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  1. Confronting repressed emotions

    Thanks for the responses guys. The feelings are still very raw and I feel a little bit silly for overreacting a touch, but your words were helpful nonetheless.
  2. Confronting repressed emotions

    I didn't realise that for a long time that my thoughts and actions haven't really been mine. What I mean by that is, the career I've pursued, the relationships I've been in, the friends I've made were from a place of inauthenticity. I've been acting all this time. It's overwhelming right now.
  3. Confronting repressed emotions

    Can you go deeper into the tiger thing. Like what does literature say when you befriend the tiger?
  4. Confronting repressed emotions

    It sounds scary but truthfully what I noticed is that the skeletons in my closet weren't that scary or dark to begin with. I think what happens is once you suppress a bad emotion, it just grows and grows and years go by and you have exaggerated the entire incident and the feelings attached to it.
  5. Confronting repressed emotions

    I find that whenever I get emotionally triggered is the best time to delve into those emotions and trace back to find the source.
  6. Confronting repressed emotions

    I really resonated with this, that others are able to see right through the facade. For me, no matter how much I delved into self help, how many things I fixed about myself, I didn't really change internally so I would just do more and more self help. But my friend saw through all the bullshit. Another interesting thing I realised through shadow work and finding the source of my problems was that I was self sabotaging for YEARS without even realising. For example, I would not get close to many people and hence not develop friendships because when I was a kid I snitched on a friend and as a result subconsciously I began punishing myself.
  7. Hi Recently I started confronting emotions that I've repressed over the years. I started to do this because I felt like I wasn't being authentic and had built a front or personality to protect myself. I was kind of the happy go lucky, class clown kind of guy and pretty much never let people see me down. Anyway I'm curious to know if others have dealt with emotional baggage head on and what your experiences were like the more you confronted your repressed memories and emotions. Did anyone else realise they had put on a front for a long time just to get by? This isn't very Dao related but at the same time I feel like it is one of the core reasons why many people come here to begin with.
  8. What sorts of other things and why did you stop?
  9. It was bad before but I think I still breathe a lot more than normal. Could take a while before it returns to a rate of a healthy adult. I don't know what this means but the past two weeks I've been really giddy. Sometimes it's for no reason. Sleeping like a baby as well Do you have asthma? I had asthma as a kid, I think thats when I started with the bad habit of mouth breathing.
  10. I've been practising the method for about 2 weeks now. I don't want to speak too soon or jinx it but I think I'm already starting to see some serious benefits. I had a BIG problem with wet dreams, and since I started buteyko, they just stopped. 2 weeks without a wetdream for me is a MASSIVE deal. The weights that I'm lifting in the gym, somehow seem lighter too. I can push myself a lot more. My control pause can get up to 30 seconds but only if I kind of push it to the limit which some people say defeats the purpose of the method because you end up breathing deeply a couple times to settle down again. I've clamped down on the mouth breathing big time. Could be the source of all my problems.
  11. I've been reading about the Buteyko method and how it improves the oxygen at a cellular level and supposedly cures a bunch of diseases. I know there is different types of breathing, but I want to know specifically about peoples experiences with Buteyko. Thanks
  12. After sustained practice, have you guys noticed differences in your facial expressions and eyes? I was on the way home and some random guy just asked me if I was on the drug ice because I looked so happy. This was at 11pm so most people on a saturday night look like shit on the way home so maybe I stood out a bit more. I felt like I had a neutral facial expression rather than a happy one but it reminds me of my childhood when everyone would comment that I was such a happy kid (most kids are)
  13. I recently started practising as well and I taste the alkaline too. I imagine that this is a sign that the MCO is opening up? Any input on this?
  14. Voice and Being Grounded

    One thing I have heard is the more grounded you are the slower you speak and the deeper your voice is. So is this true? Are the two connected? People here I imagine would be very grounded. Did you guys noticed in the tonality/speed of speech as you progressed through your practice?
  15. Question about sex practices.

    A lot of talk about experience but you guys haven't actually talked about it. What exactly did you experiences? What was your version? What does paid a price energetically mean? Anecdotes would be helpful guys. We could learn and understand a lot more if you discussed your sexual decisions. Clearly you've made mistakes but what were those mistakes? It's not very clear. If nothing is actually shared here then newbies here are just going to make the same mistakes as you guys maybe even worse. Let's be real here saying "It's not a good idea, believe me" doesn't really stop us from trying - if anything it's only going to make us try harder. Thanks