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  1. Osho Rajneesh Cult Documentary

    You know, you're right. My bad
  2. Osho Rajneesh Cult Documentary

    Problem is, this thread is gonna be huge, just like the other number of "Your-God-is-Dumber-Than-My-God" threads going around. I swear, folks got daddy issues.
  3. Osho Rajneesh Cult Documentary

    This is the a terribly lame thread. If you are a cultivator, why are you wasting your energy condemning a man that, truthfully, you don't know a goddamn thing about. "I met his followers, and some article with an author I don't know says he's BAAAADD!!!" So the fuck what? I've met thousands of Christians, Muslims Jews, Buddhists, and Hindus, and many of them were at least morally reprehensible of some level. So, by that logic I should assume that these people are accurate reflections of Siddhartha, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed, right? Come the fuck on people... this is what happens when people are caught up idolizing people, and idolizing goes both in the positive direction (deification) and the negative direction (demonization). If you got time to waste blabbering about some dude being "evil", then there's a pretty high chance your wasting it.
  4. US law enforcement gone to hell

    But that's all terribly theoretical, and a part of combat is whether or not a person actually feels their life is threatened. If perps don't honestly feel they are threatened physically in the same or worse effect that they are capable of wielding against the officer, they aren't as likely to even hold back or act with the restraint that they would if they knew that their life was very likely to end. A lot of officers are not getting shot at because they are "packin' heat"... if all they had were tasers and non-lethal weapons, they would not carry the same gravity in the mind of perps. Do you know how many gang members would roll on cops in droves if they thought the cop was carrying something that is very likely to kill them? It's not just about the combat situations, it's also about what leads to combat situations. Lethal weapons are far greater deterrents in the minds of these guys, and things like ambushes on cops are far less likely to happen just because those guys are afraid that, with a lethal gun being a carried by the cop, at least one of them could end up easily dead. With a bean bag or rubber bullet gun, that is not a threat. And like gendao said, if you don't address the root issues, that is an initiative that is destined to fail. It's not just about perp lives, or even just about cop lives, but it's about solving ISSUES. Band-aids will not work one a gaping bullet wound, and right now we are dealing with so many that society might have to break down completely before a society that doesn't have these issues can exist. But non-lethal weapons for cops is DEFINITELY not the even a band-aid in this case.
  5. US law enforcement gone to hell

    While criminals do not carry Kevlar one them, in terms of firepower cops are often severely disadvantaged, at least in the case of gang violence. Gang gun seizures are usually overran with high-powered automatic weaponry. I think taking away a police officer's ability to have a readily lethal defense option is a bad move, because they are likely to encounter someone who is hellbent on dealing lethal action. This is why it is not a cop problem, with society the way it is, you can't just try to "fix" one area of it when the entire structure is broken up. The fact that we accept certain issues as being "normal" like mass gang violence, poverty, government corruption, social unrest, and then put these problems squarely on the shoulders of politics and officials to fix... it's not a winning combination. People at the ground level would have to start taking massive action to make these things a reality, and this is something that does not happen. It partially doesn't happen because there are not deep considerations that are focused on really assessing the current frame of human priorities and what honestly needs to change. Hence, even when upheavals or changes are made, they are simply revolutions into a different appearance of the same thing rather than evolutions into a new way of living and doing something. I honestly think that taking away police lethality would just get more cops killed and then serve as an even grater justification for miltarization of law enforcement. Communities themselves have to start becoming active in getting rid of internal violence, and this again is gonna require a human quality that is not commonly expressed or even thought of as being possible. But if we can't eradicate the causes of violence, then we cannot be mad when it gets out of hand. People getting at at cops rather than getting serious about eradicating the issues that are leading us to this just shows how unprepared people are for a change that could actually solve the problems we face in terms of law enforcement.
  6. US law enforcement gone to hell

