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  1. Is it customary for Mods to pick fights with regular members?

    Farewell. I will not tolerate harassment by a Moderator.
  2. Ebola coming to the USA

    Are you a relation to him? Farewell.
  3. Please let me know, and I'll gladly depart from this board. Reference - soaring crane in the Ebola thread.
  4. Ebola coming to the USA

    Dude, read my p.s. in previous post: My husband is Latino. My nephew's father is Latino. I'm a Global Citizen. Don't start with me. A reference to diseases and unfortunate people afflicted with them doesn't imply they are "filthy." But there is a filthy person here - YOU. You're arrogant, being insulting, and have no business being in Moderation at this board. Get off your high horse.
  5. Ebola coming to the USA

    He's best known as a real estate mogul, who takes an interest in politics.
  6. Ebola coming to the USA

    I didn't use the word "filthy." And undocumented immigrant is not a dishonorable reference. Apparently you are quite arrogant and dislike Americans. I've just now tried putting you on Ignore, but you're on the Moderation Team. So I'll just not read your replies anymore. Where you can go from here is to also ignore me. Okay? p.s.: My husband is Latino, as is my nephew (his father). So don't you dare go indirectly accusing me of anything. Now don't bother with me again. You're a jerk.
  7. Ebola coming to the USA

    Why should we have white people with malaria? Or ANY people with malaria? We should continue seeking eradication of these diseases for the benefit of all people - globally.
  8. Ebola coming to the USA

    soaring crane, I am quite capable of rational thinking. I've also worked (clerical) in Western medicine for 23 years. And seldom pay attention to what Donald Trump has to say. This isn't an issue to be brushed off.
  9. Ebola coming to the USA

    My thoughts exactly. There was an Ebola scare two (?) days ago, in an east-coast hospital. An entire ward closed off, all precautions in place, CDC notified; hospital staff were SCARED. Now granted, that person came to the hospital from "off the street"; no prewarning, etc. But to NOW be reading this morning of plans to deliberately bring Ebola patients home?? I agree with Donald Trump. Why take ANY risk?? I'm sorry for the patients and their families, but why should other people risk exposure during the transport process and etc.?
  10. Ebola coming to the USA

    The Donald has spoken: Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 8h Stop the EBOLA patients from entering the U.S. Treat them, at the highest level, over there. THE UNITED STATES HAS ENOUGH PROBLEMS!
  11. Ebola coming to the USA

    I am normally a very compassionate person, but I'm distressed at seeing news - early this morning - of two US Christian missionaries, stricken with Ebola in their work in West Africa, being flown home for treatment. I am NOT supportive of this at all. We cannot risk an outbreak. Already Yahoo (news) is posting official Quarantine Center sites. These two people will likely die anyway. And why should the general populace be put at risk? It's enough that we're facing a recent wash of disease (scabies, hepatitis, etc.) from undocumented immigrants. Our economy is still unstable besides. This just seems to be tossing fuel onto the fire. Thoughts?
  12. How does eating lots of Sugar affect your Chi?

    Might be. I'm thinking of chocolate cream pie while just now running for a snack cake in the kitchen...
  13. Vulcans vs Klingons

    I follow Mr. Takei on Twitter. Good sense of humor, etc. Blade Runner - excellent. One of the best. Like the Alien films, too (except the prison planet).
  14. Vulcans vs Klingons

    Yep - it's them. I read James Blish's novelized versions of the original Star Trek episodes before I actually saw Star Trek TV episodes in syndication. Saw those novels for sell at local Five & Dime; begged my mom. That was mid-1970s. But then I've liked astronomy and science since I can remember, so... My sister spent rainy afternoons all engrossed in Grace Livingston Hill Christian romances, while I was going around the galaxy with Capt. Kirk and crew! Such adventures!
  15. Vulcans vs Klingons

    Actually, I prefer "Star Wars"...but still have a real fondness for the original Trek cast.