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  1. Hello, Yes got it! The book is actually a manual which gives precise information on meditation and breathing. It is very clear and you'll find loads of exercises throughout the different sections of the book. It is actually quite a rare book as it clearly describes techniques from Clanic Taoism. Invaluable knowledge if you train!
  2. Warrior Guards The Mountain

    here is the link: 24282 you just need to remove the space between the / and 24282
  3. Warrior Guards The Mountain

    The wait is over you can now watch the 1st movie on the Da Xuan School here The second movie is due later this winter. Enjoy! Arnaud
  4. Dear All, I am pleased to let you know that Singing Dragon is going to publish Serge Augier's first book in English! Shen Gong and Nei Dan in Da Xuan A Manual for Working with Mind, Emotion, and Internal Energy Serge Augier. With translations by Isis Augier. Weaving a masterful presentation of both astonishing depth and refreshing simplicity, Serge Augier covers the Daoist practices for developing mind, emotions and internal energy and provides specific exercises for cultivating and transforming the Jing (body energy), Qi (life force) and Shen (mind or spirit) on the path to enlightenment. He explains theory and practice in clear, easy-to-understand terms and explores the deeper reaches of Daoist internal alchemy in a way that gives access to practitioners of all levels to the necessary knowledge. You can have a look at the table of content and pre-order the book here: As one of Serge's student I strongly recommend this book. Serge's teachings are very clear and offers a lot. It is by far the most precise information you can find in the West on Shen Gong and Nei Dan!
  5. Fung Loy Kok Tai Chi?

    Hello, Here is Serge Augier new website: You'll find plenty of information there. If you happen to be in Chicago let me know, Serge is my teacher and I'll be happy to meet. Happy training, Arnaud
  6. Let's Talk about Fa Jin(發勁)

    You can have a look at my teacher's - Serge Augier - text on the different explosion of force
  7. Hi, Here is my teacher's new website: Enjoy!
  8. Warrior Guards The Mountain

    Only one video has been released so far which serves as an introduction to the 4 masters. The next one is going to be on my teacher Serge Augier and the Ba Men Da Xuan School. I am not sure when it will be available.
  9. For those who are curious about Daoism and our School, do not hesitate to check Alex Kozma's new documentary! Thanks Arnaud
  10. Tai Chi 4 Martial Art

    @zenyogi, tai chi chuan is a boxing style, that is very clear! In the past the form was taught at the end to summarize the qualities you trained before. More information here:
  11. Warrior Guards The Mountain

    Great documentary on Daoism with my teacher Serge Augier! I am impatient to see the second film! Film Two - Serge Augier - the Urban Daoist. These two 90 minute films go deep into the practices of the ancient Daxuan Daoist tradition - meditation, Qigong, Feng Shui, Daoist magic, internal alchemy, Daoist immortals and symbology, Ziranmen natural boxing, Bagua, xingyi, Taijiquan, self defence, old Daoist medicine and much more.
  12. Arnaud - Ba Men Da Xuan School Chicago

    Hi, Yes I studied with Serge in France. Serge is an amazing teacher! I am now based in Chicago downtown and am teaching in Lincoln Park area. However, it could be flexible so do not hesitate to contact me and I'm sure we can find a way to meet. As soon as I have regular students, Serge will visit us in Chicago which will be great!
  13. And if you want to learn more about the School and its teachings you can visit my professor's blog here: Happy training Arnaud
  14. Hi all, My name is Arnaud and I live in Chicago where I teach Serge Augier's "Ba Men Da Xuan" tradition: Taoist meditation (shengong) Neidan (internal alchemy) Health exercises (waigong and neigong) and the fighting arts of: Xingyi Chuan Bagua Zhang Tai Chi Chuan Ziranmen (Natural Boxing) I also have a website here: Do not hesitate to be in touch! Thanks Arnaud
  15. Hello everybody, I am a student of Serge Augier from the school 'Ba Men Da Xuan' and live in Chicago. I met Serge in 2004 and am now starting a school in Chicago. All the best, Arnaud