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  1. Decrease sexual energy

    My wife is telling me I'm sounding more like Barry White .
  2. Decrease sexual energy

    Yes, I was looking for some practical answers! Thanks Blissdao
  3. Decrease sexual energy

    I can now relate and understand from where your point of views are coming from on this specific topic. By the way can you recommend a few good books on this subject?
  4. Decrease sexual energy

    Oh Maddie, if you knew how much I enjoyed some of those encounters! Lol I understand your point, and I do agree with you to a certain extent...
  5. Decrease sexual energy

    Enlighten me....What is your opinion on this?
  6. Decrease sexual energy

    I think we are all in this together. Deep down in the rabbit whole there are no victims.
  7. Decrease sexual energy

    I will try to implement what you said: instead of focusing on the object I should focus on the feeling..
  8. Decrease sexual energy

    Usually it's through vivid dreams. It can also be normal entities like us who just wants to have sex. The succubus is a whole different kind of energy which you probably know. The dreams are so vivid that i can tell who the woman is in real life. The smell of her skin.. etc.... But what I am experiencing right now is pretty much a consequence of my practice. I can feel the basic Chakra "turned on". I usually feel the chakras on top of my head and my forehead on a regular basis. Anyway if it's a succubus the energy is quite heavy and you don't feel well. Which is not the case at the moment.
  9. Decrease sexual energy

    Good point. So what's my next step?
  10. Decrease sexual energy

    Thanks for that. For a moment what you said enlightened me. I will pay attention to the sexual desire itself.
  11. Decrease sexual energy

    Yes, I know. I've had many experiences in the field of succubus attack which I find quite fascinating but yet deleterious to my physical/mental health. But my original question is concerning the excess of energy to do internal practices. There is a cause and effect situation here because I just started to do theses practices and I've noticed a change in my sexual energy.
  12. Decrease sexual energy

    I've notice that my sexual energy is really high. I'm assuming it's because of all the energy work I have been doing lately through tai chi and standing meditation. It's something that I never felt before, and it's a bit uncomfortable. Which exercises are recommended to balance the sexual energy? Thanks!
  13. The Basics

  14. The Basics

    I seem to have a pretty good Tai Chi teacher. He's hands on. Lots of teaching on internal aspect of tai chi. His classes are almost like a work out. He comes to your side and "molds you": he puts put in the right form. I feel blessed that I found him, but there's another aspect that I'm curious about which is neigong, the internal alchemy, the meditational practices etc. It seems that they can go hand in hand with my tai chi practices, so lately I've been looking to get into this practice, but I don't want to overwhelm my self. I do meditate. It's not something new to me. Anyway that's why I am looking for a program, somewhere to start.
  15. How to delete a post

    Hi guys,how do you delete a post? I can't seem to find the right icon... Thanks