    Thank you. I'm sorry, but this cop stuff is getting out of control, and people are thinking that, for some reason, you can act like a jackass around cops. Now cop or not, the last thing I would do in front of an armed person is even talk shit, let alone run at them, start moving around, or do anything provoking. In response to any of this, there has been 0 perceivable effort on the part of complainers to organize classes where they teach young adults to start being a lot more mindful of how they carry themselves in the streets and especially around the police. There has, however, been a 100% effort to do what people always do: complain. Perhaps people aren't aware, but cops aren't as well-trained as you think. Cops are not armed to deal with a great deal of the confrontation they can expect in some places (not all), especially in cities or areas that are heavy with gang presence. Cops, on some occasions, have shotguns in their vehicles, but most are not trained to deal with a person a group of people who may be carrying automatic rifles, desert eagles, and even explosives. I know I for damn sure couldn't be a cop, because I am not allowed to shoot in enough situations. I know that the rule of not being able to shoot a perp unless they are wielding weaponry in hand is extremely dangerous, especially in a place like Chicago. Kids who are being chased will often lead cops into ambushes where there are crowds of armed people in vacant alley or something of that nature. So shit, folks gotta start taking internal responsibility for this, because this is not just a problem with cops.
  7. Need help "Transmuting" Chi.

    Bruh, before you even do this, you gotta prioritize and see what it is that you want. First, it appears you have not established a consistent means of cultivation, be it some sort of moving cultivation or sitting cultivation. Meditation is such a broad term that no one here would honestly know exactly what you did. However, you do mention that you have tried "many" meditation techniques, and that for one can easily caused massive issues. Jumping around from meditation to meditation without allowing it to consistently generate the momentum it needs fro consistent practice... I mean does that sound like it's gonna be helpful to you. More importantly, I find that your reaction to what is going on is only being looked at from one direction. You're not liking your connection with people, when it could be possible that this is happening because you are being alerted to a the quality of the people you are around. I'm not saying that this is definitely what's going on, but have you possibly considered that your connections are dying because they are bogus connections, and you weren't aware of it until you started this? You also seems to be resisting some changes "I'm feeling like my old self"... aren't you doing these practices to transform yourself? The shit can be somewhat uncomfortable at some points. But I would also like to say that, and this is for most people, practices work in certain contexts. I don't find that semen retention works in certain contexts, especially those that are based that are based in highly stressful environments and in frames where you don't have the ability to let's transformations happen. I am not going to say that all cultivation is going to be tumultuous, nor that everyone is gonna go through rough patches. However, a great deal of practitioners are going to go through what you are going through, and the only way they make it through is by allowing the transformation to happen. It's not just with semen retention, they gotta be able to do it with any practice. But if you are becoming overwhelmed by things, or can't allow for certain moments of debilitation or "offness", then that hurdle is never gonna be broken. So you may need to step away from the practice because you need to clean out some surface shit first. Right now, it looks like the problem is in your association to environment and your expectations of what should be happening. I don't think there's any cultivation that's gonna go smoothly if you aren't willing to allow the transformations they bring to work.
  8. Is the crown chakra ,shen .

