instructions of Sifu Dunn, they have been useful for the previous DVDs. And I haven't read the other forums for a long time (although I was never registered until now). I'm sure I'll find interesting news ... Regards
  4. New practioner

    Hello, I am pretty much new to chi kung. Some months ago i purchased the first 3 Dvd volumes of Chi kung for Health (Flying Phoenix). I had started practicing this March for a week, but then as summer came around, I for some reason stopped (time constraints mostly). However, now I feel ready to start again and have discovered that there is apparently a thread just on this topic here! But how do I access it? Thanks, looking forward to practice! Rob
  5. Just Started

    Just started. Have had some on/off experience of Tai Chi and would like to start a regular CHi Kung practice. The Flying Phoenix stuff looks interesting.
  6. Stepping forward

    /respectfulbow Hello — and I will express now gratitude over this situation of “exchange” with this space-group. I am filling these details and this story out in this realm so that I may more clearly get a sense of reflection and a more precise angle on viewing the source and extent of what I will loosely call “my” energies and trajectory. For those who choose to embark on any part of this written journey, I offer my blessings and a respectful nod and a warm smile. I welcome to meet with any form of interaction you may wish to contribute to this thread. I demonstrated what I would call now “high levels” of natural presence and awareness as a child. As I grew and began developing and exploring, I consumed various “toxins” which were seemingly carried to me in such containers in my universe such as: (riding within the energies of) my parents, my younger sister, my parents cohorts...adherents of the Church of Christ movement as uniquely expressed in the Midwest USA “skin/coloring/version”, and Public Schooling. . . and when I say “toxins”, the main categories of this container are: [human-social-nettings](fear, anger, attachment, delusion, suffering, existential anxiety, survivalist-primal-level unconscious selfishness, energy vampirism, great exuberant passion and feelings of love toward abstract concepts that I couldn’t connect to, sexual guilt and shame, dread, the downcast qualities which only the thoroughly oppressed and defeated personalities would express), [environmental-toxins](Food from Walmart, fast-food, artificial food completely divorced from the vitality of life)(Polluted first decade was 1990-2000...urban environment) and [Trauma] such as circumcision, etc., etc. Well okay, 28 years in and this all feels largely flushed out of my system, some mental and emotional and energetic remnants still in there I sense...sure, but we are working on this everyday...and sure, I am not presently located in a nature sanctuary either. One part of my journey has been ingesting plants such as cannabis, mushrooms, and some occasions with not as gentle things such as LSD, MDMA, and DMT. Okay, so those insights have been helpful but also tied into pockets of psychosis and auric tears maybe that developed during some of these experiences, and there has been a lot of uncertainty and confusion present. . . I certainly didn’t seem to have a strong enough Root to stay grounded and integrated during some of these sure, there are some knots here blocking clear presence and energy, but as before we are working on this everyday. I have seen and felt a lot of different Realms... I have always had moments of lightly having a “mostly vague” feeling/sense/awareness that there were other beings that I could not perceive around me... I have perceived and exchanged feelings and telepathy with “angelic beings” as well as felt “pressed on”, “pulled down”, and even “penetrated” by “Shadow-Monster-influenced beings”...I have felt telepathy and full grokking empathy with other humans and animals and insects...and weather patterns and physical objects. I am Beyond using plants (mostly)...(the desire and longing is certainly there)... I have been exposed via a live-in situation to Tibetan Buddhism as expressed in the Shambhala Buddhism Tradition. Different yoga forms before that. . . Hatha, Kundalini. . .different Tantric experiences... Some of the Xientienwujimen hermit lineage qigong. Just the intro-levels. Some different intuitive forms express themselves through my energy at times, and have taught me...but some of these experiences are also merged with different plant experiences so the integrity and validity of these movements have confusion surrounding them. I invested in 5 of Siri Terry Dunn’s Chi Kung for health DVD’s...Flying Phoenix Tradition...practiced across the first three with varying degrees of regularity. I felt stable wellness and great things...but drifted away for some circumstance or another. It is calling me back I believe. I recently came across the Falun Gong \ Falun Dafa movement, and was Immediately delighted to begin displaying fervent obsession and excitement over everything about it: the potency of the energy cultivation, the language and aesthetic of the View and Practice, but while reading other mentions of Falun Gong various energies of doubt and uncertainty have reached me, and so practicing feels unstable and I am not as ease with it for whatever circumstance. And now I find myself here, feeling gratitude as I fill out these details and this story for my own self-clarification as well as for a Stylized and Graceful entry into this realm. I largely feel more stable, sovereign, and capable than I have ever been before, and I am on this indescribable path of enlightenment. I have an inclination to stick with one path all the way, and at the same time I have an inclination and apparent aptitude toward synthesizing a unique and powerful new type of vehicle to progress down the Great Path in style (because why not?) In any case the horizon of my life in my world seems infinite and compelling, and I am allowing myself to be led by curiosity and love as I shatter beyond all limitations and illusions.
  7. Hi!

