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  1. Dr Stephen T Chang

    Hi ALA., yes I do know Dr Stephen Chang's work, and have studied under him, and I can truly say he is very authentic. I have been practicing his system since 2005 and also attending his seminars in the USA (I am UK based) which he has now retired from doing. He has created an outstanding system to approach Taoism which he says equates to: Health, Happiness, Longevity and Wisdom. I also supply his books, and herbal formulas, and myself and family take them daily, and they have supported curing many ailments over the years. His book "The Great Tao" is a great starting place. His knowledge of Taoism is incredibly high, and he comes from a family of highly trained doctors in China as well. What I like about his work are two things:- 1. In my opinion his system works and if practiced as a whole system will have profound affects. 2 He doesn't try and monopolize; the idea being if the person is willing to study, and practice, all the information they need is within the system that he has made available to all. Hope that helps! Below is a link to my website if you need any help on orders, if you are in the US there are closer suppliers (see links page on
  2. Hi ZBaRz33, you may be interested in Dr Stephen T Chang's work esp. his book "The Complete System of Self Healing". I am a practitioner of his work and can highly recommend his knowledge on the human body esp. the reproductive side. He is a trained cardiologist, and master herbalist (Chinese Herbs). His book has exercises for keeping the breasts healthy, and for changing their size if needed. He also produces herbal formulas that help this problem. In the book there are exercises on how to keep the body in balance, physically and energetically. If you have any further questions on his work, I would be happy to help if I can. You can post here or use the contact on my website below if you would prefer the privacy. Blessings to you on your journey.
  3. Spaced out

    Hi Lost, I am a practitioner of Dr. Stephen T. Chang and live in the UK. My website is You may also enjoy his website as well Have a read through and if you have any questions about this system I would be happy to answer to the best of my ability. Taobums is a great place for support. And as Aletheia says earlier in this thread, "bringing the energy back to the stomach" (lower Dantien) should always be performed when doing energy work. All the best on your unfolding journey:)
  4. Hello - Where does one start?

    Hi Jim. I live in the UK too. Dr Stephen T. Chang has done a wonderful system for home practice. I have been using it for 10= yrs. Happy to answer any questions on the subject of his work. All the best on you journey:)
  5. Glad to be here, thanks

    Hi Highfaith. A system I personally can recommend is Dr Stephen T Chang's. He has 5 books in print on how to do just what you asking for, and he produces Taoists Teas to support that journey. Of course I'm biased because I am one of his practitioners! My website is His personal website is Blessings on your journey
  6. Greetings!_/\_

    An excellent book on this subject is the Tao of Sexology by Dr Stephen T Chang. In my experience there is constantly a need for balance with the retention method, depending on your cultivation training and sexual needs. The Deer exercise comes to mind from this book which I find channels and stores the energy as it's being produced from the retention method. Also there is a chart in the book (for guidance), when releasing this energy is beneficial, and why too much retention may work against the thing one is trying to cultivate! Balance is the key.
  7. Daoist white belt

    Hi oddsox, actually I enjoyed reading your intro. It's good to rant it out, shares the thoughts of where you are now. I have had a similar upbringing. I was a Dan grade in my twenties with Shotokan karate, and yes my teacher wasn't teaching internal arts but he had a soft approach to what is a quite a "hard" style art; his approach has def. stayed with me as I have encroached upon other disciplines. I have two recc. for you. 1st. Dr. Stephen T. Chang has written brilliantly on Taoism and creating your own practice from his books. I am a practitioner under him and can highly recommend his work. It can be applied to any other practice that is being studied Tai Chi, Martial arts etc. as well. The exercises are Nei Gong (Internal Training). The ideal being that Nei Gong supports the Qi Gong (External Training) which may be anything you apply your body to externally. From calligraphy to martial arts, or housework to gardening, anything that moves the body externally needs internal support. Although I see from your post you seem to have got that anyway. 2nd Do seek out the more softer arts, I don't know where you are based but there are some excellent internal/external martial arts teachers out there that use the Tao as their base line. Zhan Zhuang, Bagua, Xing Yi are all good examples. All the best on your journey
  8. help!

    Hi pennywhistle, it sounds as though you are doing very well with practice and that you are very dedicated. A few points I would like to share with you:- 1. When doing bowel movements clicking the teeth together 36 times elliviates the waste much more easily.. 2. Ejaculation is not a bad thing when cultivating. The body does well to produce more sperm, that is what it is designed to do! To see it as a savings accout is wise, spend a little every now and again is healthy but don't reduce the balance too low. 3. The deer exercise from the book link below is very good at balacing the body's sexual energy while cultivating. It is an excellent book on this subject, written by Dr Stephen T. Chang, The Tao of Sexology. A book I highly recommend. Blessings to you on your journey.
  9. embarrassment at the nightclub....

    Just been reading through this thread. Another thought on the whole excitment situation:- If you start cultivating sexual energy it is really important to be aware that your energy levels are rising and being put to good use. Once sexual cultivation begins the energy is stored inside the body and awakens to situations that are necessary. When we dance, we're dancing that's it, we don't need any more arousal than that. When we make love we do, but sometimes arousal doesn't happen then, and that's OK. The cycles of the moon and sun affect us greatly. If the energy isn't coming to the surface (so to speak) when dancing I'd say that was a good thing, and the cultivation is working. Mis-use of sexual energy creates negative karma, and the more you cultivate the more dangerous it is to mis-use that energy. So softly, softly is a good approach and be content just to dance. A useful exercise is the deer exercise to build/control sexual energy for a man or woman. Dr Stephen T. Chang has written an excellent book on this topic..."Tao of Sexology". Hope this helps.
  10. Daoist Diet - Meal Suggestions?

    I have used this book for years. Highly recommended. Has many recipes in it for healthy living from a Taoist perspective. TAO OF BALANCED DIET: SECRETS OF A THIN AND HEALTHY BODY Shows why stomach, digestive tract, health and weight problems are related to dietary imbalance and why itโ€™s so easy to correct. Complete, delicious, easy-to-prepare, low cholesterol and fat 100-day diet plan controls weight naturally, safely, and enjoyably for a slim and completely healthy body. Featured in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times. Popular in the Americas (North and South), Australia, and Europe (bestseller in France, Italy, and Switzerland). Item TBD: 200 pgs. ISBN: 0942196058. $20.95
  11. Taoist Sites, Blogs and Links also follow links to Dr. Chang's website (a wealth of knowledge) x
  12. Neidan vs Qigong

    Neidan=Internal Exercises Qi Gong=External Exercises "When one does external exercises one MUST do internal exercises. When one does internal exercises one may forget to do external exercises"
  13. Hi all. As far as I am aware the latest copy of "The Complete System of Self Healing" has a white front cover, the next oldest has a emerald green front cover and they are almost identical except for an added piece of text in chapter 7 on how the steam rises from the stomach (internally). I think that's all.
  14. Stephen Chang - Deer Exercise issues

    Hi Xunzi, I know this topic is a little old, but I have just read it and was wondering how your were getting on with the Deer exercise. I have been practicing Dr. Stephen T.Chang's exercises for many years and am a qualified practioner under Dr. Chang. I'd be happy to help with any questions you have, or any one else, on the "Tao of Revitalisation" and its exercises from his book "The Complete System of Self Healing" "Internal Exercises".
  15. Sufism and QiQong . . .

    Hello. I feel you need to studying the philosophy and practice of the 5 elements. These are totally intertwined with emotions (as well as the physical and spiritual). Xxxxx