    Yea infolad this is definitely going nowhere quick. At some point I think we should learn that folks are gonna have different opinions and that, at the end of the day, their knowledge and experience is going to be relative, especially if they are involved in an internet forum. It doesn't matter if you got a ph.D in a field or you're just an internet enthusiast of a subject, no one here can honestly come close to knowing every 1% of what there is to be known and experienced about life on this small planet called Earth, let alone the UNIVERSE or ones beyond this universe. We honestly can't even confirm if physical laws even act the same in all the planets in our own solar system, let alone others So what the hell is the point of us here, who are honestly supposed to be gaining our knowledge from experience far more than from theoretical musings, in wasting energy battling with ideas? Just sayin', there's a whole lot more we could be expressing in learning from each other's experiences rather than being turned off by others thoughts or perhaps being turned off by another's experience because it doesn't fit what you have seen or heard. Not wrackin' on any one person, but seriously theoretical debates are grown folks ways of showing they aren't that "grown" after all. The only thing I would say here is that a lot of initiatory schools rely on language, but that's not necessarily a good thing. The history of most spiritual disciplines are wrought with overwhelming failure and also complacence with failure. And in using language, in an effort to spread teachings rather than letting it spread organically (allowing students to come through genuine vibrational resonance), original simple spiritual teachings were degraded into religious movements that greatly bastardized the original teachings. It wasn't that students needed language to understand these things, it was that followers were trying to use complicated language, fables, and constructs to convince people to practice a way that they honestly should not be in to. All major known traditions are guilty of trying to "sell" their system, with all sorts of noblisms attached to it like being "saviors" of mankind or establishing "Unity" consciousness. But that language was there for the very reason you said, to yank people out of their world view. Problem is, that effort has largely been a humongous failure in terms of people honestly changing their worldview. Meanwhile, people who would get the first time around, for the sake of appeasing everyone, are running through loops that are completely unnecessary. Just look at this conversation here. It has honestly because a heaping mess of over-complication that, at the end of the day, didn't reach any resolution aside from the one you entered in here with: disagreement. Now I'm not saying it's bad, only you guys can say that. However, it doesn't seem like a lot of time and effort to remain at the same conclusion that was reached quite some time earlier in the conversation, know what I mean? Now I've talked to you before infolad, so you know I ain't doggin' you and that if you are doing what you got to do, then it's fine with me (and who cares if it wasn't). But overall, I honestly do feel that this type of shit does get extremely old as a human proclivity overall, na'mean? Let's just cultivate, share what we find, and then live life. It's really not that damn hard hahahaha.
  9. Anything to share about yoga nidra ?

    Well that is definitely in line with it. What I would like to add is that, from what I was taught, what karmic seeds you have are the basis upon which you make judgments. For example, when you touch a burning stove, it will be hot. Now, for many people, the judgment is that heat of that caliber is not good, it burns and hurts. However, before that even is processed, there is a karmic association to heat or even thermal energy that dictates that a greater increase of thermal presence expresses itself as heat. In a naked sense, this is not something that is intrinsic to rising and falling thermal presence, it is only experienced that way through a certain proclivity where rising thermal presence is is expressed at heat. So before a person can even pass judgment, which can plant reinforcement seeds themselves, they have a basic, paradigmatic association towards thermal energy in general. So what causes people to have to walk in order to get from Point A to Point B rather than just showing up there by will, that's karma. Governance to certain laws, both generally accepted laws and "esoteric" laws, that's karma. At the level of Yoga Nidra, none of those matter, they are floating potentials. So in the level of Yoga Nidra, a person could program themselves out of dependence on paradigmatic associations that are not just created in gross thought, but at the level of what makes the paradigm what it is. So hot can be cold, one could eat a pizza and gain the nutritional vibrance they would gain from eating a salad (generic comparison, I know), or any other host of things they could want. But of course, this would sound somewhat blasphemous because most information on Yoga would not suggest using it in that fashion. This is where religious ideals come in, so it would be up to the individual just how they are willing to take what they learn.
  10. Relationships & Retention

