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  1. There are many differences, as Rainbow said so eloquently. One of the key differences is that this is a theraputic treatment, where one nervous system is carefully and lovingly supporting another. Self cultivation such as tai chi, is one thing. But receiving the healing support of another nervous system allows for very deep levels of transformation and expansion that are not always accessible in a single cultivation practice. I have spent my life, since a teenager, studying this therapeutic relationship with self and others. Sometimes miracles really do occur, medically, this is the healing power of the body and what true support looks like. Very different chi, a deep state of relaxstion, as two nervous systems guide each other back to the heavenly way. My background is craniosacral.
  2. Spontaneous Cultivation Wu Wei Gong

    In my terms the defining nature of awareness, energy, intelligence is movement. Energy, chi, is always moving. However, stillness, samadhi, xu, or in the kabballah ein sof, is not moving. But neither is it dual, or in a polarity. Though it is relative to movement. Stillness permeates everything, it is purely transpersonal, the final destination. All biological beings, and all energy in the universe returns to this stillness. It maintains a homostatic equilibrium in the system, it is the most healing and balancing force in the body and outside the body. Even at rest our bones are not still. To the sensitive feeler, all the organs blood fascia bones in the body are in movement. A rhythmic fluidic pulsation the takes it,s queue from the highly charged cerebrospinal fluid washing the central nervous system. There are times however when things become still. We all know this feeling, the sudden hush in the cafe, the golden hour as the sun begins to set or the final sigh into sleep is very quiet. Just as a psychic or sensitive may see energy, you may train our sensory awareness to see feeel and perceive stillness, quietness. It often operates in the awareness as a hub, alost like a fluid fuzzy pool either inside a bone, in an aura, or even floating in the space above you. It is relatively more quiet then the energy swirling around it. The deeper you move into the hub, the more specific your attention on this quiet becomes the deeper it grows, and the deeper your system goes into stillness, towards samadhi. If you watch stillness you notice it often gathers in places most needing balance. A misaligned joint, a cancer cell, a wounded heart or in the roots of a tree. This is because when awareness moves into a non dual state it is miraculously balanced. Healed by the dao. The deeper you move your sense body into the hub of quiet, eventually, you reach a an event horizon. This event horizon is that to feel more deeply into that stillness is to dissolve the act of perception at all, the candle of awareness is snuffed out, and "you" attain samadhi, silence. One strange thing is that the hub of stillness will often move around the space deepening the quietude and bringing energy into balance. There also can be multiple hubs active simultaneously but that requires a highly developed sense body to track multiple hubs at once. I don't know if this is clear but it a very effective way of perceiving stillness and udoubedtly will deepen a meditative practice.
  3. Spontaneous Cultivation Wu Wei Gong

    Yes, in particular a hub formed around my left ball and socket joint, definitely had some physical layer repair. The tree also offered a small flowering limb to me, and asked me to return. I pLan to visit again with a blade. I will offer some hair in return.
  4. Spontaneous Cultivation Wu Wei Gong

    I agree. Intent to me seems a means to an end, preparing the mind body spirit to enter non dual awareness. I find the deepest healing beyond energetic awareness. The feeling of intent, even the most pure, begins to feel like bondage. A weight on the cosmos. When we abandon intent true true transformation seems to unfold. Because I practice healing with people the feedback is instantaneous, when I abandon my intent even to heal, the chi deepens, and the prenatal awareness in the body arises nourishing Jing chi shen. This is not to be mistaken for a lack of control, or being listless and ungrounded. In my experience the spirit is still rooted, embracing heaven and earth until wuji appears, then it all kind of goes back to nothing-issness...
  5. I have this experience of sitting, observing the field and all things around me. I listen deeply and perceive hubs of stillness gathering around me. These are like the space between breath and it permeates everything. Everything goes back into stillness. I share in this stillness. Now, one day I was sitting by this beautiful tree in bloom. I feel the presence of the tree sun earth air. Like a blanket of energy the tree wraps around me. My body is pushed and pulled by the energy around me, spiraling and contracting between heaven and earth much like in a formal qi gong form. But this is spontaneous, and happens without effort. I do not decide to crouch into my back leg, and pull chi into my core, rather just by being present it feels as though the Tao infuses my nervous system and it molds my body like clay. I feel hubs if stillness spiraling around places where energy is stagnant, and my body fluidly unwinds around those point. It feels as though the tree and sun earth sky are giving me a transmission of qi, and something deeper, glimpses of formlessness. The more I surrender the greater the effect becomes. I do this practice with other people, except this time I am sun moon tree stars and they are the body, being molded like clay by the tao, by merit of our non doing Is this what is meant by wu wei?
  6. Halo

    I appreciate that. Though some are undeniable more so than others. Not everyone goes deep into the woods at night searching for an endagered species of Lily and meditates with it, leaving offereings and coaxing a working relationship with the spirit over the course of months. Some do.
  7. Halo

    Mushrooms are my favorite! Food and medicine that is. I cultivate a deep working relationship with the "magical" varietals, and any substance of that nature. If you are truly listening they will tell you when where how much and how often. I am passionate but not overly excessive, there is a balance, and (un)fortunately have to show up and appear "normal" to my bodywork clients. Otherwise there would be a real danger of me becoming a crazed mushroom hermit hahah! Yeah I didn't find anything on the track. Must be buried somewhere. I am probably going to float around different forums and get the lay of the land and flow of the community, as well as dig deeper into my own practice before I post A LOT, but I will see you around. I did have a question about the Men's Cultivation seems I have to be around 6 months and have at least 200 posts to acess?? Is this true or am I misunderstanding?
  8. Halo

    Wonderful to make your aqcuaintance Marblehead! I can't say I have, though it sounds like it's worth poking around for. Heehee, materialist in what sense?
  9. Halo

    Hi, You can call me Azure, I am a newly practicing Taoist Internal arts in the lineage of Master Zhongxian Wu. Speficially Mt. Emui Sage Qigong and Dai Family Heart-Mind Xian Yi. My background is as a massage and craniosacral therapist. A natural empath/inuitive Piscean type. I was first drawn to the world of energetic medicine as a teen mostly as an act of self preservation (being highly overwhlemed by psychic stimuli and not knowing why). It is now a deep source of passion and internal strength. I also am very interested in the "Green Path" or Bioregional Animism here in my home of the Pacific Northwest USA. That is working with indigenous plant spirits and forming animistic connections to the land. This includes the ingestion of entheogens, which is also a passion of mine I am happy to discuss. I joined this forum to converse with like minded individuals such as yourselves and gain clarity in the vast world of Taoism. Also I play the didgiridoo fluently and throat sing