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  1. The Laozi as a Manual of Neidan

    Great, you discovered basis of ignorance and one of many things that hold back people to realize the true meaning, the text beyond text, but you are such a fool that you insist and hold to this idea the same time indeed sad. taking poison as medicine, or diseased condition as a health. "There is a body outside the body" There is text outside the text. The one fool deleted my posts with the key but seems that's your karma to dwell forever in these realms. good luck.
  2. The Laozi as a Manual of Neidan

    Mules always go there where is carrot on stick, thristy always go for the water you can't help it. What I understand is beyond text as there is nothing to understand but to practice true understanding of the texts it's beyond the text. You can't really understand the text, that why I said you cooking sand to make a rice. Trying to understand is neurosis. If you didn't find mysterious pass it's better to hear then to read. Without ear there is no eye, without eye there is no knowledge.
  3. The Laozi as a Manual of Neidan

    Texts make sense but only for those who find sense already and want change that sense into Tao. This text is not philosophical nor exoteric etc. Sentient being walking thru the forest only the trees and grass, leafs. Doctor see medicine, the text is based on your inner sense. Tao Te Ching is strict neidan text. If you think otherwise you know nothing. I'm not ranting or get frustrated as nobody have privilege to disturb me but my way of speaking is very intense, sorry if someone took it as rant but it's not if you think otherwise guess what? You are... s... and i... @Taoist Texts Labeling people is cutting off head of chicken who drops golden eggs.
  4. The Laozi as a Manual of Neidan

    It was written but it was not for you. It the sense people took it and inverted cause as the effect and effect as the cause. People took it and take it as granted not realizing the Way. Today people can get on hold any scripture they want and take it as granted. Unless you develop clarity and insight these texts are not for you or anybody. you do not give blind people book as a present. it happens just blind people bump on such scriptures and take it as granted. What I can contribute? What else you need? Just cut off the way you approach to it, can't you see that? I gave you everything in this sentence but you still just bump your head blindly so why do you approach such texts ? That's a lack of insight, wisdom and clarity. If person with sun on his head would hear it, would marvel, but sitting in the dark you just eating but still starving, it make no sense.
  5. The Laozi as a Manual of Neidan

    Yes you are to stupid and ignorant to get it, that's why you creating stupid and ignorant ideas about the texts you do not understanding as you can't face your ignorant and stupid ways. As little kid at the dinner table who will not eat food because he thinks something about it but when he taste it, he realize it's stupidity (but most people after tasting still have a problem such a stupid ignorant human-animals are) If you want understand text first you must understand your low and stupid position in the world, otherwise you will just endlessly fall into the same trap even animals are not that stupid so how you can realize the Tao? "You just reflected your own state of ignorance as the people who being manipulated, entanglement actual brings true answer. Think about it well. " It's means that if you can face your stupid and ignorant nature which tries to explain everything maybe you can find something in it. "Is the carrot the cause of the chicken soup Or is it the chicken Or is it the broth Or is it the cook?" You are fools like this, thinking that they working about something profound but really wasting life, I would suggest to just start live simple life or get a life firstly, because mostly of you just hide from reality in bullshiting yourself into taoism, buddhism etc. that's why 99% people fail. That what is also called "dharma decline". Spreading theories like this it's a shame and I can even see Lao Tzu facepalming on the bull. Trying to cook sand to get rice. Good luck with that.
  6. The Laozi as a Manual of Neidan

    The whole interpratation just spring from deviant mind, it the sense people are making out everything based on their logical mind, logical mind have no use to understand what is right, it can only understand what is wrong, [you actually logically pointed out what is wrong but you consider it as right because it's make logical sense, it's self manipulative process, people use it all the time with all their ideas in the diets, business etc.] the people is not the people you think off. That's why the spiritual traditions keep secrets because people who interpreted this way make sense to the logic mind [the people] of other deviated people who are lack of wisdom, ego-mind or the shi-shen, these ideas are products of shi-shen mostly people are shi-shen so they will grasp into that ideas because they make sense on the shi-shen level and making them more ignorant and attached to the conceptions like this. Tao Te Ching even name is self explaining, nobody seems to even recognize what it means but they took interpretation of the texts. I wish to enlight you but having mind like this it would be like trowing water on the wall, you can only make the sword when the crude is well heated and then well sharped. At this level of understanding there is no hope so you should do a lot of merit. You just reflected your own state of ignorance as the people who being manipulated, entanglement actual brings true answer. Think about it well.
  7. The Laozi as a Manual of Neidan

    It's scary how nobody can see true meaning of this words and take them as exoteric meaning. All this interpretation is wrong.
  8. can you pur instructions of how to practice yan xin?
  9. So, there are any DVDs, books or something that people can actually practice? what's up with these 9 steps qigong?
  10. Chinese efficient methods of learning.

    Great, thank you very much. That was very helpful and gave me good base to reflect now.
  11. Chinese efficient methods of learning.

    The best. Right now I can speak with two natives which I often come and listen how the sounds are and how the tongue moves, mouth and accent working. It can takes years so it's no need for miracle method. Just overall plan and tips.
  12. Hello. I wish to start thread about learning chinese. I wish to read old chinese texts but I don't have much clue where to start learning chinese to be efficient way to learn it. Like a course you can suggest or approach from people who learned chinese. Thanks.
  13. ...

    Emptiness is the answer.
  14. That's common sense, I would just to know what conclusion do you have about it, no worries that side based on personal experience will be there too with me.
  15. Thank you, I study tibetan buddhism but seems it's not popular practices right now. On what level is difference there? energetic level (different dan tien/chakra etc.)