    It seems that this is a topic that is gonna be up for debate, in a sense that you will not find a concrete answer to it that, if viewed unbiasedly, is gonna be more right one way or another. What that means is that, at the end of the day, are you likely to honestly look at the answers you will get here unbiasedly, and be willing to accept a possibility of change? If so, then the answers here might be helpful. However, if you really don't want to change, isn't it quite possible that the only answers that will appeal to you are ones where you don't have to change your ways? Of course some people are gonna say just have regular sex. It would also be true that 99% of people saying that will never do a thing with their practice whatsoever, but the same can also be said for semen retainers. Hell, I don't know what you practice, nor can I say how well you are practicing it. But you personally have stated that your level is to a point of having very little ability to utilize or even sense qi. I tend to see a lot more benefits in semen retention and non-ejaculatory sex, and also that you gotta honestly be a true idiot to wind up with prostate problems doing so. I personally do it, know at least 25 men who do it, and we are all WAY better off than we were prior to. However, I wouldn't say that because of that small pool of people that everyone should do it. So, unless you got a personal teacher, your gonna have to make the decision on your own. You're gonna be doing it anyway, and what people say here only matters as much as your willingness to honestly change and assess things from there. You don't sound like you wanna change your sexual habits, so it honestly seems like you already have your own answer. It's based on your goals, and for some people doing this, what semen retention is supposed to allow for is not a goal they have. If it is, though, you rather are gonna have to be willing to change the way you do things in relation to sex, or find a paradigm of activity where you can have normal sex and get the benefits that semen retention offers. If it's the latter, you might wanna try finding something other than Eastern practices, because you're gonna be hard-pressed to find something that genuinely gets you in systematic development that doesn't require some period of celibacy and/or non-ejaculatory sex. Not saying they aren't out there, but it ain't gonna be in a book and probably not readily available at all. But Aetherous would probably disagree, so who knows.
  11. Anything to share about yoga nidra ?

    I wouldn't know, by my estimation since it is a skill you have, then it is a program for you. How it got there is beyond me, because I wouldn't necessarily rely on most theories of karma that are available. Those ideas are often too religiously based and conformed to an idea of sequential time, which at the level of Yoga Nidra such things have no honest credence. Conformity to a sequential time paradigm is itself a karmic program, so while karma can contain skills and proclivities, it's more about the set of "programs" that a person has in place that shape their reality experience. The way a person prioritizes associate learning, working, sleeping, eating, what is and is not possible... these are all based on karmic programs. This is why a person could do "good" deeds and never improve their personal standing, and why a person who does "evil" deeds can sit around and have many things come to them easily. For one person, certain programs are very tight in them, and for another those programs rather don't matter, or don't exist. So if karma is looked at from a programming perspective rather than a sequential and/or moralistic aspect, then things make more sense.
  12. Anything to share about yoga nidra ?

    Yoga Nidra is essentially a way of entering a state of deep delta while still conscious. According to modern standards, delta is the deepest brainwave state there is, and at that state is where the body and mind get the greatest ability to rest and heal. As such, many people who do Yoga Nidra have the opportunity to get a far better rest that those who don't, and also they can heal very rapidly. However, this would take some practice to get done, but if you can get to it, you could get the equivalent of 4 hours of restful sleep in 1 hour of Yoga Nidra. On a deeper level, however, the state that Yoga Nidra puts you in is akin to having access to your "Source Code" if you will. It takes a person to a level before form, the place where the function of form is birthed. As such, this is where people's "karma" originates, which is more about what shapes your experience of reality rather than something that you are "accountable" for and must "pay" for through acts and deeds. If a person can navigate this level, which does take some skill, then they can uproot karma and also implant new karma. Think of it as being a hacker of your own personal being, implanting programs you want in your software program, and deleting ones that don't work for that software. Yoga Nidra was originally a form of nyasa, in which it was used to implant various forms of power into parts of the body. The Yoga Nidra that is modern is the first level of it, and that deep state is needed in order to implant elemental letters and mantra, as well as deities. That's something you probably would not find anywhere in a book, but at the first level, if you really wanted to find that out, I pretty sure you could find access to that info.
  13. Sounds like religion to me.
  14. Hahahaha man took the reaction right out of my brain
  15. If someone is dumb enough to choose me as their Emperor, then I would rule in the way an Emperor rules: to serve myself. Imperialism isn't something that marries well with countries of independent, autonomous thinkers, so even if you wanted that for them, they probably don't honestly want that if they are seeking an emperor. So shit, I'd rule so that I could let everyone else do the regular tasks of work, and work on cultivation matters. If someone wanted to dethrone me, I'd probably be gone before the assassination attempt could happen.