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  1. Yin/Yang . . . Feminine and Masculine (?)

    Good point. That is why I said "some people need" Getting back to topic I must say that I have seen [many] man-like women (and the energy footprint was also man-like) And I'm noticing woman-like man (more and more of them through time). So this is really complicated. Having man or woman genitals doesn't mean your Qi would be tending to yin or yang most. That is individually, in my humble opinion
  2. Well, I see this is an attempt to make a good joke. How are you going to check if the MCO opened or not if you don't have it open yourself? Also regarding third eye... oh come on! Are you serious?! I bet Third Eye is something which only few people really has and can use. OR They'd say something like "There are over 9999 levels of third eye open. You are at the level 2. I'm [local teacher] at the level 234 and Buddha was 9999 level. Now give me all your money and I'll teach you all I know..." UPD: "And one day you'll achieve Buddha level" - that is what they say. People really like playing games nowadays...
  3. Just wondering how is it possible to evaluate so precisely...
  4. Are Secrets Really Necessary . . . (?)

    Yes, that is exactly what I was saying. I was talking also about the things which are preferred to be kept as a secret in the MA Schools. AFAIK not a single true martial artist who attained Master Skill will teach ALL the secrets he knows. Always keeping something which makes him more powerful than the students Why is that? Well, too simple - to not allow bastards to steal the techniques. Only after the disciple is "tested" it is possible for the Teacher to hand over the Tradition. --- IMHO all the above
  5. Huo Hou Tu Translation

    With all due respect to this project, this is what they say: Well, that's a disappointment I've found two articles about Huo Hou Tu, but they both are in Chinese, so that will take time to translate... http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_95249dd10101hbma.html http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_56184f9c0102wadl.html
  6. Does music deplete qi/jing?

    Hello! The time has passed, Practice went well I feel cleanness and fresh ...
  7. Are Secrets Really Necessary . . . (?)

    Hello Michael. Thank you for this story. I'd like to notice that knife fighting technique might not only include work with the knife. It may also keep more internal aspects of self-cultivation. And THESE might be really dangerous for other people. Like for instance the behavior of that person would change so that he will become dangerous regardless if he has a knife
  8. Yin/Yang . . . Feminine and Masculine (?)

    Right, however it's turns out to be not so simple. For example some people need yin-qi to balance their excessive yang-qi. And that doesn't mean the need to get sick or get pain This reminds me that famous picture: Light doesn't cast shadows =)
  9. Yin/Yang . . . Feminine and Masculine (?)

    This thread might be useful: Considering the "Immortal" as a pure Yang and human as Yin&Yang we can't say that Masculinity is something above of the yin&yang Otherwise all the "immortals" would be masculinum and we now that according to the 8 immortals it is not the case At least I know a lot of men who are far not the "immortals"
  10. Are Secrets Really Necessary . . . (?)

    Just curious where is the topic starter... P.S.
  11. Are Secrets Really Necessary . . . (?)

    All the secrets are on the surface and looks really obvious when you realize them. However, you can spend 10 years for realizing them through your practice OR (!) Find a teacher who already did it for you. And yes teacher will take his price for that knowledge. Fair? Fair enough. We can say this about common things like mastership, but what about spirituality? What about higher stages of the practice? Not talking about "dangerousness" of the secret knowledge, I'd say that this knowlenge should have high price like all the precious things are. And it should be kept in a secret like all the similar things in the world are.
  12. Questions On Confucianism

    Thank you @Zhongyongdaoist for your contribution, It was really interesting because you showed up the aspects of Confucianism I (and probably someone else here) was not aware of. This fully answers my question (Could the Confucionism be the good base for the Daoism - so YEAH!) And also it says that Confucianism is a complete knowledge. We all know that time is going in the circles and for each time there is only one key perfectly fit. So I guess Confucianism was really a requirement for the time it was at the TOP. Considering that and recognizing the Confucianism as complete system. Shall we elaborate alittle on how can we apply the principles of Confucionism to our lives/practice. So everyone can benefit from it? Sorry for my ignorance but I'd like to ask how this principle 仁 could be reflected in human/practicioner life? Or shall we maybe start with something more simple like 礼 (ritual)? Thank you
  13. Does music deplete qi/jing?

    Could you please describe what exactly is happening during listening to this. I mean can you feel your heart is cleaning? Thank you.
  14. Are Secrets Really Necessary . . . (?)

    Have you ever being to China taking lessons from Masters there? While we have big community here we still are learning from Chinese (Masters, Books, Daoism, Confucianism etc.) Well, perhaps I should better say "I still learning from Chinese"
  15. Does music deplete qi/jing?

    Thank you. I have the same understanding! What do you think of the chorus above. Does it clean your heart? Does it depleates qi, jing, shen? What do you think?