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  1. Yi Jin Jing

    Robert Peng's Yi Jin Jing is in another league, compared to what you commonly see. His has the proper reverse abdominal breathing and levels of intensity that the others don't have. This is the only version that I have seen, that actually really applies the bone marrow washing and tendon changing classics of Bodhidharma (the way Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming teaches). His Shaolin Sifu taught him this version. The instruction is very detailed. I've only followed up to the first 4 forms to try it out. To give an example there is this form where you stand similar to "hugging the tree" standing meditation, then you relax a little in that posture with normal breathing and then you start doing reverse abdominal breathing and really push the air out or your lungs at exhale, while you push your arms away, back and forth, with three sets of intensity, every time tightening and relaxing the muscles, joints, fascia and organs (according to the specific form). After doing couple of rounds= buzzing all over arms, chest and lungs (this form is focused on strengthening the lungs). You also use some intension and imagination, like your really pushing against something heavy. This practice is supposed to make you stronger on many levels. It's a Shaolin foundation practice that is supposed to make weak monks, not so weak anymore. I don't like many of his practices, but this one is special.
  2. Hello

    Hi Qube. Welcome to thedaobums and Flying Phoenix. Im also South African. Been practicing FP vol 1&2 on and off (mostly off) for couple years. Had some problems in life come up and some body discomfort in some areas that I have since improved. Will soon start practicing again and join the discussion.

    I guess I'm going back to Flying Phoenix. I used to love Flying Phoenix. To be honest I believe it is better at healing than SYG. But SYG has some other nice things. The only 2 problems that I have with FP is that it takes a much longer time to do (2+hours), especially in the beginning 1 - 2 years, untill you progress to DVD 4, when you do the long form meditation. The other problem was that I often had trouble sleeping, because of the huge energy boost that it gave me. I used to practice it in the afternoon because I do another practice in the morning.

    Yes there are many inconsistencies. Especially with the breath percentages. I really like this system, even more than flying phoenix. I haven't started the level 1 moving meds yet, but I already know there is something very special about SYG. I hope someone can help clarify what the real breath % is for the 2 standing moving meds in level 1 (and all the levels because the 2 moving meds % is the same for all 18 levels). I already know that Sifu Garry somehow put the wrong breath % for the 1st and 2nd static meds on his level 1 video: 80% 70% 30% instead of 80% 70% 50% and 80% 70% 50% instead of 90% 80% 70% 50% but then I bought the level 1 video from Its Jim Lacy's video and I have to say its nowhere near the instructional quality of Sifu Garry's videos. The 1st 3 meds are done by Lacy and the last med(long moving) is done by GM Doo Way. Now for the breath % on this video: Med 1: 3 full breaths to start 80 70 50 - 3 full breaths to come out Med 2: 3 full breaths to start 90 80 70 50 - 3 full breaths to come out Med 3: 3 full breaths to start 50 - 3 full breaths to come out (compared to 2 full breaths of Garry's level 1 video) Med 4: 2 full breaths to start 50 10 5 - ? full breaths to come out (compared to 3 full breaths of Garry's level 1 video) Meditation 4(long form moving) is done by GM Doo Way(does not break it down, just demos it). He(GM Doo Way) clearly says in the beginning "These meditations, the breathing sequence is all the same. You take a deep breath, you let it all out, you take another deep breath, let it all out, another deep breath let 50% out, another deep breath, let it all out, another deep breath let 10% out, another deep breath, let it all out and another deep breath, you let 5% out, another deep breath, let it all out and this is how we do the meditations, the movements." He doesn't say how many breaths to finish this meditation. I contacted and they said you finish with 3 breaths. The video is only 17min 32 sec long. Also I wonder if it would make such a huge difference if I just did 3 breaths at the start of all these meditations? Another interesting thing is that Lacy says, with the 3rd meditation that you should keep the hand on top of the other hand at the lower belly (whatever you call the mudra, so many names for the same mudra) for 5 min, before you do the moving meditation, so do the breath %, keep holding the mudra for 5min, then start with the moving part. Its very unfortunate that we have to go through so much crap, just so that we can actually do the practice. I have sent emails to Sifu Garry and Sifu Christer Wretfors in the past and got no reply. This is such a nice nei gong and I am greatfull that Garry put this on video for all to learn from, but there is so little support and the value for money is unfortunately questionable because of the high price and lack of clarity.
  5. Hello daobums community!

    Wow such a nice welcome. Thank you!
  6. Hello daobums community!

    Hello daobums community! I have been interested in indian yoga/tantric practice (doing satyananda yoga), as well as daoist energy practices (currently focusing on bak fu sunn yee gong) for some years. I have been reading this forum for some time and thought, why not become part of this great community.