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  1. Xing & Ming in the Daoist Tradition The first paragraph of a recent article I and another member of the American Dragon Lineage recently wrote. In the Daoist worldview, the end goal of attaining the Source or Origins is by cultivating our ultimate nature (xing), and our life-destiny (ming). These concepts are two of the many complex concepts informing Daoist cultivation. In the early phases of the Daoist tradition, these concepts were thought of as a single unity. As the Daoist view evolved, innate nature and life-destiny became differentiated into two distinct entities. Innate nature became recognized as our original and inherent nature which is connected to the Dao (The Way). Innate nature is also perceived as our heart-mind (xin) with which we were born, thus innate nature is associated with the heart and spirit (shen). Life-destiny became known as our fate as decreed from the intelligence of Heaven. Life-destiny is associated with the kidneys and vital essence (jing-one of the three treasures). Both states are cultivated through stillness practices and movement practices like qigong, daoyin, and other yangsheng methods. In the process, we undertake these states as a dual cultivation of innate nature and life-destiny, which culminates in an ultimate state of Stillness, the same as the ultimate reality, the Dao. The rest of this article is available for members of the American Dragon Gate Lineage. A new membership level was recently created. Contact shifu Michael for details:
  2. How exactly does females drain our Jing

    From a Daoist and Chinese medicine perspective, our Jing or vital essence is stored in the Kidneys. It is closely connected to our physical sperm as men and menstrual fluid as women. Jing is also more than that, but that's another story. One way we lose this Jing is through sexual release, whichever way. So it's not the female who takes it, that's a very sexist way of thinking, but for whatever reason, when we release it, we are loosing some of our vital essences. It is said when all our Jing is used or lost, we are dead.
  3. As a qigong teacher of many years I understand how difficult it can be to learn qigong. Many of my students tell me the same thing-knocked around by different approaches, limited videos or even books, or teachers who expect their students to have unlimited finances. I know many well-known qigong teachers in the USA, and I am so disappointed of the amount of money they charge for their studies. My certification studies were never very high and I even lowered them when the pandemic hit. As a result I have even more students and many of them from the UK, Canada, and throughout the USA. It is important to have a single approach to learning qigong. Jumping from one topic to another without a grounding commonality is not the best way. New students need a basic foundation in Chinese medicine, the core qigong/Daoist principles, a system of qigong which is broad but unified and has depth. Meditation is a part of the history of Daoist cultivation and should be an essential part of qigong cultivation. If you feel inclined to what I offer, visit my web site. shifu Michael
  4. New member-shifu Michael

    Thanks for the welcome. I do find the structure of how to move around on the site a little confusing. Hopefully, I'll figure it out., shifu Michael
  5. New member-shifu Michael

    Hello to all. I am glad to join your group of interested Daoist practitioners. I know there are many approaches to Daoist practice; I respect them all but will represent the path I have lived for the last 25 years. shifu Michael, founder of the American Dragon Gate Lineage, a branch of the Longmen-22nd generation, Lichangdao.
  6. Daoist Training

    I am glad to be a new member of the Dao Bums in order to share my take on what it is like to be a Daoist priest from a western perspective. I was ordained in 2003 and again in 2016 as a 22nd generation Longmen priest. In 2006 I founded a western based lineage based on the teachings of the Quanzhen tradition. I am also influenced by many years of Buddhist training and a few years in the Catholic monastic contemplative traditions. I offer qigong training, general Daoist training and for those wanting the additional commitment, training to become an ordained priest of the American Dragon Gate Lineage.