    Hello, been a lurker of this forum for a while and decided to join! Have practiced flying phoenix qi gong and other practices since 2013. I look forward to gaining more knowledge and experience from you all.
  8. Hello there

    Hello everyone, I'm glad to be on this forum with all of you, I'm very interested in certain qi gong practices that are on this forum, but it seems that I need to be approved first to be able to see the thread. Warmly, Daomode.
  9. Blue Light

    Hello, As I mentioned in a recent post, I am just beginning the FP series. Haven't noticed any blue light or aura, and am not particularly interested in doing so. Is this something people necessarily experience? Does it go away if one quits practicing? Seems metaphysical and slightly unsettling.
  10. Breathing Percentages

    Hello, I am just beginning the first DVD of the Flying Phoenix series. I am wondering how close to the inhalation-exhalation percentages one has to be for it to be effective (or how far off one has to be to have negative effects). I am likely over-analyzing, but it seems I can't be certain as to what 40% is. Also, assuming one practices the first series (1st DVD), how long before one practices the second? Third? Does one practice Everything in one day (1st DVD, 2nd DVD, etc.)? Thanks much.
  11. Hello, I have recently become interested in Flying Phoenix Chi Kung. I have studied various forms of Chinese martial arts for most of my adult life (mostly external) along with some Chen Tai Chi. I am interested in the health benefits of Flying Phoenix, but have no interest in Taoism or Buddhism. I have studied them and have no misgivings about remaining Catholic. Incidentally, I have no need for syncretism, nor for obscure forms of christianity. In short, are there other people who self-identify as "Christian" who practice Flying Phoenix Chi Kung? I ask because there seem to be a great many people who practice eastern religions here and wonder if I am quite alone. P.S. This is not intended to stir a debate relevant to the truth content of various religions. Thanks, Sulo
  12. I've been practicing Gary Clyman's Tidal Wave Chi Kung for a while. I like it but I'd like to add a more medically based practice. I am pondering either getting the first two Flying Phoenix DVDs or Ted Mancuso's "Blossoms in the Spring". I like that the "Blossoms in the Spring" practice appears to be fairly short and self contained but I haven't heard too much about it. People seem very happy with Flying Phoenix but it is much larger and could turn into a much longer practice. Any thoughts on either of these as a complement to Clyman's system?
  13. I was browsing the web and saw a set of VHS tapes for Terry's Flying Phoenix chi kung. My first question is does anyone know if there are differences between content on the VHS and DVD? I saw, for one example, a 50 part chi kung form on the VHS and a 20 part form on DVD. Does anyone know why this difference? Is there a reason the 20 step form is more complete than the 50 step? I plan to buy the VHS tapes and have them converted to DVD, but wanted to save the money if there was a reason not to. (I just began FP and it produces splendid results.) Norbu