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  1. The spirituality of Mr. Rogers

    I find Ms. Manitou's comments interesting and fair.
  2. Maybe I missed the point of telling a secret. I would expect another to do the same without judgement or an attempt a psychoanalysis. How is it that another can put their own "spin" on something disclosed. If feedback were to be kept on "I"...by giving an example or identifying with the feeling, then it would be received as helpful. I did not ask for an interpretation, nor did I give permission to provide counseling in this matter. I am not looking for a spiritual awakening, or a religion to follow. I am not angry with you for trying to help. I just think that it is risky for one to assume that you are being looked up to.
  3. The spirituality of Mr. Rogers

    I just watched some Mr. Rogers, and Tom Hanks doing Mr. Rogers. Now this is just a clinical observation and nothing more or less. Mr. Rogers sounds a lot like "the Church Lady" on SNL. And Tom Hanks is not dead on as far as his impersonation of Mr. Rogers. Not believable to me. Does anyone know what happened to the 20M Mr. Rogers was awarded/granted.
  4. The spirituality of Mr. Rogers

    Whenever I took on a new client, I was not interested in someone else's impression. I wanted to create my own impression through direct observation. So, no I haven't read the links you provided. I did watch the videos provided about Mr. Rogers, and recalled those times I did watch him. I suppose growing up in a tough neighborhood influenced my personal criticism of the show, the "niceness", and warm fuzzy phrases mouthed by Mr. Rogers. The content and context seemed to be for children. My childhood was short lived, painful, and traumatic both at home and school. So no, I did not get very much out of Mr. Rogers. He was more like the man my mother told me to stay away from. You know, "stranger danger." Pedophiles, bums, greasers, gang fights, wandering tough guys, mentally challenged, rape, Schizophrenics were common. We lived in our area, and you stayed in yours. I don't think there was a hidden agenda, or conspiracy surrounding Mr. Rogers Productions. My posting has to do with warning people not to get sentimental about a movie or a man. I urge people to do their own thinking.
  5. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Nine Years living with the Indians
  6. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Don't spit in the wind!
  7. The spirituality of Mr. Rogers

    O.K. back to Mr. Rogers. Remember that Tom Hanks does not work for free. The movie is suppose to give all of us warm, fuzzy feelings. There are lines to learn, behaviors to do, clothes to wear, takes and retakes and so on. We will never know what was really in the heart of Mr. Rogers...remember he got paid too, and probably the parents of the little kiddies as well. So, was Mr. Rogers a good guy or just a fabricated image like the band called the "Monkeys." Probably the latter.
  8. The spirituality of Mr. Rogers

    Addendum: If you're wondering how I can be so candid about my life, well it is easy. When I was drinking and drugging I didn't mind you seeing me out there. I didn't even notice. There is no walk of shame here especially at my age. And there isn't anyone out there that hasn't done, said, did, failed to do anything that hasn't been already said and done by me.
  9. The spirituality of Mr. Rogers

    I couldn't tolerate performing in a lounge or bar unless I was well known and the audience respected me enough to be quiet and enjoy. I tried my hand at keyboard (inspired by the Band, Chicago). My second wife made fun of my piece as nothing more than playing scales. My first wife did not mind the 12 string I played. I really liked the musical arrangements of Boston and tried to emulate the fullness of their sound. It took Tom Schultz five years to put his first album together. He played all the instruments. "I love Amanda, and a Man I'll never be." "Hitchin a Ride" has some wonderful riffs. In case your trying to figure it, out everybody, I have been married two times and lived with a women I knew from the 60's. I love women and being married, but you have to have the right one. The two that dropped me off at the court house didn't improve their lives by this decision. The woman I lived with was afraid to get married, so I moved on. I am not going to blame them. I had my part in it all. Now I am too old to mess up. Got a good one who likes and loves me. And we work hard to keep it together and forever. Still learning.
  10. The spirituality of Mr. Rogers

    I told a friend who asked me about my exercise regimen that I was "cut". To be more honest, I have some fat on my belly with a six pack behind it...arms, legs, and head have some definition. I have arthritis in both thumbs, hip, and right shoulder. Deformed knuckles from Karate conditioning. I have scoliosis in my spinal column with right orientation. I have good posture and minimal to moderate pain where the arthritis is located. As long as I keep stretching and working out, my range of motion is good. I have edited "focal."
  11. As I wait for twilight to turn into unconscious sleep, I imagine that there is a 1,700 degree F fire just outside my door. I can't touch it. Smoke is seeping in from the sides and underneath the door. My dog has been awaken from its slumber. The status of my wife is undetermined because her bedroom is just on the other side of the door. I scream for her. No answer. Where is she? I look at the window and well which its egress takes me to the outside. How can I leave without knowing where my wife is. And then I am asleep after abandoning this frightening image.
  12. I am not at the center of the Universe. I see myself flowing with the flotation of the Earth. It would be a scary thing if gravity gave out. I see Dorothy inside her house inside the winds of a tornado.
  13. Mantra/tantra for sex

    Lead with your heart and there should be a spiritual experience.
  14. Meditation - Doing vs Non-Doing

    Doing vs Non-Doing is tricky to understand. I think that doing without trying to control the outcome is non-doing. As I learn archery there are times when I let the bow string go, and the arrow seems to have a life of its own while it makes its way to the target. All I have done is pull the bow string back and let it go. I have done something but I cannot control the flight or direction of the arrow with absoluteness. Even the experienced "shooters" who are shooting very tight pie plate patterns are a little off dead center bullseye.
  15. The part of you that has never suffered

    My fingernail in and of itself, has never suffered because fundamentally it is non-feeling and non-organic. It is the tissue underneath that has sensory nerves and tissue that is subject to disease. My hair has never felt pain as evidenced by haircuts. Brain and skull bones have no pain receptors.